I awaken in the arms of complete and blissful comfort.

Imagine, if you will, laying upon a tongue, but one not icky with spit. Just soft, mildly textured for stimulation, perfectly conforming, and warm like a womb would be. Yes, it is very much like a womb. The comfort of your mother’s womb and the complete safety none of us remember, but long for all our lives.

This is the comfort of Poseidon’s living bed!

I come alive within its soft embrace. It wraps me, covers me, perhaps ‘consumes’ me is a better way of putting it. The shock and pain from my surviving the attack of a mighty goddess has passed away. I am invigorated like I have never been before, but I wonder for how long I have slept?

“Just eight hours, like always, Curley. I’ve been here most of that time. You’ve always slept so peacefully! I’ve never seen anyone sleep that nicely at your age and I’ve been watching people sleep for a long time!” The voice is the familiar one of my dear friend Eros.

“I think I’ll call you Sleepyhead from now on instead of Curley. It fits you better.” Eros chuckles.

I look up and I am still astonished by seeing my best friend framed with his own folded wings. He looks like the very picture of an angel! It’s just that angels don’t leer. I suppose, now that I know who he is, Eros really can’t help himself. He is the god of sex after all.

Wait! Did he just read my mind as I was waking up?

“I have to say, Alex, you have the nicest ass I’ve ever seen on a fish. My mom used to say Nereus had a sweet fish-ass, but he was before my time.” Eros told me matter of factly.

I couldn’t help but blush, “Eros! Come on dude! You aren’t supposed to be looking at my ass! That’s like . . . perverted!”

That actually made Eros double over with laughter while  holding his tummy. It was rather fun watching his wings bounce involuntarily as he laughed at me.

“Dude! I’m the God of Sex, you’re naked as an eel down there and Nerites, that hunkah hunkah burnin’ divine love, has been stroking and fondling you all night! What else was I supposed to say? It was fucking hawt!” Eros winks at me, which makes me hide my face behind my hands and giggle.

But then, “Wait . . . he was doing *what* to me all night long?” I was suddenly shocked and felt a little violated for some reason.

“Stroking and fondling your *hair*, Asshole! Ye Gods, now who’s being a perv?” Eros looks at me with mock incredulousness. The same look he gives me when I say our Samson High Tigers are going to beat the Sweetwater High Sparrowhawks in football this time.

“Well, I know how you think!” I said like we were still sitting on the bleachers eating lunch together. Then it dawned on me, that WAS the way Eros thought! It was what he was all about! Then other things fell into place like the fact that he was always popular with both girls and boys at school. Lots of the popular ones always wondered why someone as cool as he was would ever hang out with a geek like me!

I still wonder.

“Well, I’m not sure you know exactly how I think, but I def know how you think. That’s why you are here, Brah.” Eros picks up a glass of what looks like wine next to him. I forget we are underwater and that him drinking something out of a cup is just weird.

“What’s *that* supposed to mean?” I ask suspiciously.

“Well, like right now. You wonder why the most beautiful god of sex ever to exist would bother hanging out with a loser like you for?” My mouth hangs open. Good God, he IS reading my mind just like the others can! Can’t I even have any privacy in my own head?

“In a word: no.” Eros confirms aggravatingly as he plucks my thoughts from my head as if I’m speaking plainly.

“So anyways, I’ll tell you why you are here.” Eros looks me deep in my eyes and I find I can’t look away. His sparkling blue gaze locks me to him better than if he was holding me by both ears.

“Coz you have a pure heart, Alexis. You have ever since birth. You always believed in telling the truth and doing what is best for others. Always.” Eros’ smile is genuine and fills with a kind of affection I’d not seen in him before.

I don’t know about my ‘pureness’ or ‘goodness’. I never did anything particularly ‘good’ for anyone that I could remember. As for ‘pure’, well, my hand and my lotion have been good friends of mine for a long time as are my nightly fantasies about the cute people I meet in my life. Interestingly, I don’t get off on porn.

I always find myself sad for the porn stars because they cheapen themselves and betray the wonderful people that they are and could be with someone else. That makes my boner sad!

Eros breaks up and puts his head down sputtering a silly suppressed snicker. When he looks back up at me his face is a little red with trying not to laugh so hard.

“That makes your ‘boner sad’? Oh my gawd, Alex! You are too much!” Eros says as he rises to come over to me. I find I tense up a bit as I am still getting used to him being like, well, a god and all.

“Relax, dude! It’s just me like always. I just don’t have to hide these anymore.” Eros flexes his wings at me and wiggles his eyebrows. It’s funny!

“Is he awake? Has he awakened? Has he?” I hear a near frantic voice enter into the bed chamber and I look over to find the source. Nerites stands in a shimmering aquamarine toga adorned with a golden wave patterned filigree. Around his neck hangs a diadem of brilliant blue and his beautiful hair is caught up in a golden seashell band that he wears like a laurel leaf crown of old. It seems his many sisters have been playing dress up with him overnight.

“Yes, Nerites. He is quite awake. Actually, I’ve never seen him so bright eyed and bushy tailed!” Eros smirks.

“His tail has become bushy? By Poseidon’s knickers!” Nerites drifts to my side quickly in two bounds as if gravity is just a suggestion to him. He strains to see my tail and fins which are still wrapped into the confines of Poseidon’s anemone bed.

“It’s a turn of phrase, Nerts. Geeze! I need to get you caught up on modern lingo like big time!” Eros rolls his eyes.

“‘Nerts’?” I must get a funny expression on my face because both Eros and ‘Nerts’ laugh at me.

“Eros calls me ‘Nerts’. I do not know why. ‘Tiz rather silly really.”  Nerites seems to have returned to his habitual fondling of my curls since he is at them again as he is talking to me. This must have been what he was doing when I was asleep.

“Nerites, what’s with the hair thing? Eros says you’ve been playing with it all night long!” I rather flinch away from his constant gentle tugging.

“Ohhhh, but your springy ebony curls are soooo beautiful, my Love. Your hair is so lustrously alive. Soft yet strong! Your hair reflects you so very well!” Nerites sighs into his comment as he lifts and smooths my hair again. It feels good. Too good. I feel myself becoming aroused by the constant hair fondling.

Also, his using the term ‘my Love’ has affected me. I haven’t words to express how strange yet wonderful that sounds to me.

“It’s pretty incredible really. Lex looks like someone peeled him off of an amphora of wine.” Eros pours himself another glass of wine from a black and gold pitcher covered with characters that look just like me!

“AlexIS, Eros! He is deserving of his full name! He is indeed a savior and defender . . . for me at the very least!” Nerites intones with reverence.

“Oh, gawd, Nerts! Lighten up, will ya? You’ll give the kid an even more swelled head than he already has going on under that anemone blanket.” Eros again rolls his eyes.

Nerites becomes curious and before I have a chance to stop him (not that I could have) he has teased the anemone to open and expose me. So, there I am for all to see unsheathed, primed, and ready.

“You have need.” Nerites says simply and seriously as he sees my condition.

The statement horrifies me and excites me all at once. Both emotions together just make things . . . harder for me.

“You’ve always been pretty well armed down there, Lex. Doesn’t look like my Grandad’s handiwork changed you in the manly department, half fish or not!” Eros grins salaciously. I blush and find I want to turn away in humiliation and embarrassment.

“Enough! Leave us.” Nerites commands without turning his gentle sparkling eyes away from me.

“Um . . . EXCUSE ME?” Eros fluffs his wings in irritation and gets a most unpleasant scowl on his young beautiful face. He crosses his arms in front of him and now looks like the very picture of the Destroying Angel in the Book of Exodus getting ready to smite the Egyptians.

That is until the two huge crabs come out of the floor under his feet and gently but firmly clamp down on Eros’ sandaled ankles.

“Hey! Leggo!! Leggo I said!” Eros starts yelling at the crabs who are now skittering out the door with both of Eros’ feet on top of their backs and their claws holding him firmly in place. He is gone and out the door before he has a chance to use his wings. The door seals itself upon his exit.

“Awww, you shouldn’t have probably done that, Nerites. Eros can be awfully vindictive if you cross him.” I’d seen how he gets even with bullies. It isn’t pretty!

“He really didn’t mean anything by it. I mean he and I have taken showers togemmr-mmmr. Mmmr?” Nerites covers my flapping lips with the most sensually succulent kiss imaginable. As he sucks the breath out of me I find myself falling away into another world.

Images of golden light glittering off of gilded scales diffuse through a crystal bath of shattered diamond waves. Visions of ancient shorelines with forested places hosting trees long extinct rise up out of the sapphire sea. It is a world that is brand new and exuberant in its youth.

Flurries of pearl bubbles rise to conceal the view only to replace the vision with scenes from ancient Egypt. Half naked bronzed men wearing loincloths and black shoulder-length woolen wigs retrieve the sea’s bounty from an ancient cobalt Mediterranean. The bright emerald light of the sun seen through the ocean’s surface shines and shifts the vision to a scene of mind numbing glory.

A vast city crowns a great island in the Aegean Sea.  The city is so huge that there isn’t a part of the island that doesn’t have some kind of building or construction on it. The island is in the center of a huge bay that serves as a belt that surrounds three-quarters of the island’s circumference. The beltway lagoon looks modified and tailored to admit huge ships that dock in the many ports around the island. The ships must run by powers that aren’t the wind or oars as neither are visible along their sleek frames.

It is twilight time just as the sun is setting behind the city with its many gleaming white marble spires, towers, and colonnaded temples. Pyramid shapes intersperse with the towers making this city something of a mixture of architectural styles.

Amazingly, somehow I know that what I am looking at is an ancient city. There are no modern cities I know that compare to this vision. Astounded, I see electric lights all throughout the city on the island! Here in this ancient metropolis electricity was in use thousands of years before its rediscovery millennia later!

It is at this point that I realize that everything that I’ve been seeing is the vast experience of Nerites throughout the ages of his immortal life! Our minds are mated and I am receiving the soundings of my divine lover’s memories echoing up from the fathomless depths of his very soul.

More amazing still is the fact that I am looking at Nerites’ memory of a city that has long been relegated to legend! I recognize the island as what is now called Santorini. But, this ancient version of the island has no huge crater lagoon for the remnant of the island to surround. The ancient city is the island’s lost center that sunk into the sea! He has just revealed to me an ancient mystery long held! Santorini island is actually what is left of man’s greatest achievement: Atlantis!

Sunset light shines through the waves around Atlantis and we are on our way again to another time through another kaleidoscopic dance of ocean colors and seaborne light.

The new vision clears and I see a moving island! It sails the sea like some colossal natural sea-liner. The island is absolutely coated with trees! It looks like a perfect paradise! All through the air around the island beautiful birds of every kind, color, and shape flood the sky and make their calls. I can smell the herbal harmony of the great forest even far out at sea.

Upon the rapidly approaching shore I see a lone figure standing there. As I get closer I see that the figure is that of a young man probably not much older than me. Closer still, details start to come into focus. He is blonde and his pale body is completely nude. His physique betrays him for what he is. He too is a god of some kind because he is far too perfect to be even the most modelesque of mortal men. About him are many animals at play and I see the figure with something up to his lips. Then I hear the piping of a  melancholy melody on a wooden flute that gives me a strange feeling of nostalgia. It is like the music is calling me back to something. Something simpler and more satisfying.

Suddenly, my trembling body shivers as a wave of orgasmic pleasure sweeps through me and then I feel that my tail has split in two and I have legs again. They are spread and I feel Nerites there!

The image of the pan flute playing young god shimmers away under the waves but is then replaced with another divine view. It is a view that should leave me breathless due to its beauty. But, rather than breathless joy I instead feel my breath leave me in a gasp of terror!

For this vision is that of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. She hovers in the air above the sea with her seashell doorway behind her. She is entirely nude and she seems flushed with intense desire. Both hands reach toward me and Aphrodite has the almost heartbreaking expression of longing. She wants me . . . or maybe it is Nerites she wants as I seem to be seeing the expanse of his life and all of the amazing immortal experiences he’s had through his own eyes.

Aphrodite gestures and before her flutters down a set of wings! They are white as snow with full feathers reaching to their full thirty foot wingspan. Aphrodite gestures with the intention of giving these wings to me, or rather, to Nerites. I realize that they look suspiciously like Eros’ wings!

Then, suddenly, her countenance changes to a sour expression and then a thoroughly hateful scowl. The wings vanish and her hands that were once outstretched to receive Nerites to her bosom now curl like claws. A rose-red light flashes out from her hands and then there is only darkness.

My shivering ecstasy is replaced with an aching sorrow and I feel my eyes fill with tears of loneliness and despair. I am at the bottom of the sea with only little shelled creatures for company. I go to sleep and I do not wake up again.

Time becomes darkness and darkness becomes oblivion.

Then oblivion returns to a sensation that comes in the form of a soft and moist touch right on my cheek. My eyes open and I see . . . myself? Yes, I see myself! I see myself through Nerites’ eyes! I look so . . . stupid!

{ My Love. The one who saved me, } echoes through my mind and my heart seems to sing with a thrill of perfect love, acceptance, and need.

Then I feel the soft moistness of lips on my neck behind my ear. There is then the lick of a superhumanly strong tongue that makes every nerve and fiber from my neck, through my head, and down my spine go electric with pleasure. I feel something soft, but strong and insistent begin pushing into me. There is absolutely no pain with it. There is only extreme pleasure! I feel my legs being parted further by unseen grips that seem to wrap around them and hold them gently but solidly. I find myself squirming despite myself as the soft pressure pushes further into me and opens me up from the inside.

My vision changes and I see my face coming toward me obviously readying for a kiss. But, before I can even flinch at such bizarre sight, I see my face replaced by that of Nerites and I gasp and pant all the more at how perfectly beautiful he is and how completely unbelievable this situation seems to be for me. This must certainly be a dream and at the moment a mounting wet dream.

Mounting, that is indeed what he is doing. Nerites is mounting me and as he does his lips meet mine gently and then that strong tongue softly fills my mouth. At my other end, at the same time and with the same speed that Nerites’ tongue enters my mouth, I feel his firm softness push into me all the way. It hits a spot in me that makes me cry out into his muffling kiss! As I tense and my back arches to the limits of its flexibility, Nerites gently holds me close so that his strength can keep me from breaking my own back. I feel like I’m being electrocuted from the inside with pure unbearable pleasure.

As the first full body orgasm rocks through me I feel Nerites move subtly, palpating that walnut sized wonder button deep inside me. I writhe and twist under him as he barely moves to stimulate me. I feel myself riding the firmness inside of me to get it to stimulate me all the more.

I feel something wrap around my aching, throbbing, pulsing member. I then feel myself pulled into a tight channel. The muscles in the channel grip me gently but tightly and then they begin rippling and stroking me.

This new sensation brings a new level of passion to me and I feel myself eat into Nerites’ kiss. I want him all inside me and I want all of me inside of him. I don’t know half of what he is doing to me but, at this point, I am beyond caring.

He returns my passion with steady ardency, but he perfectly controls the intensity of his lovemaking since I am laid so completely bare to him and am so completely engulfed by the immense strength of his physical being. He needs only to move ever so slightly to send me into wild spasms of sexual bliss.

I feel him moan deeply and resonantly in his own pleasure. The sound vibrates through me causing me to squirm in my ecstasy all the more. The movements of his body become slightly stronger and more insistent. I can feel him pumping inside me and I feel the rippling tightness around my sex grip me firmly and pull me more forcefully. The odd grips around my legs seem to fondle me with a feeling like round thumb and finger pads all over my skin. They also seem to suck on me like dozens of little kisses.

I feeling something wriggle under my bum and hold me around each cheek. More finger-like impressions gently grip and massage my flesh exquisitely.

I don’t know how Nerites is doing this, but he seems to be holding me with more hands than just two for the two hands I know he should have are under my shoulders pressing me up into his firm breast.

But, before I can ponder this strangeness any further I feel something building in me; something powerful. Something more powerful than anything I’ve felt so far! I feel my muscles contract and relax all by themselves throughout my body. Each achingly sweet contraction brings a guttural groan out of me. The groans grow in intensity until they become moans and then cries and then wails!

Nerites buries his face into my neck and moans his own thrumming voice through my body over and over each time he moves becoming louder and more beautifully penetrating.  He too is going into an ecstasy and it is an ecstasy that I am somehow giving him.

I feel every one of his appendages ripple and grip me with measured but passionate force. He is now manipulating every movement of my body, guiding it over his firmness. The hot griping channel that has my own firmness convulses around me rhythmically and I suddenly reach my absolute limit of sensation:

“OH MY GOOOOOO-D!” I bellow.

My last orgasm causes every muscle in me to contract at once. I do think that even my heart stops. I am in such extremis that I think I might die from from agonizing pleasure of this feeling.

I am enraptured, completely and totally!

To complete my exquisite little death is the absolute joy of knowing that Nerites is just as ridged as I am. He cries out as I feel something powerful release inside of me. It causes him to shake and tremble with his own rapture. A bliss I have given him just as he has given me. I should reason why, but really, there is not much left for thought here.

My sight becomes a strobing dazzle of visions and sights and of colors and shapes. My body forces me to breathe again, although it is in ragged rapid little pants. My heart begins to beat again, but not steadily at first. I realize somewhere deep down that I did just very nearly die from this experience. But . . . what a way to go if I had!

My vision clears and I see the smiling eyes of my beloved sea god to whom I have just given over my whole body and soul. I would die a thousand times just to make him cry out in that glorious way again.

He is singing to me now and I fall under the spell of his song. I  begin drifting away again into the blissful sleep no man can ever know . . . if they have never just made love to a god!

He chants his song to me like a perfect lullaby:

“We’ve gone so far beyond emotion

In daylight

Surrounded in our own minds

Against the cold night”


The words echo into my dreams.

It is true, no human emotion can even compare to what I had experienced with Nerites. There are no words to describe it so I won’t sully the moment by trying.

What is more, my mind is so blown that my dreams have become a blur between what I think is real and what is not real. I should think that I would dream of nothing but Nerites and all the overwhelming joy and love that he gives to me so freely.

But, oddly, I find I don’t dream of him at all. Perhaps it is closer to say that I am not thinking of him. He must be next to me in the bed still wrapped around me, but I can’t feel anything but what my mind is trying to tell me I’m feeling. My mind tells me he is not there. I am alone.

My dream self races again through the places Nerites showed me. Ancient Greece and Troy seem to bubble up now from the myriad collage of mind pictures he sent me through his kiss. But I race through them so fast I can’t fix on any one place in my dream.

At last my dream-self comes to rest and it comes to rest right where I am lying in Neptune’s anemone bed. I dream that I am waking because I feel someone with me in the room. I expect to be filled with joy again upon seeing Nerites there with me.

But my joy turns to horror and terrible fear as my eyes open and see who it is who has joined me now. Am I still dreaming . . . or is this really happening? I hope it is the latter of the two.

She is still so very beautiful and my male mortal being responds in instinctive longing upon seeing her divine presence. She is standing right next to my bed. She wears nothing but a translucent silk wrap that drapes about her more like decoration than clothing.

But Aphrodite’s face is much different this time. She does not look haughty or angry. She looks down on me with loving and adoring eyes. Not unlike Nerites, she reaches for my hair and I do nothing to prevent her from doing so. She is hypnotically beautiful and her violet eyes hold the promise of everlasting love and peace. She truly is the personification of love.

“Do not be frightened, lovely mortal. Alexis, is that correct?” Her voice still holds that deep feminine liquidness. I merely nod as I am at a total loss for words. She laughs a motherly laugh and cocks her head as she gently caresses my face. I gasp and then sigh at the touch. Even Nerities cannot cause such pleasure at a mere gentle touch.

“I can see what Nerites sees in you. You remind me so much of the beautiful mortal child Hyacinth who was the great god Apollo’s mortal consort.” She returns to stroking my hair.

I still fear her though. On some instinctive level I know I must, but her powerful presence manages to push that small frightened animal down deep into its tiny cage in my stomach. Perhaps the touch of fear comes from a vague memory I have of my Grandfather telling me the story of Hyacinth and how he was loved by Apollo and then how he died by the hand of the jealous Zephyrus.

“But, no . . . you will fare much better than Hyacinth, my sweet boy. I am truly sorry for my behavior earlier today. You must understand that my feelings for Nerites run deep also. I tend to lose my mind when I am in his presence. To be so again drove me mad for a few minutes.” Aphrodite gets a pained look on her matchless countenance. She sighs like a lovesick teenager as she thinks about him.

I look up at her in wonder. She, the great Aphrodite, goddess of love, is actually apologizing to me? This must be part of my dream though it seems so real.

She looks back down at me and her smile is filled with genuine fondness and regard. She closes her eyes and nods.

“Yes, dear heart. I was such a fool where Nerites was concerned. I realize that now. I loved what he was so much that I forgot that if I captured him and held him close I would actually lose the things about him that I loved! I loved his freedom and his joy! I longed for him like a person deprived of air wants for fresh wind!” Aphrodite squeezes my hand and I wince because her strength is so immense that she can easily crush my hand and thoughtlessly, she is doing just that. I whimper and take hold of my wrist in an attempt to stop the pain.

Quickly she releases me. “Oh! Oh no! Oh, Alexis I am so sorry! I forget you are not yet a god! Oh…” she reaches down and kisses my bruised hand and, in this case, her kiss really does make it all better! My hand heals instantly.

Aphrodite shakes her head. “By Cerberus’ fangs, I am so careless! I have ever been so reckless!” Aphrodite holds her hand over her eyes to hide tears.

“Please don’t cry, your Holiness. I accept your apology and more! I am greatly humbled that you should come to me. I was afraid that I’d made you really mad at me!” I babble not really knowing what to say but feeling like I should say something.

She releases her eyes and they spark with her goddess tears. Her’s, like before, sparkle like violet raindrops. She reaches for my hair again and gently fondles the curls in a way so much like Nerites did.

“When you were made, the Sculptor took extra care with your lovely curls. You really are a spitting image of Hyacinth. Your blood must be descended from his.” I manage to blush at her comment which makes her chuckle at me and touch my cheek.

“Adoring and adorable one, I cannot merely leave you with only an apology for my typically careless behavior from before. I must leave you with a token of my thanks as well. You, with your simple love and faith, have restored my precious Nerites to me. You’ve given me a second chance to redeem myself from that past mistake. For that, you are deserving of a great reward. Possibly the greatest I can bestow.” Aphrodite intones with reverence.

“I am an Olympian, Alexis. Of the species of gods, we Olympians are the highest caste. We, there, enjoy a drink celebrated throughout time known as nectar. It is served to us by the immortal Ganymede. He was as you are now, a mortal youth born to mankind but graced, as you are, by the Sculptor’s blessings.” Aphrodite tells me gently.

“Zeus himself raised Ganymede up because he loved him so much he could not bare to watch Ganymede wither and die as mortals must.” Aphrodite recounts from memory.

“He caused Ganymede to taste the nectar of the gods that he would later serve to us. Ganymede’s first draught cleansed him of all mortal ills and then upon the second draught, Ganymede was made immortal.” Aphrodite says.

From her bosom Aphrodite produces a small crystal vial of a silver liquid. The crystal looks to be made of pure diamond! Aphrodite removes the lid from the little vial and she then hands it to me.

“This is the first draught, Alexis. You will be cleansed of all mortal illnesses and illness will have difficulty clinging to you again. Your health will be perfect up until the day that you either accept the second draught or let slip your flesh to enter into spirit. That choice I leave to you, but this first draught I insist you take. It would honor me greatly if you could be given the gift of godlike health.” Aphrodite says with a note of supplication in her voice.

I am, at first, excited by the prospect of tasting this nectar of the gods and feeling healthy forever, but again that little animal inside of me quakes with caution. But then, how can I refuse such a gift? I can’t really. There is no telling what Aphrodite might do to me if I insult her.

“Will you take it? Please? For me . . . and for Nerites. He loves you in a way I have never seen him love before. His knowing that I have given you this gift will be a treasure to me. It might open up the way to his forgiveness for the truly terrible thing I did to him.” Aphrodite actually sounds like she is pleading with me.

“A-alright. I’ll do it. What could it hurt, right?” I laugh nervously. I am still not sure about this, but . . .

Aphrodite looks at me intently as I put the vial up to my lips. I hesitate, “You are sure the other gods are ok with me doing this?” I ask a question that comes bubbling up again from my little animal.

“They are fine with it. Take and drink!” Aphrodite says rather hastily.

I glance at her rather suspiciously but, then I do put the vial to my lips and I take the First Draught. It tastes like plain if sour water. At first I think it’s a joke but then I suddenly feel sleepy and light headed.

“Oh . . . what’s happening? I-I’m sooooo sleeepy.” My head lays back into the bed despite my desire to keep it upright. My eyes blur and Aphrodite’s calm and satisfied face looks on me without worry.

“That is just the nectar doing its work, lovely Alexis. Sleep now . . . you won’t remember a thing by morning.” Before I can contemplate her last words I fall away into a deep dark sleep and dream no more.

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