This is TurtleBoy, from The Shack Tabloid. Following the conception of Comsiology, and after the latest boy disappearances throughout the nation –

TurtleBoy: What can you tell us about Comsiology?

Comicality: Comsiology is not about the ‘telling’ so much as it is about the personal experience. Everyone is invited to interpret, and to form their own version of Comsiology on their own. I encourage others to build upon their personal beliefs, and not merely follow with blind allegiance. Unlike other religions that try to dictate morality and worship that uses fear and peer pressure to enforce certain rules and regulations, praising or rejecting their congregations based on a written set of ‘laws’ and how closely their flock sticks to them…our religion encourages freedom of thought and honest expression. No guilt. No dogma. No forced tradition. Comsiology only asks that people expect to receive rewards based on what they put into it, and consequences for what they use to assault it. It accepts people from every walk of life. There is no hierarchy, no status based on the color of your robe or the hat you wear on your head. With the exception of our ‘Boy Pope’, who is always elected young, to keep the passion of youth and the introduction of new ideas and an assembly of current issues that can be dealt with in an effective manner. Instead of trying to apply a 2000 year old text, interpreted by an elder who is too stuck in his ways to accept change in order to apply thoughts and feelings to the world we live in today. Comsiology is an attempt to ‘fix’ what we feel is wrong with the world. To evolve beyond what has been embedded into society as a whole, and go beyond it.

TurtleBoy: What inspired it’s creation?

Comicality: Believe it or not, the Shack Out Back has been operating on a philosophy of its own from the very beginning. And, I will admit, it was a philosophy that I never thought anybody would ever understand. I have been writing many of its major themes into every chapter of every story from the very beginning. It was the embrace and acceptance of the readers that inspired my muse and caused me to build on it in the way that I have over the years. Did you know that there is nothing to stop an individual from creating their own religion? No legislation at all. You just need a loyal following of believers and a place of worship to validate your standing as an actual belief system. The ‘Vampire Dawn’ concept in “Gone From Daylight” fits the bill all by itself.

TurtleBoy: Who can join, and does it cost anything?

Comicality: Anybody can join. Any age, any race, any culture…we accept all members, provided they have love in their heart. And we all have love in our hearts, don’t we?

It costs absolutely nothing. I see spirituality the same way that I see oxygen. If you need it in your life, then you should have access to it. Period. Naturally, it takes a lot of hard work and hours of tireless dedication to keep Comsiology running, and that doesn’t come for free. So we are known to pass around a collection plate every now and then. But all donations are voluntary. True believers give when they can, and they help to keep our temple active and thriving. I am extremely grateful for every penny we receive, and I take their kindness as an inspiration to work even harder at spreading our message to the masses. But if they can’t give, then I advocate the giving of ‘blessings’ to those around them as tribute. A hug, a kiss, an admission of guilt, a sincere apology, or simply giving a stranger a moment of hope in a time of need. I feel that we guard our hearts to the point of hording love and affection from others. Why? Love is the one resource in creation that is thriving. Infinite. And we cannot take it with us when we’re gone. So give it away. All of it. And inspire others to do the same. This is what we stand for. Our meetings spend a great deal of time allowing others to share their individual light with the rest of the group. It can be quite enlightening, being loved for no other reason than you have come to be one with us.

TurtleBoy:Will you be serving Kool-Aid at any of your meetings?

Comicality: I see what you did there. Hehehe, we can have a sense of humor about our mission here. But, for the record, Comsiology is NOT a cult. We demand no financial gain. We have no desire for political power. We have no agenda, no requirement for loyalty or support, and no recruiting techniques to spread our message. We exist in our own private space, only available for those who go through the trouble to seek us out. A congregation of three people is just as strong as a congregation of thousands. I make that clear before anyone joins our ranks. We simply see society as it is, a variety of biased perspectives, all competing to be seen as the ‘truth’, when the reality is…if there is a universal truth out there…we as human beings don’t have access to it. We are all the beholders of brutally indoctrinated beauty in the world. We are all looking at life through a perspective that has been tainted by our own life experiences and our unpredictable emotions, further enhanced by a sense of socially altered expectation when it comes to what beauty is supposed to be. To the point that we’ve been taught by the wicked and the jealous to ignore it when we see it. That has to be taken into account. We attempt to understand this conditioning, and gradually alleviate the weight it has put on our shoulders. The life that I lived when I was 15 years old doesn’t apply to the life I lived when I was 25 years old. And that life didn’t apply to the life I lived when I turned 35. But this doesn’t mean I forget what it was like to be 25. Or what it was like to be 15. Instead of pretending that everything should be static and immovable throughout our entire lives, that we should forget and deny who we were in exchange for who we are now, is ridiculous. We learn and evolve by building on who we used to be. Not by pretending that we were any better than we really were. Comsiology takes the ‘shame’ out of changing your perspective to fit your current situation, but not forgetting where you come from. It doesn’t eat away at the fabric of morality, it merely puts it into the proper context. Hopefully, putting an end to the suppression of personal feelings that cause people to act out in violent and hurtful ways, due to self hatred and denial.

TurtleBoy: Is there a dress code?

Comicality: Actually, Comsiology has made clothing ‘optional’ in our temple. We encourage freedom of expression. So we do have ceremonies where nudity is not only welcome, but encouraged.

TurtleBoy:What are your plans for the future of Comsiology?

Comicality: There is no future plan for Comsiology. It merely exists as a colorful seashell on the beach. For those who find it and want to keep it dear to their heart…it will be there for them. If they have no interest, or reject our teachings, then they are free to pass it by and find their own beliefs as they see fit. But…for those that do accept Comsiology into their hearts? They can look forward to an open community of loving hearts and souls that will embrace them and forgive their every shame and secret, no matter what it may be. It is a place where people can open up and be honest about who they truly are. Even if they can’t admit it in their day to day lives…they can come to the Shack and feel the relief of being able to talk about the things that the rest of the world may not understand. We are the sigh of relief that people have been searching for.

TurtleBoy: Why did you kidnap all of those boys and retreat to the Rocky Mountains?

Comicality: Hahaha! Kidnap??? No. None of them were kidnapped. We have a huge ‘Boy Farm’ full of happy and willing boys that look for love and affection, and work hard to welcome new members to the temple and show them the joys of being open and honest with the rest of us. They are provided every comfort. Playgrounds, video games, ice cream and candy. Plus, we have the very best teachers and textbooks to give them, and they are given daily counseling where they are able to talk about anything and everything that is going on with them. We keep no secrets. Instead, we try to find tactful and appropriate ways to guide them through whatever problems they may be dealing with at the time. Giving them that outlet has been amazing. We have NO instances of bullying. No need to be angry and violent when teens are able to talk about what’s really bothering them, instead of taking it out on other students. We teach them that all boys are different, but equally worthy of love and respect. So far, it has been successful.

TurtleBoy: Can you give us a tour of your temple?

Comicality: Only believers of the third degree are allowed inside the temple. I’m sorry. The first degree comes from reading all of the stories on the site, and sending comments and feedback to confirm that you have an understanding of the messages being sent to you. The second degree takes place on the front STEPS of the temple, where we have intimate group discussions, and every aspiring Comsiologist is given the opportunity to bare their soul and true feelings among their peers, relieving their previous burdens and preparing themselves for a new life without secrets, and without judgement. Then…when achieving third degree status, they will be led inside the temple. Where all will be revealed. Oh…and we have a water slide. Boys LOVE the water slide! 🙂

TurtleBoy: Will there be a ransom… or what’s going on there?

Comicality: No ransom! The boys can leave whenever they like. But, I should warn you…once the veil has been lifted, once the brainwashing has been broken, they never go back home. It’s hard to resubmit yourself to the illusion once it has been exposed. But, without ransom, if anyone is eager to get one of our members to come back home…you’re welcome to try. I won’t deny them their right to come and go as they please. So…good luck.

Just know that we are a loving and peaceful gathering of open minded individuals. Nothing more. People are allowed to question our beliefs, allowed to be suspicious of us, even allowed to hate us if their fear and confusion creates the need for such displays. But, at the end of the day, I am merely leaving small treasures on an endless beach…only to be found by those who are seeking what I have to offer. Nothing more. So welcome the symbol, and accept Comsiology into your heart. There is freedom in truth. Reward in compassion. And enlightenment awaits you at the end of your anger and mistrust.

Come…let us take the weight from your shoulders. Let’s make it easier for you to soar above the clouds.

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