Jack and Tim Goodacre. Names that many may not recognize just yet, but I’m willing to bet that you’ll hear more of in the near future. I REALLY wish that I could have posted this article in June in time for Father’s Day, but…you know…’technology fail’. Hehehe! Still, you can’t take anything away fro this father and son duo when you hear them perform together. Even though Jack was only 12/13 years old when stepping out on stage with his father on “Britain’s Got Talent”, he showed the world that he was worthy of raising the eyebrows of every person that heard that initial performance. His father, Tim, has been a musician for quite some time, and the synergy displayed between the two of them when performing together on stage is SO amazing! They harmonize and can layer their vocals, and truly build upon one another to create something emotional when delivering a song to those who are listening. Performing songs that they’ve written themselves, songs that have a deeper meaning to them both, was definitely the right way to go, I think. The sky is the limit for this father and son duo! And everybody in the audience knew it when they first performed their self-written song, “The Lucky Ones”, on television for the BGT judges! The overall effect was simply unbelievable!

Now…during their run on “BGT”, there was a bit of a scandal concerning the duo’s eligibility. This was mostly due to the fact that young Jack had actually been a part of an on stage production of “School Of Rock” previous to their audition. Which always begs the question…can he still be considered an ‘amateur’, performing in an amateur competition, when he has a few professional accolades to his credit. But, thankfully, that didn’t turn out to be much of a big deal at all. I think a true love of music is the most important part of making a go for it in a rather cutthroat industry. It’s where the passion comes from, you know? Let them show you what they’ve got!

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing father/son duo in the future! They can sing, they play instruments, they write and compose their own music…Jack and Tim Goodacre are seriously going to do great things once they get their foot in the office doors of the right execs! And it’s all going to be a full-fledged fairy tale from then on!

Go get ’em, you guys!

One more video of Jack before I bring this to an end! Hehehe, I LOVE this! Especially around 1:35! Now THAT’S the face you make when you know you’re wailing on a guitar! LOL! ::High Fives::


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