1- The famous Mary Shelley horror novel, “Frankenstein”…isn’t actually classified as ‘horror’ at all. It’s science fiction. In fact, it is considered, by many, to be the first true science fiction novel ever written. It wasn’t considered horror until the movies came along much much later.

2- Despite popular belief…identical twins CAN have different sexual orientations. While their genetics are very similar, studies have shown that it doesn’t always determine sexual desires or gender identity.

3- In the 2006 movie, “The Departed”, featuring actors Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Mark Wahlberg…director Martin Scorsese left a few hidden Easter eggs throughout the film. Every time a character is about to die…you will see an ‘X’ pop up somewhere in the frame. Watch it again. If you see an ‘X’…that character is about to bite the big one!

4- While Abraham Lincoln was successful in, and mostly known for, finally abolishing slavery in America…Benjamin Franklin was the first person to actually try, many years before that, in 1790.

5- Millie Bobby Brown (‘Eleven’ on the series, “Stranger Things”) was born with partial hearing loss that got worse as she got older. She is now completely deaf in one ear.

6- For most people, the human tone of voice naturally raises itself a few octaves when talking to children. Hehehe, do you doubt it? The next time you talk to a child, pay attention to your voice! It’s unavoidable. And science doesn’t know why.

7- Actor and comedian, Dan Akroyd, has Aspergers Syndrome. And his obsession with ghosts and law enforcement led to the creation of the original “Ghostbusters” movie. (Explains a lot about “The Blues Brothers” too, hehehe!)

8- The Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves. They were paid workers. The ‘slave’ myth was created by a Greek historian by the name of Herodotus.

9- An apple’s volume is made up of almost 25% Air. That’s why they float in water!

10- Tears release ‘good feeling’ endorphins into your system when you’re in pain. So ‘crying it out’ physically does make you feel better. Don’t hold back!

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