Teen actor, Noah Schnapp, was actually attending Summer camp when the series, “Stranger Things”, debuted on Netflix back in 2016! After acing his audition for the show (Originally called, “Montauk”…which should sound familiar to any online fan of unexplained creatures and cryptids on Youtube!), Noah took on the role of ‘Will Byers’ in the series, and the rest is history.

The “Stranger Things” series has become somewhat of a phenomenon over the past few years. Blending a heavy dose of 80s Nostalgia, a Stephen King type of a well plotted mini-series, and an endearing mix of coming-of-age drama and chill inducing horror…”Stranger Things” quickly became a fan favorite, shooting to the top of the list of ‘Best Netflix Originals’ ever! The moment that I saw the first trailer, I was immediately intrigued by what that show might have to offer. And it could have derailed itself at any time, or might have become another ‘not as advertised’ disappointments. Instead, what I got was a completely immersive and engaging series that went WAY above and beyond the call of duty in terms of being entertaining! I can’t help but to agree…this is, literally, one of the best shows that Netflix has ever created in my opinion. And the fact that Season Two kept up with the same standard of excellence, only gives me more hope for the upcoming Season Three to follow suit.



Once the show debuted for the first time, Noah admits to being completely shocked and totally blown away by the sudden response!

Sending his fans a surprised, but sincere, ‘thank you’ from camp, when the show exploded on the small screen and he became a household name around the globe, Noah delivered his gratitude with all of the charm and sweetness that we’ve all come to expect from this exceptional new talent. But don’t think he got his recognition simply from being pretty! Noah Schnapp continues to blow his fans away with his acting ability, and has won awards for his portrayal of ‘Will’, truly proving himself worthy of all the praise and accolades that have been given to him. While he may have had a much smaller role in the first season of “Stranger Things”, Noah definitely made an impact. And once Season Two came along, he brought his acting chops to the table and truly stepped up to the plate to deliver a home run in terms of his performance. He completely OWNS the screen every time he’s on it, and displays a mastery of his craft with every scene, alongside a group of other young actors who have all proven themselves to be just as amazing when it comes to the show. Noah even managed to put SO much of himself into his Season Two character, that he lost his voice for three days straight, and needed time to recover. If that’s not dedication to the job, I don’t know what is. Hehehe!

Born in New York City, Noah Schnapp began acting at a very young age, starting in the theater, where his drama teacher told him how good he was and encouraged him to possibly pursue a career in acting professionally. If you think that “Stranger Things” is the first time that you’ve seen or heard from Noah, you’d be mistaken. He actually has a role in the movie “Bridge Of Spies” with Tom Hanks, and was the voice of ‘Charlie Brown’ in the recently animated version of “Peanuts”! So he’s not new to acting by a long shot.

With most of his family in Montreal, Canada, Noah Schnapp has already gained himself a Screen Actor’s Guild award as well as a Golden Globe for his acting ability! And with more projects already done, and more coming in the future (From short films onine, to music videos for Panic At The Disco’s, “LA Devotee”)…this young artist is sure to be around for a long time to come! We’re just getting in on the ground floor! So, we’re wishing you the best, Noah! Make us proud! And keep being amazing! You’re far beyond being a diamond in the rough at this point!

Sparkle on! 🙂



Did I mention he was extremely CUTE? Hehehe! Yeah, can’t get through a whole article without mentioning THAT fact, can I? 😛

I’m sure the teen heartthrob thing was a bit of a surprise to most, but as he gets older…I can definitely see it. Tread carefully, dude! And show ’em what you’re made of!

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