C’mon now! Hehehe! EVERY cute boy model can’t be centered in Australia! That’s just not fair! So, this month…let’s travel on over to Europe for a little while!

Coming from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, comes 14 year old model, Artur Elenski. Belarus is in the middle of other, more well known places that you might have heard of. Surrounded by the Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, Artur has found his way into the modeling industry, and with great success. With wavy brunette hair and inviting brown eyes, this young supermodel on the rise is certain to only get more enticing with age!

Normally, I would go into more detail about his interests and how his modelling career began, and where he’s hoping it will go in the near future. Unfortunately, most of the information that I’ve come across about him is in Russian. Which I can’t read, translate, or have any hopes of understanding in the forseeable future! Hehehe! But you guys know the name now! And I’m sure we’ll all be hearing more about this beauty for years to come!

I’m wishing you the best, Artur! Stay beautiful! And we hope to see you reach the top! Best wishes!

Artur 1 Artur 2 Artur 3 Artur 4 Artur 5

Artur 6 Artur 7 Artur 8 Artur 9 Artur 10

Artur 11 Artur 12 Artur 13 Artur 14 Artur 15

Artur 16 Artur 17 Artur 18 Artur 19 Artur 20

Artur 21 Artur 22 Artur 23 Artur 24 Artur 25

Artur 26 Artur 27 Artur 28 Artur 29 Artur 30

Artur 31 Artur 32 Artur 33 Artur 34 Artur 35

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