1 – A fun part of the Marvel movies in theaters is looking for when creator, Stan Lee, is going to make his usual cameo in one of the many films they’ve put out so far! But this trend didn’t start with the new Marvel movies. In fact, he can also be seen in the background as a decorated police officer on a poster in most of the Netflix series, and even appears on “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. However, his very first cameo in a Marvel property wasin “The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk”! A TV movie from the late 80’s, featuring Bill Bixby, with Lou Ferigno as he Hulk, and it involved a trial with Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). Stan Lee played one of the jurors in the trial.

2 – In super warm climates…Oranges are actually GREEN! (Can we still call them oranges, then?)

3 – Ever wondered what happened to actress, Tina Yothers, who played Michael J Fox’s sister on the TV sitcom, ‘Family Ties’? She joined a band. With a popular hit, in fact. You just may not have recognized her at the time. Look up the New Radicals, “You Get What You Give”! She’ll be there!

4 – As annoying and pointless as it may seem to click on movie trailers on Youtube, only to see a quick ten second trailer before the actual trailer you came to watch…there’s actually a method to that madness. Advertisers know how much we HATE ads before our videos! And they have to grab your attention before you’re given the opportunity to hit the ‘skip ad’ button. That’s why it happens. Sighhhh…bullies.

5 – You may not know the name Harold Von Braunhut when mentioned in casual conversation…but you’d definitely know his legacy! He was a marketing giant, known for such popular ‘con man’ products as ‘X-Ray Specs, Invisible Goldfish, and…yes…the ever popular Sea Monkeys! He made a fortune off of marketing these minor schemes to children by allowing them to order them from the back of magazines and comic books. What you may NOT know, however, is that he was donating profits from his fortune to the Aryan nation, Neo Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and white supremist groups in general! :O Yep! So…if you ever bought Sea Monkeys as a kid…guess where your money went? ::Nods::

6 – Due to its super slow rotation, the planet, Venus, has a 243 day long sunrise! That′s nearly a YEAR between dawn and sunset!

7 – There is a literal ‘stuffed animal hospital’! If your dolly or teddy bear gets ripped open or is damaged in any way, you can actually go to a toy hospital and have them repaired. (Yikes! What does that cost???)

8 – The “Billy Chase” series was originally going to be a series of ‘fanfics’! Yep…it’s true! Billy’s father was going to be an agent or photographer for multiple teen celebrities and pop stars…who Billy would meet and ummm…’entertain’ from chapter to chapter. Hehehe, aren’t you glad I ditched that idea? 😛

9 – Human hair can grow almost anywhere on the human body…EXCEPT on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet, and your lips! Which ummm…I’m thinking is a good thing?

10 – There is an underground fire in Centralia, Pennsylvania, that has been burning, non-stop, since 1962! And, as of yet, there is no indication thaat it will ever end!

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