I feel like I had been in love with Michael for so long that I can barely remember when the whole infatuation started. I met him a year ago at a high school assembly, and he smiled at me. Something in my brain was just like, “Yup! This is love! How can it not be?” He was so cute that I couldn’t stand being next to him without dreaming about kissing him on the mouth and having him on top of me. I would jack off about it all the time. And I came sooooo hard! Every single time! Michael was my soul mate. And I couldn’t wait to finally make him mine.

Well, I went to the cafeteria one day for lunch, and I had a big fight with my friends. I won’t even go into what it was about. We just got mad at each other, and I wanted to eat somewhere else before I made things any worse. And that’s when I was sitting at a table by myself, and Michael walked over with a tray of food, and he asked me, “Hey…do you mind if I sit here?”

“Mind? Of course not! That would be awesome!” I said.

“What’s your name again?”

“I’m Greg.” I told him, drooling over his hot bod as he sat across from me at the lunch table.

“Oh yeah. I remember now. You were in my English class last year.” Then he blushed and said, “I kinda remember you being…ummm…really cute.”

“Really? You thought I was cute?”

“Yeah. I’m gay. I just came out yesterday. It was brutal. But you only live once, right?”

“Very true.” I said, and then I blushed and said, “I thought you were cute too. I mean, as long as we’re both taking a leap of faith and all.”

“Really? Oh wow. Cool. Do you wanna be my boyfriend?” He asked.

“Wait, but we JUST met!” I said.

“I know, but…I want you so bad. I don’t think I can wait.”

“OK!!!” I giggled. And he reached in his pocket and gave me a silver ring to put on my finger. “Oh wow! Thanks! I love you so much!”

“I love you too. Hey, you wanna ditch school? There’s nobody at my house. My parents are both working right now.”

“SWEET!” I said. “Let’s go. I’ll take my lunch with me and eat it later!”

“Me too!” He said. So we took the bus back to his house, and he started getting naked. I kissed him on the lips. It was so hot, kissing him like that. Tongues and stuff, too. Plus I got to put both of my hands on his bare ass and squeeze it, hard. Mmmm, his kiss tasted like candy! And I could feel his erection sticking up against me, leaving little stains on my shirt. I just knew that I had to suck it. So I got down on my knees, and I never had any practice with this sort of thing before, but I deep throated the whole thing on my first try. I didn’t gag at all, and my teeth never scraped him once. It was hot, and he called me his ‘baby’ as he thrust his hips into my face.

I could tell that he was getting close once I cupped his balls and felt them drawing up underneath his hard shaft. It’s so hard to believe that I was just talking to Michael for the FIRST time just an hour ago…and now I’ve got his private parts in my mouth, waiting for him to cum down my throat! This is so cool!

“Oh shit…” He whimpered. “Here it comes! Take it! Oh PLEASE, take it!” And then he came! It was warm and a bit salty, and I swallowed it all with no problem at all. Yummy! I think I’m going to like having sex with my new boyfriend…every single day…because his parents are never home and we’re so deeply in love already.

I finished swallowing, and then I kissed Michael on the lips. “I love you. I always have.”

“I love you too. And I always will. No matter what.” He said. “You’re my first and only boyfriend, but I know that you’re the one that I want. So promise that you and I will spend the rest of our lives together.”

“Ok. I promise.” I said. And then he sucked me off until I came in his mouth.

This is love. This is how it always works. It’s just that easy. Hehehe, life is so damn awesome right now.

Thanks for being my first boyfriend, Michael. Now let’s go live happily ever after! We’ve earned it!

(This story is meant to be a playful ‘parody’ of what my stories could be without plot, or character development, or time and effort taken to give readers a full experience when it comes to writing the kind of stories that I would love to tell. It’s all just made for fun! Hehehe! But…if you’re in a big hurry to read something complete, and refuse to read anything else…then here ya go! Enjoy! :P)

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