What do you do when one of your musical idols…in fact, one of your parents’ idols…plays your song on his radio show and claims that you’ve got one of the best voices that he’s ever heard?

Well…you FLIP OUT, for starters! Hehehe! And then you make a decision on whether or not you want to make a go at following your passion, and eventually live the life you’ve been dreaming about. That’s what. So, in case you haven’t heard the name yet…let me introduce you to 15 year old singer/songwriter, Ruel!

Born in Sydney, Australia, Ruel Vincent Van Dijk (Now just known as Ruel) began expressing his love for music at a very young age. An obvious natural for words and melody, he was playing the piano and the guitar by the time he was eight years old. Showing so much talent and promise before he even got out of elementary school, Ruel soon expanded on his personal ‘resume’ by writing his very first song at the tender age of 12. His first single, “Don’t Tell Me”, was created after being teased by his two sisters about having feelings for a girl that he liked. Telling him that he didn’t have to worry about things like love because he was too young to know what he was talking about. Admitedly writing the song out of frustration, he penned his very first song as a response. A song that apparently caught the ear of a musical legend.

Don’t Tell Me

“Save your breath, my brother, it’s not going in
I’m not your disciple, I choose how I sin
I’ve got a distant memory of previous lives
So don’t say I’m not ready, back off with those knives

You don’t know me like you used to
You can leave, but I refuse to
You can tell me that I’m crazy
But I won’t stop and this won’t make me

Uh uh uh
Ooh, oh-oh-oh, don’t tell me I’m not ready
Uh uh uh Ooh, oh-oh-oh, don’t tell me I’m not ready
For love.”

Ruel was actually in the middle of a school day when he got the word that Sir Elton John, himself, was playing his single on his radio show! Not only that, but Elton proudly stated that Ruel had one of the best teen male voices that he’s ever come across in his career. Telling his audience, “It’s so astonishing that someone so young can write something so good.” And from that day forward, a young talent began racing towards the kind of rewards that comes from being a true artist. Talent that is properly recognized in this post ‘compare every teen singer to Justin Bieber’ era in the music industry. There’s no doubt that Ruel shines all on his own. With a style that he describes as alternative soul/pop, his amazing voice blends the appeal of soulful influences with all the depth and emotion of artists like Adele and Mary J Blige. It’s truly something to behold, when you think about it. Maybe he’s lived previous lives after all. Hehehe!

With ‘Thief’ and ‘M-Phazes’ as producers, Ruel put his heartt and soul into producing an EP that would properly introduce him to the world. Already grabbing a loyal fanbase that is willing to show up and scream until their throats burst if necessary! And it’s not just because he’s Australia Gorgeous either! (Hehehe, seriously, Australia! WTF? Where are these cute boys even COMING from???) But Ruel writes music that relates to his fans. He’s tapped into something special, and being able to deliver that message with a voice that’s beyond exceptional is sure to put him over the top and make him one of the greats. Him being knockout beautiful is just a lucky bonus. 🙂

Signed to RCA records in November of 2017, he began writing and recording his first EP, simply titled ‘Ready’. From the series of behind the scenes vlogs that he’s been putting out on Youtube, he seemed to be having a lot of fun putting things together. Laughing and goofing around, but a true professional when it comes time to put some work in. It’s also good to see that he has some say in the production and the sound of his project. He gets to focus both in the booth and behind the controls. Making it a much more personal effort, in my opinion. I loved what I’ve heard so far, and I hope to hear more soon!


Already on tour, performing live for sold out crowds in many different countries, Ruel is on his way to being the next big household name! His ‘Ready’ EP was released on June 15th this past Summer, and is available on iTunes and Amazon! Give it a listen, and spread the word! Let’s help to give this young prodigy the spotlight that he deserves!

When asked what advice he wanted to give other young artists trying to chase their dreams as well, Ruel replied, “Always surround yourself with people that you trust. Because that’s the most importnt thing, is your team.”

Agreed. Good luck, dude! You’ve definitely got a fan in me!

Enjoy a few more of his songs and music videos below!

Ruel1 Ruel2 Ruel3
Ruel4 Ruel5 Ruel6


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