Owen Mendel – “GFD: Life Goes On”

Comicality: This month, I’m happy to bring you guys author Owen Mendel! He’s actually writing a brand new vampire story that is based in the same world and time frame as “Gone From Daylight”, and he’s here to tell us a little bit more.

So, I’m curious…where did you first find the “Gone From Daylight” series, and what inspired you to step up and write a story of your very own to fit into the vampire mythology of it all?

Owen Mendel: I read it at nifty, I usually read the adult/friends and young friends section, but then I saw the science fiction and decided to give it a go, and certainly wasn’t disappointed, then scrolling down I find Gone From Daylight and started to read it. After the first chapter, I was hooked.

What inspired me was the story. It is wonderful and well thought out, and after reading more chapters,
I found in the afterword about The Blood Bank. After reading some stories, I just started to create scenarios in my mind and then the main idea for my story came around.

Comicality: Have you written other stories before this one? Is writing a passion of yours, or simply a hobby that you dive into every now and then when you feel inspired?

Owen Mendel: In fact, I have written stories before (sadly none finished…), and is half of the two, a hobby and a passion of mine. Though, sometimes I feel that I lack ability to write, as it is hard for me to write down the ideas I have in my head with the same impact and significance, but without being packed with words to describe it, but certainly I’m getting better.

Comicality: So with all of this practice and growing confidence in your writing, do you feel yourself taking chances you wouldn’t have normally taken in your storytelling? Is the writing coming much easier to you now?

Owen Mendel: I like to experiment with stories more than anything else. So, in a way, I do dare to test some stuff, as is this story, as is one of my first serious foray in this genre.

It became easier, but it sure took its time and I still have some problems, but I going steady to be a better writer.

Comicality: You mentioned to me that English is not your native language. Have you written stories in Spanish before? And if so, would you like to share them with your new readers? I’m certain that there are many Spanish speaking readers that would love to read more!

Owen Mendel: No, no lo es, pero tengo un buen nivel de ingles, o si no, no me atrevería a intentar traducirlo al Ingles, si todas mis historias están escritas en Español y cuando las comience a reescribirlas si me gustaría compartirlas con quien guste leerlas.

And the translation: No, it isn’t, but I do have a good level of English. If not, I wouldn’t dare to try to translate them. Yes, all my stories are written in Spanish and when I begin to rewrite them I would like to share them with anyone who would like to read them.

Comicality: I’ve often heard it said that vampire stories have been done to death and there are no new ways to tell that story. Obviously, that’s not true. Vampire stories will be around forever. What do you, as a writer, think that you can bring new to the table?

Owen Mendel: Like you, I don’t really think that the genre is dead. The problem was the last books about them, like that horrible spawn that was the ‘Twilight’ series. It destroyed the image of the
classic vampire and made it a joke (I.M.O.), but also there are authors that have made changes but are good (like the Darren Shan saga) but they never became mainstream. And as long as there are authors, they will come up with new ideas to tell the stories or maybe create something entirely different, but good (or at least I hope that, hehehe). And I do have some ideas but I will think about it if I want to use them (as I said before lore friendly). But, if I were to create a story about vampires, it would be either post-apocalyptic (like a disease that took over the world and destroyed it) or a conspiracy thriller (like vampires are running the world in the shadow and the people of the world don’t even suspect it), but I am not writing that isn’t? Hehehe!

Comicality: Reading your first chapter, you’ve definitely set up a seriously explosive situation that could go either way in future chapters to come. What kind of ‘tone’ were you looking to have with this story? Were you looking for something dark? Something romantic? Or maybe something altogether different?

Owen Mendel: Well the theme I have in mind is actually a positive one, (I don’t care if it’s a little cliche! Hehehe!), as life is a conglomerate of results of the decisions we have made, the ones we take, the ones what will come in the future, and of matters that are beyond our capacity to act. All that puts us in the place we are now, and will be. Sometimes they are going to look bad, but that doesn’t mean it will end that way, as we usually try to find the best of every situation. And who knows? We cant know the end of a path we didn’t try to walk down.

Comicality: Without giving away any ‘spoilers’, can you give your new readers an idea of what you have planned for this story in the future? What might your audience expect from your writing, if they keep reading?

Owen Mendel: Actually what I have in mind is not a series, but maybe a short novel(?), as I had picture it of a length about seven or eight chapters, but what will they find? A little bit of everything, but certainly, self discovery, friendship, love, romance, drama, action, and some horror.

But that will come with the introduction of the other character that will come in some chapters.

Comicality: Sweet! Would you like to leave behind an email or social media contacts for your audience? Just in case they have any questions or comments they want to send your way?

Owen Mendel: Yes. And it is this one; thesfstorycorner@gmail.com

Comicality: Before wrapping this up, do you have any wise words for anyone else who might be looking to start a story of their own and are looking for the inspiration to get started?

Owen Mendel: Hmmm, It would be like this, any idea is good, it just needs a good way to be developed, and give it some subtle experiences, ideas, or life lessons, that we have learned along the
way to make it relatable. And lastly, that the reader could take something of it. It doesn’t need to be a great message, it could be anything, as something that would give them a little smile, then that would be enough.

Comicality: Words to live by! Well, thanks a lot for the interview! And we’ll see you next month for chapter two!

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