Legal Disclaimer: Certain depictions and descriptions of individuals, objects and celebrities may lead you to believe that this means you. If you or anyone else sees you in any of the stories here than you have a far better imagination than we do. We have moved mountains, and have gone far beyond the pale making sure that any form of reality has been completely and totally obfuscated. However, the use of raincoats, sheaths, dingers, or love gloves by any of the celebrities’ mention is truly wished. Any comments attributed to any celebrity in any of the stories in this volume have been created out of the whole cloth. None of those comments have any relation to reality or said celebrity. See sentence three above, read and repeat! The above advertisement, that is the description of a necessary article of wear in certain situations is presented solely for and of the purpose of extracting guffaws, laughter, other symptoms of frivolity. The above advertisement in no way is offered as a prophylactic or prophylaxis for your communication or writing device. Although the words may be presented in jest the use of said items by the name celebrity(s) is highly advised. However, we have no knowledge of said celebrity(s) personal peccadilloes, choice of partner or whether they are an abstainer for us or anyone to speculate anything based on the spurious information or lack of information presented here would be a folly of grand magnitude. I prefer the Chocolate Flavour. No animals real or imagined have been hurt during the creation of this monumental disclaimer. However, the minds of several proofreaders and editors have been irreparably altered. That is ass uming they had some to start with. This disclaimer has absolutely no legal or grammarian standing in or on any planet in any universe or multiverse. The author of this disclaimer claims no knowledge of anything before this line! To repeat if you see yourself or someone real in anything written on this site, I suggest a vacation in a rubber room suite as obviously, your imagination has gone places that we would never dare. The Story Lover disclaims all knowledge of disclaiming and or disclaimers and is a figment of his imagination.
Disclaimer Courtesy of: The Story Lover
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