“Caden??? What the hell, man?”

“What?” I asked, holding my phone up to my ear with one shoulder as I dropped my bathrobe and slipped on a clean pair of boxers.

“Where the hell have you been? I’ve been calling you for nearly fifteen minutes now. Why didn’t you pick up?” Hunter said, a hint of frustration in his voice.

“I was in the shower. Gimmee a break. What’s the emergency? Geez!”

“It’s my mom. She went out to get fitted to be in my Aunt Amy’s wedding. She left just a while ago.” He said. “You wanna come over? I don’t know how long she’ll be gone.”

Oh! It’s that kind of call! “Shit. I don’t know, man. My mom was going to drive us out to the mall today. If I hop in the car and go with her, I might be able to talk her into a new pair of sneaks or something…”

“Shoes? Really?” Hunter sucked his teeth, and then he laid back on his bed and he got that ‘tone’ in his voice. It was something that I was used to hearing whenever he was in one of his persuasive moods. “C’mon, Caden. Come over.” He almost moaned when he said it. “It won’t be for the whole day. Just for, like, twenty minutes or something. Then you can go back home and go with your mom to the mall.” I grunted a bit over the phone, but as I felt a tingling sensation causing a familiar swelling in my boxers, I doubted that I’d have much will power when it came to saying no. “Do it. C’mon. Come over. Hehehe, I know you’re thinking about it right now. Don’t leave me all stiff and alone.”

With a sigh, I found a little smirk spreading out on my face. “Alright. I’ve gotta make up a quickie excuse first so I can get out of the house. Then I’ll come over. But JUST for fifteen to twenty minutes. Cool?”

“Totally! How fast can you get here? I don’t know how much time we’ve got!”

“I’ll get on my bike as soon as I get dressed. Give me, like, ten minutes.” I told him.

“Sweet! I’ll be waiting! See ya then!” And he hung up.

The first time Hunter and I ever fooled around, I was so blown away by the fact that it was even happening that I found it hard to relax long enough to enjoy it as much as I wish I had. It was my first time ever being intimate with somebody, after all. It was definitely a memorable experience, I just got too wound up to claim that I was ‘in the moment’ when it took place. I get flashes of what happened when I think about it. About how it felt to have him touch the bare skin on my erection for the first time as it poked up through my open zipper. There’s nothing like having someone else hold you in such a familiar way for the very first time. There’s an unspoken fever that passes between you, and the room falls into a bed of complete silence while you try not to look too excited about it for fear of losing your cool. It almost feels too naughty for you to lose the tension in your shoulders. But, I think the tension added to the heat of it all. It took a few strokes for me to calm down and stop feeling…I don’t know…’dirty’ about it. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just wasn’t used to the sensation, I suppose.

Then…just as it started to feel really really good…Hunter lets go of my hard inches and softly says, “Here…you do me for a while, now.” I kind of wish that he had kept going, but…I was equally as excited about what it would feel like to touch him too. I never expected him to feel so warm in my hand. I tenderly wrapped my fingers around him, and we both giggled softly as the shaft suddenly jumped and the tip of it swelled and tightened in my grip. Our eyes connected for a moment, and then we bashfully looked away from one another. Hehehe, like I said, there was still something weird about being able to do something like this with another boy for the first time. Not uncomfortable, just…’peculiar’ in the sexiest way.

The next time I went over to Hunter’s house, I was immediately worried that things would be different between us. I mean, he didn’t tell anybody about us jacking each other off. And I certainly didn’t say anything. But I was confused as to what that meant for us as buddies. Do I even bring it up? Do I pretend like it never happened? Was it a one time thing, or…could we maybe do it again some time? Maybe even that day.

Our interaction felt a bit awkward at first, but…there was a pressure there to talk about it. We could both tell, even though we were afraid to say so. I think I was there for the better part of an hour before things began to get intimate again. This time…we actually took our pants and underwear off. Which was a relief, because nothing scares a young boy with a boner like the jagged teeth of half open zipper. Yeesh! Again, it took a few moments to get used to being this naked around somebody. I felt super exposed in front of him, but having him just as bare assed in front of me too helped to put me at ease.

We began to feel each other up again. A mutual session that felt even better than the first time. Especially when he laid his head on my shoulder. Something about that added closeness brought me over the edge, and I began squirting like crazy, the rest of my thick fluids sliding down my stiff inches until the warmth of it ran over the back of his hand and knuckles. That one was really special to me. Because once I got him off, he giggled and gave me a quick little kiss on the cheek. I don’t know why. It was playful, but I thought it was soooo cute! For a week after that, I laid in bed and jacked off just thinking about that cute little boyish kiss on the cheek. I think that turned me on more than the sex itself. I can’t help myself. Hunter’s always been really cute to me…but sometimes he still manages to catch me by surprise.

The third time we did it…wow! That time, it didn’t take us anywhere near as long to get down to business. I guess that we were reaching an understanding that we both liked it, we both wanted more, and there was nothing wrong with getting together to feel good when we had the privacy to do so. The thing is, I had been thinking about that little peck on the cheek for a while, so I nervously leaned in to kiss him on the cheek first that time. Immediately, we began to strip our clothes off…shirts too this time…and as I scooted closer to reach down and fondle his warm hardness, Hunter leaned in and kissed me full on the lips! Now THIS blew my fucking mind! I wasn’t expecting that at all! Not only were his lips some of the softest things that I’ve ever touched in my life…but it was only a minute or two before I felt his tongue in my mouth. Well, now my whole body was on fire! It was like, ‘Screw mutual masturbation! I just wanna kiss for a while!’ So I leaned back, and Hunter slid on top of me, and we kept making out until our grinding hips brought us both to a crashing orgasm that kept me trembling for hours afterward. That was the most mind-blowing experience of my life. I doubt I could live without being able to experience a feeling like that again.

We got together a few more times after that, and all pretense of us just hanging out had been tossed out the window. Now, it was just a matter of getting to his bedroom and locking the door so that we could start up again. Now we were doing it two or three times per visit. And the first time he leaned over and took my throbbing erection between those ‘softer than soft’ lips of his, the sensual wiggle of his tongue sliding underneath my excited inches…I thought I was going to slide right out of my own skin. The slippery sensation of having him please me like that caused me to squirm and jump and writhe in ecstasy until I unloaded one of the biggest loads my young nuggets had ever produced right into his mouth.

Hehehe, I remember him making a face as he sat up and swallowed a few mouthfuls of spit to get it all down. It’s the kind of face that you make when you taste somebody’s bad cooking and you’re trying to be polite about telling them it sucks. Hehehe! But, all Hunter said was, “That’s gonna take some getting used to…”

Yeah. Don’t watch internet porn and think it’s all going to be roses and cotton candy. That kind of thing isn’t for everybody.

Well, this will officially be the seventh time that Hunter and I had sex! Hehehe, well…not full on sex, but more sex than I had ever had prior to the last time we were together. I couldn’t tell if I was excited or nervous as I felt my heart pounding, my feet pedaling my bike as quickly as they could to get me to his front door. I was already starting to bone up, and figured that it would be a better strategy to just ride faster and rush into his house before anyone saw me than it would be for me to try to get it to go back down. I was much too anxious to wish it away now.

I put my bike in Hunter’s backyard and rushed to the door to ring the bell. I could hear him practically racing downstairs to let me in. “Yes! Dude, that was fast!”

“I told ya it wouldn’t take long!” I said.

“Cool. Come on…” Hunter closed the door, and I followed him upstairs to his bedroom.

You know what’s really hot about this situation? Hehehe, the fact that the second Hunter shuts his bedroom door, he just starts pulling his pants and underwear down to his ankles. No more games, no more discussions or beating around the bush. It’s like, ‘We’re here. Get naked and let’s do it.’ I don’t know why, but there’s something so alluring about not having to think up clever ways to bring up the subject and wonder if he’ll be into it or not. As I peeled my shirt up over my head and dropped my shorts, Hunter began to approach me and pressed our erections together as he put his hands on my hips and began kissing me again.

God…I wish I could describe how soft his sweet, pink, lips are. I swear…it’s like kissing a cloud.

I really did enjoy coiling my tongue around his, but he stopped making out with me much sooner than usual. He says, “We don’t have time for all of that today. My mom might be back soon.”

“Oh. Ok.” I was disappointed, but I’m sure we’ll make up for it when our eighth time having sex rolls around. “Do you want me to do you first, or…?”

“Ummm…we’ll have to do each other at the same time. That way we can make sure we both get off in time.”

“M’kay!” I said.

“Alright…you lay that way, and I’ll lay this way.” He said, moving me towards the bed so that we could position ourselves for a quick 69. I kind of liked doing it this way. Me sucking him, him sucking me…it’s the best of both worlds, you know? I also love it when I’m laying on my back and he straddles my face. That’s my favorite. His meat dangles right over my open mouth, and his soft sack hangs down and eventually rests gently on my nostrils and upper lip, allowing me to inhale the sexy fragrance of his most heated area…his smooth, hairless, thighs on either side of my face…and the enchanting curve of his round ass cheeks above me. I stare at the sensual curve of his mounds, with both of my hands free to reach up and knead the marshmallow sponginess of the bubbled blessings. All this while feeling the bathing warmth of having him lean down to take me into his wet embrace. It’s a struggle to keep from crying out from the sensory overload, but seeing as we’re working with a limited amount of time…I just let myself go and tried to milk these naughty moments for all they were worth.

Hunter whimpers in the most adorable way when he’s really enjoying himself. It always encourages me to suck harder, and I gave his ass a squeeze as I felt him already getting close to the moment of truth. Dangit! Already? He must have been really horny today. Then again, so was I, once he told me to come over. I felt his body shift above me, his balls rubbing back and forth against my nose…I gave his tight ass a squeeze and felt him shiver as he got even harder in my mouth. I could feel the steady drag of his wet lips speed up in their pace. Almost as if he was trying to make me cum before he did, and he was running out of time.

Our breathing was getting heavier by the second, and I felt my body kick into second gear as the appropriate sexual maneuvers began to take hold of me. Awww, too soon! I wanted more! SO much more!

But, biology takes over…and I know that Hunter isn’t really a fan of the taste of sperm, so I began to lightly pat him on the ass to let him know that I was about to blow. Strangely enough, I think he was more turned on by the fact that I was reaching my peak so fast, and he didn’t pull off this time. My knees turned inward, trapping his head between my legs as my hips raised up off of the bed and I held on to his ample cheeks with both hands. It was a moment of intense straining, and a high pitched yelp, just as those powerful ‘thumps’ began to contract in my spasming shaft…pushing a flood of young seed into Hunter’s mouth while I attempted to ride out my climax without falling to pieces.

I was barely finished shooting myself when I felt Hunter’s hips lock up above me and splashes of his sticky fluid washed over my tongue and down my throat as I fought to keep up with his energetic release. I could feel his balls being drawn up underneath him, being pulled away from my upper lip and turning a blushed rose color as they forced their payload up his swollen shaft. Unlike Hunter, I don’t mind the taste of his honey. But maybe that’s just me.

There are always a few moments of us catching our breaths and getting our muscles to unwind as the sensitivity sets in and we’re forced to untangle ourselves from one another. Moments where my lips and tongue attempt to coax every last dribble of flavor from his blessed offering, and he does the same. Then, inevitably, it becomes too much for us to handle and we have to roll to the side. Orgasms can be SO powerful at this age.

After a short rest, I sat up and looked at Hunter’s face, asking, “Was it any better this time?”

“What?” He asked.

“The sperm taste.”

He thought for a second, sort of running his tongue over his teeth. “Ummm…a little bit, I think. It’s not so bad.”

A little embarrassed, I mumbled, “Ah, I see. Sorry, dude.”

But he just giggled and sat up to kiss me on the lips. “Hehehe! It’s not your fault, Caden. Don’t be weird.” His smile made me smile in response. He’s so damn cute! “I don’t know how you do it. You never miss a drop.”

“What can I say? You taste good to me.” I blushed, and I think he started to blush too. Like I said, the sex is great…but it’s the little moments like this that I take with me when I go back home again. “Hunter? I ummm…I really do like coming over here and…doing ‘this’. I was thinking…maybe, if… if it doesn’t sound too ‘gay’…maybe we could…”

Suddenly, the sound of keys unlocking the front door of the house could clearly be heard downstairs! Our eyes widened, and we were both still completely naked in bed with our clothes scattered over Hunter’s bedroom floor! “SHIT!!!” Hunter whispered loudly! “Get up!!! Go go go!!!”

In a panic, we both jumped off of his bed and started scampering from one end of his bedroom to the other. Boxers! Shorts! Ummm…left sock! Where’s my right sock? Fuck! It was right here, wasn’t it???”

“Hunter? I brought home some lunch, hon.” His mom called out from downstairs. “Hunter?”

Shirt! Wait…it’s inside out! There we go! Shirt! THERE IT IS!!! Right sock! Now my shoes!

“I’m coming, Mom!” Hunter shouted back, rushing to put his shirt back on.

We bumped shoulders as we both went to his bedroom mirror to fix our hair and check to make sure we didn’t have any stains or slobber on us anywhere. I was SO scared! Jesus, that was close!

“Give me your science book!” I whispered.


“Just give it to me!”

Hunter hurried over to his desk, where he rummaged through his backpack and pulled out his science book for me. And we gave each other a quick look to make sure that we didn’t look…well…like we had just gotten done blowing each other! Then he said, “Thanks for coming over, Caden. I needed that.”

“Me too.” I smiled, and we shared a quick kiss on the lips before opening his bedroom door and going downstairs.

His mother smiled warmly at me when she saw my face, and said, “Hi, Caden. I didn’t know you were here.”

“It’s ok. I just popped on over to borrow Hunter’s science book. I left mine in my locker yesterday.” I said. An excuse that she bought, hook, line, and sinker. Anytime you want to fool a parent and have them not ask questions? Just tell ’em it’s something for school. Works every time.

A few seconds later, I was back on my bike and heading home. Still tasting the remnants of Hunter’s sexual explosion as I grinned from ear to ear. Seven times. So…this is like, our ‘thing’ now, right? Like, we can just get together and arouse one another until we erupt and go home happy whenever we want? How crazy is that?

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in love. I can’t say that I’m quite that far into my understanding of what love means and what goes along with it. But I can’t help but to feel that I’m moving in the right direction when it comes to finding it. What if Hunter and I fall for each other? What if things get even better than they are now? How far can we take this, now that we’ve broken the ice?

Hehehe, I don’t know. But just having that question out there is enough to keep me giggling for a long time to come. I can deal with that.

Now…let’s countdown to naughty experience number eight!

Can’t wait!

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