Gone From Daylight : Life Goes On

By Featured Author: Owen Mendel

Chapter 1: Into The Darkness

Robby was speechless, and even if he could make a sound, it would be muffled by the tight grip of the hand over his mouth, again he tried one last time to break free, but the struggle was in vain, feeling how his body was becoming cold as the concrete against his back, the last thing he could do was think, going over again at how this happened, maybe it was the realization that he was going to die that he could recall everything with such detail.

It was night already, he was just finishing his dinner to call it a night, just milk and bread, but as meager as it was he enjoyed it, he could hear his dad in the other room, mumbling about the news in the old TV, and then as he stood to carry his dishes to the sink he heard something heavy fall, “Dad?” Robby called him, and after hearing an agitated grumbling he raced to the living room.

Upon entering, Robby saw his dad on the floor clutching his chest while painfully looking at him, “Get…h…help…” his dad said wheezing, it took a second for Robby to process what was happening and then he ran to his dad, kneeling beside him.

“Dad! Dad, what happened?” he asked, distressed. But his dad just curled up and groaned in pain

“H.. hold on, I…I…I’m going to get help!” Robby said, agitated, as he stood and started to run. Then as he exited his house, a feeling of dread started to come over him. He knocked forcefully in his front neighbor house.

After not hearing a response, he tried again, with more force and anxiety. Then, he finally heard someone say, “Whaaat? Whoo’s thereee?” Asked his neighbor with a slightly slurred voice.

“Please, help! Something happened to my dad!” Robby pleaded.

His hope rose as the door unlocked, just to be crushed when his neighbor exited, as his eyes were bloodshot, unfocused, and was fighting to even stand upright. “Whaaat, do youu want?” He asked with a slurred giggle.

“C”could you p”please help my dad?” Robby asked, unsure. He knew how the stuff that a lot of his neighbors used affected them.

“Yeah, yeah… your daaad…” His neighbor barely managed to say, “Don’t… worryyyyy kidoooo, he wiill be fiiiine…” His neighbor answered, giggling a little.

“No! He…he looked really bad!” Robby said anxiously, but his neighbor just stood there, repeating that his dad would be fine over and over, seeing that he wouldn’t get help there. He started to run to the next house, hearing his neighbor ask where he was going and giggling, and then that initial feeling of dread just got bigger and bigger as he went from house to house, pounding at the doors, but either his neighbors were too wasted to help or weren’t there. Then the dread became panic as he tried the last house and nobody answered.

“What can I do?” He asked himself silently. And, not for the first time, he wished that they weren’t as poor as they were. At least he could have used a phone. But, instantly, he reprimanded himself. He knew that his dad had done everything he could to keep him fed, clothed, and in school, but still…he wished it. Knowing his situation, he knew that that would really be difficult as they needed to be discreet. Finally, as the cold wind flowed around him, and with no better idea, he started to run to the city downtown. He didn’t knew how long he had been running, but every second was precious, and even as his chest started to hurt when he breathed and his legs were numbing…he went on, and as he reached the downtown outskirts, that where he made his fatal mistake.

In his hurry he entered an alley, thinking that he would take a shortcut and keep running a little more into the shadows of the darkened alley. Then, after taking a turn, he was suddenly tackled against a nearby wall with such force that he felt some of his ribs crack as he impacted against it. Robby fell down, gasping for air and whimpering from the pain, but also noticing the legs of whoever had attacked him in front of him and after a few seconds that other person then knelt down beside him. “I’m… I’m sorry…” Robby heard a youthful voice, and looking up he saw a youth a few years older than himself, but the otherwise handsome visage was contorted with indecision, “I’m… I’m really sorry.” He heard again. Then, the youth got closer, and to Robby’s horror, he saw how those green eyes began to cast a dull shine, a crimson ring surrounding the irises as long sharp fangs descended from the youth’s upper gums. Robby tried to stand up, but the youth grabbed him, pinning him down easily, as his head was reaching Robby neck, and after a moment of hesitation from the youth, Robby felt how that dagger like fangs pierced the tender skin of his neck. He screamed, feeling a searing pain, momentarily scaring the youth who recoiled back, and put his other hand over Robby’s mouth. “Shit! I…I…SHIT!” The youth said, looking down where he had bitten. For his part, Robby was scared beyond anything he thought would be possible. His heart was beating fast like never before, and the feeling of his blood gushing down his neck was giving him the characteristic strength of the fight or flight response, but as he started to struggle, the youth bit him again, harder than the last time and tightened his grip over Robbie’s mouth, muffling his screams, as he wanted to finish this quickly as possible.

“Why is this happening?” Robby thought, snapping back, feeling how he was slowly losing his consciousness. The youth, seeing that Robby didn’t have any more will to fight, lessened his grip over him. And as his hunger was nearly satiated, he took a moment to appraise his donor. “He is really cute.”, the youth noticed, even in this state he could see that, a barely pubescent boy, if that, with a small and skinny frame, almost frail looking , soft and slightly tanned white skin, but dirty with filth and its own blood. Looking at his donor’s face, he noticed the soft and subtle traits, a face that clearly just started to grow, but still was retaining its childish looks, he saw the silky medium length light brown hair, albeit disheveled by the struggle, somewhat large ears, partially hidden by its hair, the straight and relatively small nose, with barely visible marks in the bridge, caused by the glasses that his donor was using before he tackled him, and finally those lovely, honey colored, eyes, that were losing their shine as he keep draining his life. “It’s really sad. He could have be pretty handsome when he grew up”, the youth thought. “I’m sorry dad…” Robby whispered, almost imperceptibly, feeling warm tears dribbling down his face. “I really… tried…” He finally exhaled, practically unconsciously, with only the longing of helping his father maintaining him barely alive, and because of that he didn’t noticed the change in the youth.

As the youth was finishing his feeding, his extra activated unexpectedly. Not much of a surprise to him, as he was still learning to control it, and it would suddenly activate on its own, certainly it would be an annoyance, but now being an empath a problem became apparent, as he bonded momentarily with his donor. He felt the full force of the feelings that were coursing in him, and as he saw the tears dibbling in his donor’s face, then felt his own dripping too. Everything became so overwhelming for him, to the point that he momentary lost control of his body, then to his horror he felt that he now started to pour something from his fangs, a thick and slimy fluid, into his donor’s body, he desperately tried to pry loose his jaw, but it was stuck by a feeling of pleasure. Somewhere in the chaotic jumble in his mind, it took him some time, he wasn’t sure of how much, but he was finally able to regain enough focus to momentary loosen his jaw muscles and stop his bite. When he felt that he wasn’t biting anymore he threw himself backwards, trying to get away the most possible, fearing that he would continue if he was close enough. He fell on his butt, shocked by what had happened. He kept his eyes on his donor, not sure of what to make of all of this. He reached for his fangs, feeling a drop of the fluid drip into his finger, he unconsciously rubbed it in his hand , and finally looking down saw the yellowish ooze. “No fucking way…” the youth said to himself aghast. This certainly was ONE of the worst case scenario, they had told him about not being obvious, being stealthy, choose carefully, but NOT about this, they had told him he wasn’t ready, but he just HAD to prove himself to the others, to show them that he was a fully”fledged member, and that he could hunt alone, he was ecstatic when they gave him this chance, and in his first solo hunt, he royally screwed it up. How was he going to tell them that he accidentally transformed his donor? They would never let him hunt alone again.

With shaky feet, he stood up and decided to keep this a secret, one that he could never tell to anyone. He started to walk entering the darkness of the alley, and then he stopped for a second, looking at his donor one last time. He thought about how much he injected the toxin. He hoped that his donor would die by it, or for the worse case, become a Nosferatu and be killed soon. He felt horrible by even thinking about that, but no one could know about this, and by that he abandoned the now unconscious Robby.

It was weird, the best way he could describe it was like being trapped between being awake and being sleep. “Is this what being dead feels like?” Robby asked to himself. Then one time he noticed that could discern something, the sound of extremely distorted voices, as it they were talking in muddled whispers from really far away, “Angels, demons, or dead people?” He asked whenever he heard that. He was just waiting to either going to heaven or hell. Didn’t they tell him that being bad would send you to hell, and being good will send you to heaven, then why was he here? He thought, and lately it was the only thing that he could do. Think. But, weirdly enough, he couldn’t remember anything besides being here. His mind would fog up whenever when he tried to recall something, and he constantly wondered about his life, what he liked, about his friends and family, he couldn’t even recall his own name. It felt that the answer was close but out of reach, locked in his mind, but also, for some reason he felt at peace, and he certainly didn’t disliked that, but he just wished that he would receive an answer or at least remember something.

Then he opened his eyes, but by doing so, he felt what he could only describe as a full body cramp, as all his muscles tried to move in all directions at the same time in chaotic and disorganized way.

But this was nothing compared to the pain that felt inside his chest as if his heart, lungs, stomach and everything else have been just come out of a compactor and now was trying to regain its former form, he tried to scream, but his mouth and throat felt like it had been filled with sand, even moving his eyes and crying hurt. So he just lay there in agony, hoping that it would go away, but at least he now had and answer he was in hell for sure. But before he could think what he had done to be in such place, something caught his attention, in the ceiling was and light bulb, what was doing that in hell? This was becoming even weirder now. Where was he? After some time, who knows how much, he noticed that his sharp, pulsating and searing pain had become into a bearable and dull one, and his throat didn’t felt as constricted, he tried to stand up, feeling the stiffness of his muscles. It was slow and painful, but overall painful, process but he was finally able to sit, and looking around him he saw that he was inside a small room with a dusty chair and old table just a few feet in front of him. A beaten looking door to his left, looking down he saw that he was on a dingy mattress, and finally he noticed that he was naked, except for a threadbare bed sheet that was covering from his thighs down.

“What…?” Robby asked to himself, not even sure of what to think about this. First he thought he was dead, and then he awakened, albeit painfully, in a room. He sat still, trying to scrutinize his memories, feeling how his mind was clearing of that fog as he was trying to find some answers. At first he started to remember bits and pieces of random events, way too jumbled to give it any logical order, but as he concentrated more something flashed in his mind, a dreadful but vivid image of a youth, eerily attractive, but with glowing crimson rings in his eyes and long sharp fangs. Then everything came rushing, he remembered how he was attacked. The initial pain of the bite in his neck, as he instinctively reached for his neck, but felt nothing as if that wound was never inflicted. He also remembered the horror that he felt, making him shiver, and finally the reason of why that happened. “DAD!” He said to himself. “I have to find him”.

And very slowly he moved to the side of the mattress, feeling the occasional jolt of pain from his still somewhat stiff muscles, and even more slowly he stood up, and tying the sheet around him he slowly walked to the door, noticing some kind of music as he got near it. But before he could put his hand in the doorknob, the door suddenly opened, throwing him back and making him fall against the hard cement floor. Pain shot through him again making him whimper. At the same time that he heard someone say excitedly over the now, loud, music, “You’re awake!”

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