1 – The four kings in a deck of cards were actually designed to represent real life kings throughout history. The king of diamonds represents the super wealthy Julius Caesar, the king of spades represents the strong, but kind, King David of Israel, the king of clubs represents the brutality of Alexander The Great, and the king of hearts represents King Charles VII of France.

2 – “I ate his liver, with some fava beans, and a nice Chianti.” This line, delivered by Anthony Hopkins’ character, Hannibal Lechter, is one of the most chilling quotes in cinematic history. What you may not know, however, is that it actually contains a hidden confession. The medicine that is being given to him to calm his violent tendencies is called Mono Amine Oxidase. Three things that you aren’t allowed to eat or drink with this medication are liver…beans…and wine. So, basically…he’s discovered a clever way of telling Jodi Foster, straight out…”I’m not taking my meds.” Creepy, right? :O

3 – Originally, the blood and gore fighting game, ‘Mortal Kombat’, was intended to be centered around the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, who was one of the biggest action movie stars in the world at the time. But they couldn’t get the license to use the actor’s likeness for the game. However…the character based on him still remains a part of the series to this day. Johnny Cage, anyone?

4 – Comsie hears voices in his head! Hehehe, seriously! Whenever I’m writing one of my stories, I have an actual ‘voice’ for every single character that I conjure up whenever I’m writing dialogue. I think, “How would ‘Ariel’ say this?” Or Tristan, or Taryn, or Cyrus, or Preston, or Billy Chase. And all of the voices are different from one another. So…whenever you’re reading anything from me, just know that there’s a living, breathing, circus of characters in my head with unique voices, that are all speaking to me at once…while they’re speaking to you!

5 – The original title for the original “Halloween” movie was “The Babysitter Murders”. It only took 10 days to write the screenplay and 20 days to shoot the entire movie. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make in a cult classic in a month!

6 – In China, the government made it illegal to publicly show films with elements of time travel! This happened in 2011, and any film involving anyone traveling through time to change future events has been banned from being sold or shown in theaters. So…no “Terminator”? No “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”? No “BACK TO THE FUTURE”??? Oh man, that’s harsh!

7 – One of the darkest moments in comic book history wasn’t just created to shock fans. It was voted on by the fans. The death of Batman’s trusty sidekick, Robin, happened when readers of the comic series decided that they’d had enough of this new version of the boy wonder…and he had to go! A vote was taken on whether he should live or die…they overwhelmingly chose death. So…in 1988, “A Death In The Family” was released, and Jason Todd (Robin) was nearly beaten to death by the Joker with a crowbar, and left in a warehouse along with his tied up mother…left with an explosive device to be blown to pieces just moments before Batman could save him! Yikes! So, whenever you see the Joker wielding a crowbar in a movie, cartoon, or video game…that’s the reference. (Also, Robin’s bloodstained uniform can be seen in “Batman V Superman”, with the Joker’s classic, ‘Ha Ha Ha!’ painted on the front.

8 – Freddy Krueger’s sweater in “A Nightmare On Elm St.” were specifically chosen as particular shades of red and green because psychologists discovered that it is hard for many people to tell the difference between the two shades. Therefore, on a subliminal level, the colors are unnerving to look at directly.

9 – In Season 8 of the TV series, “The Walking Dead”, a new young character was introduced by the name of ‘Henry’. Played by teen actor, Macsen Lintz, he’s practically become an adopted son of sorts to Melissa McBride’s character, ‘Carol’, on the show.

But what many fans might not know, is that Macsen’s older sister in real life was also a main character on the same series for the first two seasons. Sister, Madison Lintz, played ‘Carol’s’ actual daughter from the very beginning, so things have seemingly come full circle for the acting family. Also, is older brother, Matthew Lintz, who has had major roles on the TV show, “The Alienist”, the movie “Pixels”, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II”, and was actually on the short list to play the new Spiderman before being beaten out for the role by Tom Holland.

10 – Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, not only murdered and mutilated his unsuspecting victims…but he also ate parts of them in order to keep them close. However, one chilling account of knowing him personally comes from a close female neighbor that lived across the hall from him in his apartment complex. She had been a long time resident, and spoke to Dahmer often, saying that he was pleasant, and polite, and she had no idea what was going on in the residence just across the hall from her. She also admitted to going to Dahmer’s apartment and having…‘sandwiches’ with him. Dahmer is gone now. And as much as it sickens her to even think about it, she says that she will live the rest of her life wondering if she had actually digested human flesh or not. She’ll never know what was in those sandwiches…and it haunts her to this day. Just let that settle in for a minute. Yikes…

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