YES!!! Seriously…YES!!!

As a certified 80’s kid, this is, quite possibly, one of the GREATEST horror video fighting games that has even been put out there! Gahhhhh!!!! LOL!

Now, I grew up in the middle of the horror/slasher flick era! It was a revolution, further spurred on by the local video store boom (Especially Blockbuster Video!) where movies like these were all the rage back then! Make no mistake…my friends and I were those kids with the horror flick collections, the bloodiest Halloween costumes, and the subscription to ‘Fangoria’ magazine! Omigod, I’m a horror fan for LIFE!!! Don’t ever expect me to change! Hehehe!

I never thought I’d see the day when such a thing was possible…but here we are…with an actual ‘Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat’ type of fighting game, where you can take control of your all-time favorite horror villain or cult classic anti-hero…and actually FIGHT the icons you’ve come to love and fear from other movies in the horror genre! WTF??? YES!!! This is a reality now! Not only that…but it’s FREE!!! You can download this game right now and play it without spending a single penny!

Enjoy! Any true horror fan is going to have a full blown orgasm over a game like this! Hehehe! And it is well deserved! Believe me! We’ve been waiting for some of these match ups for YEARS now!

Have fun!

And, coming soon…”Terrordrome Part 2″! Using more classic monsters and urban legends. Bigfoot, Frankenstein, Dracula, Pennywise, Slenderman, Bloody Mary…should be amazing!

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