I figured that since we’ve got the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next week here in the US, I might as well give you guys a peek at an up and coming, highly professional, chef to celebrate! So, if you’re feeling a little rumble in the tummy, I bring you the genius of Chef Logan Guleff!

He may only be 16 years of age now, but he has been quite the phenomenon for years now. He’s not even out of high school yet, and yet, his culinary prowess has become a highly respected talent in the cooking world. Logan was one of ony five people to win the James Beard Foundation award for his recipes. Not just in the ‘teen’ category, either. But out of all competing chefs in general. That’s a HUGE deal!

He was also the 2014 winner of Masterchef Junior on Fox, where he had to pass the taste test of Gordon Ramsey himself! Yikes! If you didn’t know, Gordon Ramsey is like…the Simon Cowell of cooking shows. So that is rather impressive. Especially since Ramsey has become somewhat of a mentor for Logan ever since then. And the accolades don’t stop there!

Logan Guleff won a cooking contest at the White House when he was only ten years old, even getting the chance to meet President Barack Obama himself, face to face. He was voted one of the 18 most influential people under the age of 18, has his own YouTube channel, works on a writer’s blog called ‘Order Up!’, created part of the menu for the Wolf Lodge, and is in talks to sell his specific spice blends to the market. He is on FIRE right now! 🙂

Now, I wish I could cook with any level of skill or finesse…but it’s just not a talent I was born with. My ‘chef’ skills are only applied to the written word! ::Snickers:: But I have to admit that I honestly LOVE hearing him talk about his passion! A self proclaimed ‘flavorist’, Logan has a really unique take on the way he sees his art, and it makes you want to run to the fridge and try to put a gourmet meal together yourself!

He says, “You can always cut corners on presentation, but you can’t cut corners on taste.” And that philosophy alone may be the reason why he’s been so popular for so long.

Coming from Memphis, Tennessee…Logan Guleff started off by making coffee for his mom in the mornings, and began cooking when he was only two years old! That’s not a typo! He was TWO! What the…??? I wasn’t allowed anywhere NEAR the stove or oven when I was two years old! LOL! But I guess some people are just born to do what they do, and do it well. Can’t argue with that!

But it proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that his skills are not a fluke. He wasn’t handed his title, or given his respect on a whim. He worked hard to get where he is, from an extremely young age…and the sky is the limit when it comes to his future success.


This includes his first cookbook, which is actually more of a fully illustrated graphic novel! (That’s different!) Designed by an Indonesian artist that he met over social media by the name of Cindy Tan…Logan’s first book describes not just recipes and tips for cooking, but it incorporates his thoughts, feelings, and ideas, on how to view the cooking process in itself. It promises to alter everyone’s perspective on what cooking is, and how you can turn your skill into an art. I’m down for that! Hehehe!

So keep an eye out for ‘Cooking Dreams: Logan’s Chef Notes and Half Baked Tales’ and grab a copy when you get a chance! It’s sure to be an interesting read!

Also, look out for Logan’s Youtube channel if you’re just looking to pick up a few tips and cooking ideas when you’re in the mood for something different!


Logan champions legend, Julia Child, (WAY before his time) as being the first celebrity chef, and the one who gave him his ‘flavor first’ approach to cooking.Not only becoming a celebrity in his own right, but inspiring other teens to follow their passions as well. He’s active in donating his time and efforts to multiple charities, and even has a special event called ‘The Underground Suppers Club’, which is an invite only dinner on his front porch for those who support him and his efforts. How awesome is this boy? 🙂

Logan has been quoted as saying, “My goal is to have a cooking show, a food truck, or a restaurant…but you have to have a lot of business skills.” And I can’t see anybody denying him that honor, considering everything that he’s accomplished so far. But he hasn’t let any of this go to his head. Saying, quite proudly, “Even the best chefs have bad days. And when that happens, order pizza!”

Hehehe, alright! Pizza it is!

Best of luck, Chef Guleff! The world is waiting!

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