You would think that being able to memorize the steps in even the most complex dance choreography would be a talent that would be shared among a wide range of people who had dreams of being a dancer someday. You know the moves. You can count the ‘one, two, three, four’ beats when syncing yourself up with the beat. And, in a lot of situations…this would be the case.

But not when it comes to Sam McWilliams. Not by a long shot.

At only 15 years of age, Sam McWilliams (also, affectionately referred to as ‘Sam McDub’) brings something extra special to the table when it comes to his dancing. Something that is remarkable to the point where he manages to shine, even when performing with a group of other extremely skilled dancers. You can see his videos, and there is truly something special about him! Wow!

I mean, the fact that he’s extremely cute is one thing, but it’s really his dancing that draws you in!

I guess you could call it ‘dancer charisma’. When you see him…his knees dip just a little bit lower. His hips twist a little bit harder, his shoulders have a slightly sharper ‘jerk’ to them…there’s a certain freedom in his physical expression of the music that pushes his fellow dancers into the background. You can’t take your eyes off of him. And that’s hard to pull off, because he’s a part of the IMMA dance studio, and they don’t just accept anybody! Founded by Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams, who danced for such successful artists as Madonna, Usher, The Black Eyed Peas, Zendaya, and Jason Derulo, among others, he began choreographing performances of his very own, and the IMMAbeast studio was formed. And the results have been absolutely mind-blowing since then! Look them up when you get a chance!

I, honestly, look at Sam McWilliams’ dance ability and I see something that I NEVER could have done at his age! Or even older. He has this ability to just…totally friggin’ GO FOR IT, with everything that he does! And I applaud that, wholeheartedly. It does my heart a great deal of good to see a teenager with his talent give his passion 150% of his effort, every single time the jumps up on that stage. Go for broke, dude! I LOVE it!

Born and bred in Oregon, Sam began dancing when he was only 7 or 8 years old. And by the time he was 12…he was doing things that just…wow! I don’t think I’ve EVER been that flexible! LOL! But Sam kept pursuing his dream, and he said, quote, “Stop chasing what your mind wants and you’ll get what your soul needs.” Damn. Ok! Can’t argue with that philosophy at all!

It was a dance demo of Sam’s impromptu take on Meghan Trainor’s ‘Me Too’ dance rehearsal that went viral on Facebook and Youtube that catapulted Sam into getting the recognition that he truly deserved for his dance skills! What can I say…he KILLED it! The video reached over two and a half million views in just three days time! And hes been energized and doing magnificent things ever since!

Now…there are some out there who taken issue with the sexual nature of his dance moves, due to his young age. Some online criticized him for his moves calling them ‘feminine’ in nature. But, come on, you guys? Can we grow up? I was HAPPY to see that there were people online defending his right to dance the way he wants to dance, and he’s friggin’ AWESOME! Why would anybody have a problem with that? Dance, in general, is often sexual in nature. So why pressure him to be more conservative with his body language when we’ve all seen MUCH more suggestive and naughty moves on the dance floor? Especially when it comes to female dancers. Give him a break. There were even nasty comments made about the fact that Sam was able to embrace his feminine side when dancing. So what??? Let him dance and promote himself in his own way. He’s GOOD at it!!! And, if the sexual nature of it all bothers you? Then you might be out of touch. Because, if you think you can find a more sexually charged individual than your average 14 year old boy anywhere on this planet…then I dare you to try.


In the meanwhile, let Sam dance and express himself however he sees fit. he’s freaking AMAZING! We should all be so lucky as to follow our passion the way he does! He’s won awards! He can move a crowd with what he’s doing, and a talent like that has to come from he heart to do what he’s done. He’s an original, and deserves to be recognized and appreciated as such!

Keep going, Sam! I wish you the best in your career, which is certain to be one to watch in the near future!

Give ’em HELL, dude! And don’t ever let anybody make you doubt for a second that you haven’t earned your spot! K?

Support him now, you guys! He’s going to be something big someday! Mark my words on this!

I’m cheerleading for ya, Sam! Go for the gold, dude!

Here are more of Sam’s AMAZING dance demos! Check them out, and give him your praises if you can!



Awwww, he’s pretty enough without the make-up…but have a blast!

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