A ‘gentle’ beauty…

If you’ve never really understood what that meant before, or had any real reference as to what that meant when talking about a cute boy that just happened to cross your vision one day…take a look at this heartthrob and see if it clears things up for you a little bit! Because he is the pure definition of gentle beauty, and God bless any photographer that gets to spend any length of time with him at all. Hehehe! SO Jealous!

Model, Sergey Rosenberg, hasn’t been around for very long yet, but he’s made quite an impact on every emotionally vulnerable boy or girl that has laid eyes on him so far! I mean…LOOK at him! From bright blue eyes, to slender build, to long legs, to his sensual sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of his nose…Sergey is a beauty that simply can’t be ignored.

Born in Moscow, Russia, (I think…I can’t read or speak Russian at all…so a lot of his online info evades me. Hehehe! Sorry…) Sergey Rosenberg is one of the newest young models to fill beholders with shock and awe as he flaunts his alluring charm and challenges photographers to capture it all in a single photo session!

Hehehe, must be difficult! Or so, I assume!

Sergey’s beauty is undeniable! No matter how you look at it! It’s like…you stare at him…and it’s truly hard to look away! Geez! Imagine if a boy like this had just walked into your high school classroom one day out of the blue.

I mean, how would you have even handled that? LOL! I would have been a total basket case, myself! Drooling to the point of being completely dehydrated by the end of the class period! Awwww, I would have been SO in love! Hehehe! So yeah, I guess you could say that he would have been well deserving of a boyish crush or two!

God help the boys who have to see him every day in person! I wish you luck! LOL!

I don’t speak a lick of Russian…but I would have learned if it meant seeing Sergey smile in my direction! Just once. Totally worth it!

Enjoy, you guys! Beauty is to be appreciated, and he has more than enough to supply us all with daydreams for years to come!


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