Every few years or so, there is this major recycling of pop music and its biggest stars. The cute, young, artists grow a bit older and move into music that’s a bit more mature in order to ensure some level of longevity in their career beyond the screaming teen hordes that chased behind them, day and night, before they even graduated high school.

And, naturally, their fanbase follows them towards greener pastures…or whatever. Hehehe!

One generation grows up, and a new generation moves in to begin their careers where their predecessors first started…thereby paving the way for the ones to follow them as well, further down the line. From New Kids On The Block, to Hanson, to Backstreet Boys, to Justin Bieber, to One Direction…the circle of ‘pop life’ always continues. And I, for one, will never be one to complain! Hehehe! Bring ’em on!

However, things have changed drastically within the last five years or so. There has been a huge uprising of a new kind of pop star. The social media celebrity, who can easily create and market themselves online, and have a raging fanbase BEFORE a single studio exec even catches wind of them and the talent they bring to the table. I mean, it’s pretty hard to turn down someone who already has three million fans across the globe ready to follow them wherever they go, has multiple music videos already under their belt, AND is cute enough to cause their fanbase to scream and faint at the very mention of their name! Who needs artist recruiters anymore?

Yes, times have definitely changed. And for the better, in a lot of ways.

Enter Carson Leuders (Pronounced ‘LEE-durs’)! One of the major highlights in this new era of social media stardom. With a single glance at those big bright eyes, killer smile, and super light blond hair…there are many potential fans willing to click on a video and hear a song or two. However, Carson has proven himself to be much more than a pretty face. From singing, to dancing, to being able to play two or three instruments, and now celebrating ten years of building a loyal following on Youtube, you can’t deny that he’s put some real effort and infectious energy into everything he’s done so far! And now, at the tender age of seventeen, Carson doesn’t look like he has any plans of slowing down any time soon. So get used to seeing more of him in the near future.


Wouldn’t you guys just like to wake up and look under the tree this year, only to see that Santa Claus brought you friggin’ Carson Lueders for Christmas??? 😛

I’m pretty sure that I’d freak out! LOL! THANKS, Santa!!! He’s JUST what I wanted! You obviously got my letter!

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Born in the Summer of 2001 in Spokane, Washington, Carson began enjoying his gift at a very early age. He was only five years old when he received his first guitar, and his mother began recording him as he toyed around with it and began learning how to play. Soon adding his voice to the music, a small collection of home videos began appearing on this new ‘Youtube’ phenomenon on the internet. In just a few years, the adorable blond grabbed the attention of a few fangirls and fanboys alike. Getting even more exposure on the Musical.ly site in his preteen years. Well, everything started coming up roses from there!

Carson got older. Got cuter. And his fanbase was whipped into a frenzy. From simply lip syncing the words to some of his favorite songs, to actually making covers of his own. Which eventually led to him making fully produced videos of those covers being posted online…and eventually to original music of his very own.

It didn’t take long at all for Carson to rise up in the ranks of other breakout social media boys such as Stevie B, Johnny Orlando, and Jacob Sartorius…and now he’s ready to dive, head first, into the strong current of the mainstream!

And if I were a betting man (And I am!), I’d say he’s one or two radio hits away from being the next teen to reach the almost obscene level of fame that Justin Bieber did.

Love ya lots, Carson…but slow down, dude. Too much, too fast, can be a bad thing.


Since his humble beginnings, Carson Lueders has become somewhat of a sensation. And not just online, either. Touring with other young hopefuls and making the rounds with his brand new music, he’s sure to carry the torch for the boy pop genre for years to come. His last EP, “All Day”, took off like gangbusters! Referring to his music as mainstream pop with an R&B feel to it, Carson has taken what he’s learned from performing at local churches, school talent shows, and charity events, to a whole new level.

He’s been nominated as one of the biggest social media artists of 2018, and it’s easy to see why.

All talent and hard work aside (Singing, songwriting, playing instruments, touring, dancing…) Carson just seems like a really sweet guy. And that really counts for something.

Come on, admit it! You love him already! Hehehe!

With a love for motocross racing, basketball, and a bit of a nearly unhealthy sneaker fetish…Carson keeps making awesome moves on the industry chessboard! And at this rate, he’ll end up being the boy pop postr that every young girls ends up hanging on their wall (And every closeted gay boy ends up hiding under his bed) in 2019!

Well deserved! Keep going, Carson! And I’ll keep looking under the tree for ya! Promise! 😛

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