Sometimes, the stories in my head seem to be soooo complex. Layered and in depth and full of twists and turns and side characters that I want to bring in to enhance the plot. Stories like “New Kid In School”, “A Class By Himself”, “My Only Escape”, “On The Outside”, and others, are much bigger stories that I wanted to use to tell a broader story. But…with some stories, that isn’t always necessary.

Sometimes, telling a quick and effective story from beginning to end is more liberating for a writer than many readers would believe. It keeps things FUN! Fun and free and exciting, because I get the chance to experiment with new ideas and new characters and consistently put out new material that can evoke a certain emotion or focus on a certain memorable situation that I can’t really shoehorn into any of my other long running series on the site. It’s something that I really enjoy as a writer, and I hope other people enjoy as readers. Imagine Magazine is the PERFECT place for these short stories. Coming up with a brand new short story every month and completing it is like ‘hitting the gym’ to stay in shape. So I keep up with them and love every bit of feedback that I get on each offering. Readers have been SO cool about these stories! I couldn’t be more grateful for that!

Honestly…there are times when I just can’t win. Hehehe! And I’ve (sadly) gotten used to that fact. If I write a short story, readers say they want more. If I’m writing a long series, readers say I never complete anything. If I add a brand new chapter, readers say, “Well, I guess we won’t get anything else from you for a whole YEAR now!” If I complete what I needed to say in the first chapter and end it there, readers say it wasn’t deep enough or lacks a bigger story. Well, you know…how about I just write for fun and share it with the people who enjoy the free entertainment? Is that ok with everybody? Can I have a bit of fun too every now and then?

I work my ass off and emotionally drain myself to write anything at all, hehehe! It’s not easy, trying to maintain both quality and quantity at the same time, but I’d like to think I do a decent job of it when I get the chance. So I hope those people will think about giving me a break every now and then when I post something new that I worked hard on for their enjoyment. Don’t scoff and throw my ‘Christmas present’ in the trash, k? Because that’s what it feels like sometimes. I’ve got at least TWELVE free short stories available here in Imagine Magazine…

…How many do you have?
Anyway, all that aside…hehehe, sorry…

The ‘Daydream Shorts’ were not only meant to be an exercise in keeping my skills sharp while working on some of my much larger projects, but I’m also collecting them to release them in ebook compilations later on. I’ve been putting together the “Daydreams & Lullabyes” ebooks together for almost a year now, and each volume will contain 7 or 8 of these short stories, along with a few unreleased ones. And I’m really excited to put these anthologies out in 2019 every few months. Hopefully, giving new readers a taste of my writing style and being able to see a bit of variety being represented between each new tale. I’ll be re-editing every story and maybe adding a few things here and there along the way, so I’m definitely looking forward to putting my best foot forward with the new versions, as always.

The true beauty of the Daydream shorts is their simplicity, in my opinion. It’s just one captured moment in time. One innocent…or not so innocent…experience between boys who are growing up and figuring life and love out the way we ALL had to at one time or another. With every story, I want people to read it and think, “Omigod! I remember that! I went through that too when I was his age!” The first time they were asked out on a date, or the first time they kissed another boy. Their first handwritten love note to somebody else, or maybe the very first time they discovered porn on the internet. These are stories about youthful discovery and secrets and coming-of-age tales that take place before we got ‘cynical’ about love and sex in general. They were never meant to be highly detailed epics of committed relationships and dramatic love confessions. These are about that crush you had on the boy next door growing up. That one experiment that you had at Boy Scout camp, or that one secret you kept from that sleepover with your best friend all those years ago. They’re meant to be sweet. Uncomplicated and nostalgic. If any of you guys ever thought about writing a story for the first time, try starting off with something like this. Just concentrate on ONE moment in time where you were completely swept away by someone you were totally infatuated with…and tell us how you envisioned it in your mind.

Sometimes, the BEST stories come from just a few extended moments in your personal history. Share them with the world! We’ve all been there. Hehehe, I’d love to relive the memory with you, to be honest.

From a writing standpoint…short stories like these really teach you to create those special ‘moments’ in bigger stories. It teaches you focus and restraint. Brevity. How to toss out everything that you don’t need for that particular scene. And it also gives you a chance to take on new ideas and challenges in a way that won’t completely ‘handcuff’ you to a story that might take you the next YEAR or two to complete. Writing should be a passion…not a chore. Have some fun! Hehehe! Let these little exercises remind you why you started writing in the first place, and why you want to keep going.

I know the joy of diving deep into a deeper and more involving series of chapters, believe me. But, sometimes…you can affect your audience just as much with 5000 words as you can with 500,000 words. It’s all about condensing your writing, focusing on the moment, and putting all of your heart into the point you want to make. It doesn’t always take an epic novel to touch people. Just pull a heart string or two…and I’m sure they’ll love your story just the same.

Look for the first volume of “Daydreams & Lullabyes” in the new year! More to come in every issue! Trust me…I’ve got MANY more stories like this to tell! Hehehe! And if any of you guys want to try writing a few short stories of your own, and want to submit them to Imagine Magazine? Drop me a line at and we’ll do our best to secure a spot for you in a future issue! Cool?

Show us what you’ve got!

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” –Les Brown

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