There are people out there who are pretty damned good at what they do. They have a passion and a skill with their chosen form of expression that can really impress an audience and amaze everyone who’s able to bear witness to it. And then…there are those who have a gift that surpasses anything that you’ve ever seen before! Something so mind-blowing, that its divine creation just can’t be denied! Hehehe, this is how I felt when I first discovered Antonio Maria Da Silva and his YouTube Channel online! (AMDSFilms)

I can’t say that I’ve ever, in my life, seen a more perfect editing job in a video! How the hell did he even pull that off???

Beginning with my introduction to his impeccable talent, “Hell’s Club”, you’re introduced to a fictional night club that exists (apparently) in Hell somewhere! Hahaha! To any of you who are big movie fanatics like I am…prepare to have his channel’s well choreographed videos drop your jaw down to the FLOOR! Using small clips and characters from more movies that I care to count, past and present…he has truly created the entertaining illusion that ALL of these movie heroes and villains have traveled out to the same club for some drinks, some dancing, and maybe a heavy dose of MAYHEM! There’s really no way for me to explain it to you guys with words alone! You have to actually watch these from beginning to end! Jesus!

The fun part, besides the obvious nostalgia and instant recognition of your favorite movies all blended together, seamlessly, like this…is keeping your eyes focused on everything going on in the background as well! Keep looking around. You’re liable to find a new Easter Egg or two the first ten times you go through it. You’ll see everyone from Obi-Wan Kenobe, to Blade, to Ant-Man, to ‘Basic Instinct’ Sharon Stone, to The Big Lebowski, to Scarface! I had so much friggin’ fun watching these!

I am baffled by Da Silva’s gift to even conceive the flawless, funny, and action packed, ideas that he has crammed into each of his video creations. That must take him FOREVER!!! The few story trailers that I’ve created on my own Youtube channel ( were only a minute or two long, max…and they took WEEKS to put together! Sometimes months! Long hours of trying to find clips and set them to music and add bits of dialogue, etc. And they are nowhere NEAR this level of genius! That’s dedication. You’re untouchable in my book! You get endless applause from me for these awesome presents, dude! Endless!

So visit his channel, and ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ right away, as he’s only getting better at this! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!


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Don’t worry! Hehehe, there’s a part TWO to this video! And it’s even crazier than the original! Trust me! In the meantime…did any of you guys wonder what was going on in the bathroom during that first attack? ::Giggles:: Well, now you know!

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Part Two is *SO* insane! Omigod! Remember to keep your eyes open! Don’t blink, or you might miss something! Kick ass!!!

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Had to do something incredible for Halloween, didn’t he? Hehehe! Well, he didn’t disappoint! Then again, he hardly ever does!

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And of course…one for Christmas! This wouldn’t be a holiday issue without this! So enjoy! And thanks AMDSFilms! You made a lifelong fan out of me! XD

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