There is just something about a piercing set of blue eyes that is just mesmerizing to me, personally. It’s almost like you can’t look directly at them without feeling like the other person isn’t reading your thoughts! LOL!

And if there was ever a hypnotic set of baby blue eyes that were meant to be envied, 15 year old actor/model Landon Cole would be the rightful owner!

This San Francisco model started off at a very young age, and has been gaining fans through his constantly growing list of photo shoot opportunities. Represented by the Bay Area’s NYLO agency for youth and adult talent in print, commercials, movies, and TV…Landon has spent the last few years building himself quite the impressive resume. All while enjoying his favorite activities, like playing soccer, learning to play guitar, and donating his time and efforts to supporting a few charities that he truly believes in.

One of these charities being an outspoken attempt to help with the despicable practice of human sex trafficking, not only here in the States, but around the world. It’s a sickening problem that is as old as time itself, but it seems to be getting worse in our society. Where many, MANY, people are being bought and sold into sexual slavery…anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 of them being children!

This is unacceptable…

January is ‘Human Trafficking Awareness Month’, and Landon is an advocate of bringing this dark practice into the light. Which is admirable beyond belief. He has real heart, and he wants others to get involved in the effort to wipe this menace out, once and for all. Let’s all help to right this wrong, and make the world a better place. K?

Congrats for being beautiful, both inside and out, Landon! Keep those bright blue eyes shining! And we wish you all the best in the future! Modeling, movies, music…whatever you decide to pursue, be the best you can at it that you can be, and we’ll be right behind you the whole time.

You’ll always have a fan in me! 🙂

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