“Skateboarding gives people dreams and bravery through doing it.” Says a talented young skateboarder from Shiga, Japan. His name is Isamu Yamamoto…and his birth name, ‘Isamu’, literally means ‘courage’ or ‘bravery’ in Japanese!

I can definitely see how this boy deserves the label! Because trying to do what he does with a skateboard??? I would have broken every bone in my damn body at LEAST twice! I would have broken bones that I didn’t even know I HAD! What the actual hell is going on here?

See…there are people out there who are born with a gift. Some people who work hard and practice and just get to be extremely good at what they’re most passionate about. And then…there are teens like Isamu Yamamoto who are just downright supernatural in their abilities! YIKES!!!

How long does it take to get tricks like these to even work???


Does anything about that look like simply a matter of ‘practice and determination’ to you?

Hehehe, this kid could probably fight CRIME with his level of skill! I mean it!


Isamu entered his very first skateboarding contest in 2012, raising the eyebrows of fans and judges alike. And by the time 2014 had rolled around, he had already won a Gold Medal in the World Freestyle Round Up championship. And he’s only gotten better since then.

He said in an interview, “I like going abroad very much. It’s so fun because everything is new to me, even though it’s without sightseeing.”

And going abroad is exactly what set a new standard for what could even be DONE with skateboard, in my opinion. I’ve, honestly, never seen anything like it before in my life. If this is just the beginning of what he’s capable of before he truly digs in and hits his peak? Then we are all in for a show of epic proportions. And I am SO ready to see what he invents next!

Isamu Yamamoto may very well be…the future of skateboarding. He may even be leading the way for the next generations of youngsters who will build upon his unique blueprint and take things to the next level!

How incredible would it be to say that about your own influence on the world at large when you’re only fifteen years old?

Not only is he an excellent athlete with a skateboard, but he prides himself on being an artist as well. Often designing some of his own boards by hand. Saying that his skateboarding influences his art, and his art influences his skateboarding. Again, proving that his immaculate talent is just as philosophical as it is physical.

With all of this industry madness going on, Isamu still has to find time for his school and homework. But in 2020, Tokyo will be adding freestyle skateboarding to their roster of Olympic events, and he’s hoping that it might change the perceptions people have of skateboarding in general.

Now he has an impressive list full of corporate sponsors standing behind him, and an even longer list of awards and accolades to praise him for his almost unnatural level of skill on a skateboard! All that, along with his ‘Isamuism’ line of sports gear…he’s well on his way to becoming a skateboarding legend that people will be talking about for years to come.


Well, I’ve got to admit, if anyone can bring a sense of excitement and inspiration to the table in the skating world, he would be the one! Isamu Yamamoto, right now, holds the title of the BEST professional freestyle skater in the entire world! A title he earned after coming in second the year before.

Now, if that’s not persistence and intense dedication, I don’t know what is.

One of his sponsors, JMKRIDE, has actually created something new, that I’ve never seen before! It is a brand new creation of ‘free skates’ that just…wow. I don’t know it I have a way to really describe them in a way that would make sense without a visual to go along with it.

It’s like…they’re mini skateboards, that are just big enough for one foot…but you have two of them. And they only have two wheels each. So…they’re more like roller skates…but they’re not attached to your feet…and the two wheels are more like roller blades? They’re like this weird roller skate/roller blade/skateboard hybrid…???

UGH!!! This isn’t making sense! LOL! Here they are!

And, apparently, Isamu has mastered them too! And here he is being friggin’ AWESOME again!

Seriously?!?! Who *IS* this kid???

So…get your boarding skills up to par, people! Because what Isamu is doing right now is a game changer! Many videos of him can now be found on line, each one more jaw dropping than the last. So have fun! And give him your support!

A talent like this doesn’t come by often! Appreciate it while it’s here for us to enjoy!

Go get ’em, dude! And congrats on the big win!!! XD

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