#1- The original movie, “Tron”, was actually banned from the Academy Awards the year it was released, because they concluded that using computers for special effects in a film was considered…cheating. Hehehe, I wonder what those people would say about movies today! 😛

#2- Babies can’t taste salt until they’re about 4 months old.

#3- Troye Sivan publicly admitted to lying about his age on dating apps like Grindr to meet older men when he was still underage. He said that his friends were all hooking up, but he didn’t know any gay people at the time, and didn’t know what else to do meet any. He also says that he has no regrets about it, and wrote a song on his last album, called “17”, about his experiences. (Wait…people were hooking up with Troye Sivan online when he was still a teenager? Whoah…)

#4- Because of some serious threats coming from the actual Italian mob to the movie studios…the word ‘Mafia’ is never mentioned ONCE in “The Godfather”.

#5- Hehehe, the ‘Guiness Book Of World Records’ actually holds the world record for the most stolen book from public libraries. 😛

#6- Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is also a well practiced magician!

#7- In early times, the act of Christmas caroling used to be a lot more like trick or treating on Halloween. And maybe even worse. Groups were often comprised of drunks and wanderers, dressed up in costume, and going from house to house, singing loudly and making crude and lewd gestures and comments to the people inside. They would order the homeowners to let them inside to continue their festivities under threats of violence. And if they refused…the carolers might just vandalize your house to teach you a lesson!

#8- People, in general, are most likely to have their clearest memories of what happens in the beginning of their day, and at the end of their day. But many memories in between become a bit foggy at best. So, if you’re ever going out for a job interview, try your best to be one of the first or one of the last people that they see that day. It will make you more memorable, and may just move your name to the top of the list.

#9- A whole orange will easily float in water…unless you cut it in half. Then both halves will immediately sink to the bottom.

#10- Someone folding their arms with a serious expression is an immediate sign that the person you’re talking to has become stubborn, guarded, and closed off from any sense of reason or compromise. Body language experts say that it is a way for someone to create a ‘barrier’ for themselves against anything they see as a threat or a cause for any unpleasantness. It’s a tactic learned by small children and even young monkeys in the wild. It expresses fear, weakness, pigheadedness, and irrationality. It is one of the first things that any competent public speech coach will tell you to completely abandon in front of an audience.


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