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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and I wish all of you an awesome 2019!

(OMG! I still don’t believe this’s happening!)

So, I’m Matt Scott, the latest addition to the Imagine Magazine Family. I’ll tell ya what, this is awesome! I’m putting the article together right now to introduce myself to everyone, look for it somewhere in the issue after I sort out this pile on my new desk. This is one heck of a fifteenth birthday present, ya’ know, being on the cover of Imagine Magazine and everything.

Jeff, he’s the chief something-or-other, says I’m gonna enjoy the job here. I get to work for the world-famous, extremely awesome Comicality, so of course I’ll enjoy it! I can’t wait to start getting feedback from everyone about the magazine, it’ll make my new job a lot easier knowing what you want to see more of!

I plan on putting up letters from everyone and giving answers or discussing your ideas here. Not all letters will be published, I’ll respond to others over e-mail. (I gotta get Comicality to modernize, e-mail is sooo 20th Century!)

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Cory Short asked: Hey Matt! What’s it like getting a job at Imagine Magazine? Do they really let you do stuff?

Matt’s Reply: OMG, it is so cool! You should see what they did to get me set up. I had to go through a photo shoot which was boring but they say I’m gonna get a new computer and this new email address and I get to meet Comicality himself. Can you believe it? Not only are they gonna let me do stuff but I get to help put the actual issues together. This is gonna be so cool!

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