MASTURBATION!!! Hehehe, why beat around the bush (pun intended), that’s what we’re talking about in this particular discussion. And as I’ve written into a story or two…there are two kinds of teenagers in the world. Those who masturbate…and those who LIE about not masturbating. ::Giggles::

So, feel free to wear a furious blush as you tell us, in detail, your thoughts about ‘pulling the old hand brake’!

When did you first discover it? Where did it happen? What do you think about? Do you do it to video pornography? Or maybe pictures? Or maybe to the gay stories you read online? Some people have a preference. Maybe you only did it when you were younger, or maybe you still do it to this day. Maybe you did ten minutes before reading this question! Or even better…ten minutes after reading this question! LOL!

Most importantly, was there ever a time that you felt bad or guilty about it? Did you ever worry that you were doing it too much? Maybe for social reasons? Maybe for religious reasons? Hehehe…and just curious…have you ever been ‘caught’?

Whatever your thoughts are on masturbation, whatever you want to talk about, let us know in the replies below! There’s nothing wrong with a little self love every now and then. So let’s get it out in the open where we can talk about it!

I’m curious to see where this goes! (Again…pun intended!) Have fun!

+ + + + + + + + + +

– “Well…In some respects I was probably late to the game with this. As I only started when I was at Boarding School where it stemmed probably from a dare or a game (I dont recall) So was probably almost 14.

Now people have to remember that when Comsie and I were at school there was no internet, computers or mobile phones etc (well not like today!)The only computers we had were the IBM’s or Commodore 64 and they used an OS called DOS!

Ok now I feel old!

Did I ever feel guilty doing it? No in fact at that time it was a thing to be proud of especially if you were better and er.. how shall I put this.. more productive with it!

Now anyone that knows me will know that I am in no way religious at all so that has never been an issue… Do I worry I do it too much? I dunno, is more than 5 times a day too much? kidding… well mostly kidding.

But an extra question to this might be that with now all the ease of access to porn online etc and as such probably are doing the 5 knuckle shuffle too much, has this made people more apathetic towards seeking out a relationship?” – Dom

– “The first time I remember masturbating I was 11, there may have been earlier ones but I have very few memories from the early part of my childhood which is not that uncommon with people growing up with Tourette Syndrome.

I remember that someone at school had been talking about it (I think they had just had the “sex” talk at home) and as soon as I got home I was like “I’m havin’ me some of that” I remember sitting on the edge of the bath stroking it and getting hard and my mind was crashing all over the place partly due to the sensations I was experiencing and partly due to the A.D.D., the feelings were so intense I could barely stay sat down nevermind stand up, at one point i thought i was gonna hurl it felt so intense and as the thoughts of various scantily clad girls crashed around my brain suddenly they all disappeared and were replaced by one thought, my best mate in his underwear and then I came…hard, I nearly passed out the feeling was so intense, I only produced a bit of seminal fluid that time but it felt awesome and then I felt ashamed because I had thought about him as I came.

It took me a long while and a lot of jerking to realise that however hot the girls were that i was thinking about while i was jerking it was always a boy that jumped into my thoughts at the critical moment.

I have never been caught jerking but have nearly been caught many times.

Did I ever think I was doing it too much….Nah when I was younger 5 or 6 times a day seemed perfectly acceptable Hehehe, although nowadays 5 or 6 times a week can be a bit of an effort 😛

Stimulation:- mainly video porn for a quick fix or if i want a slow burn then maybe a good long story to fill an afternoon in.” – Tricky71

– “My first time, when I think about it now is kinda funny, lol. I was on the net playing some kind of porn in the computer one night when I started rubbing my self. I always knew what masturbating was but I never knew it was THAT satisfying hehehe. So when I was building up to my climax I never thought it would feel so good, until I exploded.

My reaction? I was terrified, LOL. I was thinking that I could make somebody pregnant with this, back then hehehe. I avoided doing it until further “research” and eventually continued when I knew that sex was needed to make people pregnant lol.

Well… I guess I do rub one out when I read erotic stories but I also do atill watch porn both Gay and Straight. I mean… sex is sex after all. I did frequent it back when I was in HighSchool like 3 years ago when I was 15… God did I do “marathons” back then, guysbwere so hot! LOL. And Ive never been caught… err… At least, I think I dont. Hehehe.” – MasterM

– “Masturbation & me…

I discovered it quite young, maybe 9-10, and before I could cum. I discovered it by finding some unintended touch pleasurable, and then doing more. I felt I needed some privacy, so I left my bedroom, and ended up in our (finished) attic. I am not sure what I thought about the very first time, other than the sensations I was experiencing, and wondering what was happening. Even at that age, I had boys I would play naked with a lot, and my masturbation fantasies turned in that direction. A few years later I discovered that I could cum, and that my anal area was just as sensitive and pleasurable (and that was before I had my prostate stimulated). Yes, I am wired differently, but I like it! Getting both sensations at the same time blew my mind, and I started to think more about the natural way to make that happen. I fantasized about the boys I played with, plus some of the ones I didn’t play with, and I didn’t discover porn until much later.

What I do now partly depends on whether I have a boyfriend. Without one, yes I still masturbate, usually both areas, sometimes just one. With a boyfriend, stimulating my butt is pretty much his responsibility. Even with another guy, I found pleasuring my own penis is still better. Ever since I turned 18, I can barely get hard, and it’s difficult for another guy to give me the right sensations there. I’d rather have my guy end up spent inside me first, and then bring myself to a climax, or just enjoy the blissful sensations and climax another time. I used to be a twice a day person. Today, I find the sensations better if I come 3-7 times a week. Though I’d happily give a boyfriend all he wants.” – Jon

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