Honestly? I often have to wonder if there’s someone just forcing this kid to guzzle high powered energy drinks all day long in order to keep him on his feet! Jesus! When does he SLEEP??? Does he go to school? Can he just…hang out with his friends and play a video game or two? Hehehe!

Seriously, though…my first time really hearing about Kain Rivers was maybe around the end of 2017, and he had a great voice and seemed to be giving his music career his all, so I felt he deserved that he deserved a solid spot for our ‘Teen Pop Nostradamus’ game on the Shack forum…making him one to definitely look out for in 2018!

But I had no idea that he was going to put in THIS much work! I’m literally shocked at the amount of songs and fully produced and polished music videos he’s put out in 2018 alone! (In fact, just as I was finishing up this very article that you’re reading now…he just put out a short teaser for his NEXT music video! Which is only a few weeks away!)

He has more videos online than most artists have with an entire discography of albums. And I find that absolutely mind-blowing. And he’s only fourteen years old!

Born in Kiev in the Ukraine, Kain started performing professionally when he was only nine years old. Competing on TV shows like ‘The Voice Russia’ and ‘Junior New Wave’, where he became a semi finalist both times. He’s even been nominated as one of the best new artists of 2017, which is understandable. He’s got quite the range for a boy whose voice is still going through ‘the change’, but he’s holding his own, he can broadcast emotion so effortlessly that he must have just been born with it, and he can be an enthusiastic performer on top of it.

Easily the ‘Justin Bieber’ of Russia right now. Or if not, he’s certainly on his way.

Now, if some of his pop songs and ballads have flown under your radar for the last few years, it’s probably because he’s had more names that some Russian SPIES when it comes to his performances! Hehehe!

Born as Kiril Rogovetsh…this teen star has also gone under the names Kyrylo Cherpita, and then Kiril Rogovets-Zakon, before settling on the name ‘Kain Rivers’, assumably to make his stage name easier to pronounce for an international audience. But as his fame grows and his fanbase increases, I’m sure it won’t be long before all of his music will be linked and connected, no matter what name you use to search for him. For now, if you feel like you’re missing out on something…try another alias. I’m sure it’ll be there somewhere. Like I said, this kid is a workaholic! Like…on a James Brown/Michael Jackson level! And he tours and does live shows too! Kain may be the one boy on the planet who sleeps less than I do!


But, as always, don’t take my word on it. Down below is nearly THIRTY of his music videos! Pop songs, dance songs, romantic ballads, popular covers…he does it all.

Oh…did I mention that Kain Rivers can sing in Russian, English, and Chinese??? Yeah, so…he speaks three languages too. Did they create this amazing cutie in a lab somewhere, or what?

The very best of luck to you, Mr. Kain Rivers!!! You’re on your way! Nobody could ever say that you didn’t work your ASS off to get where you are now! Hehehe, just be sure to save a little something for the girls and boys in the audience to stare at when you reach the top! 😛
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