ACFan Interviewing Our New Mascot – Meet: Matt Scott

Hello readers! Please give a big welcome to the newest member of the Imagine Magazine staff, Matt Scott. Just like the rest of us who try to keep up with Comicality, he’ll be wearing multiple hats; besides his primary job as the mascot for Imagine Magazine, he’s going to be handling public relations and he’ll be our content editor as well.

With all of that said, I’ll pass this over to our one of our Chief Editors ACFan, as he does a Q&A with Matt.

ACFan: I’m here with Imagine’s newest member, Matt Scott. Matt, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. Since most of our readers haven’t met you, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

Matt: Well, my name is Matt, just Matt. Not Mathew. People always try to call me Mathew. My mom and my friends call me Matty and that’s cool too. I will turn 15 when this issue goes out on January 15th, and I’m male, duh. <giggle> I am gay and everyone has known for a couple of years now. That went pretty well too. Anyway, I’ve been reading Comicality’s stuff since I was about ten, and have been modeling since I was nine. One of Comicality’s minions… I mean helpers… caught me after a show and offered me a chance to interview to become a mascot for Imagine Magazine. Obviously, I made the cut since I’m sitting here now!

ACFan: I guess that covered the basics. What do you like to do in your free time?

Matt: I’m pretty normal, I guess. I like to hang out at the mall and scope out cute guys, ride my dirt bike, my skateboard, play on my computer with CGI graphics and games, and just do stuff with my friends. I’m on the soccer team at school and got voted in as a rep on our Student Council.

ACFan: I’d say that you’re pretty exceptional. What about your family?

Matt: Mom and Dad are pretty cool for adults, and I’ve got a little brother who turned ten in December. They think it’s pretty sweet that I have a real job already instead of just modeling stuff off and on. Some of my uncles and aunts aren’t too happy about me being out, but they don’t say anything anymore after Mom offered to beat some sense into them with a cast iron skillet.

ACFan: I guess that answers the question of if they support you! Do you have a boyfriend yet, or are you still looking?

Matt: I’m still looking, but maybe I’ll get lucky and hook up with one of the guests. I guess me being a model kinda scares a lot of the guys who might be interested.

ACFan: Good luck! What’s your impression of working at Imagine?

Matt: It’s awesome! Everyone here’s been just great, nobody treats me like a kid, I’m like really part of the team. I’ll even get to meet Comicality soon! That’s gonna be so awesome! I can’t wait to meet him!

ACFan: From personal experience, talking about his eyes is off-limits. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake a few dozen times.

Matt: Woah, wait a sec. You’ve met him?

ACFan: Not in person, but I know people who have. So I guess you’re looking forward to meeting him, huh?

Matt: Is your hair grey, old man? <giggle> Of course I’m looking forward to it, he’s a legend! There’s no other author on the internet that’s anywhere close to as good as he is! Getting to meet Comicality is gonna be the best day EVER!

ACFan: Old man? We’ll see about that after the interview! Anyway, what have you been doing since you joined the staff?

Matt: Oh no, I’m shakin’… Remind me to be scared before you try anything! <grin> Anyway, when I’m not posing for pictures for the magazine, I get to use the new computer that was bought for me to work with some of the graphics that get used in the issue. I’ve also got an e-mail address now, so people can send me letters and I can respond to them in future issues of the magazine. I also get to fix Jeff’s editing, just don’t tell him I’m doing it.

ACFan: So, who have you met so far since starting?

Matt:¬†Well, I’ve met Jeff from JeffsFort. He does all kinds of stuff in the background for the magazine. Not really sure what his job is yet but he always looks confused and tired. In an email Comicality sent me he told me to be nice to him so, I guess he’s cool. I’ve met you now and you’re nothing like I expected. I expected some goof with way too much sugary stuff in a briefcase he always carries. I got half of that right I guess. <giggle> Other than that, there are a bunch of people who write stuff just for the magazine who I still wanna meet. All that’s left is the big ‘C’ himself. I can’t wait!

ACFan: I’m sure that he’s looking forward to meeting you too, it’s not every day you get to meet a famous model! Do you have anything else that you think the readers should know about you?

Matt: Famous Model, I wish! <giggle> Well, I want people to know that I’m a fan. Like not just of Comicality either. There are so many people out there writing really awesome stories. I mean some of them I’m not allowed to read yet… blah blah blah… but soooooooo many that all of you guys post all over the internet. Maybe someday I can get Comicality to share with us HIS reading list. I’d totally read anything he suggested. Well, except for the fine print on that contract he asked me to sign. Did you see that thing? Confidentiality agreement and stuff, it’s nuts!

ACFan: The confidentiality agreement’s not bad; the one about what we are responsible for if we get turned was really bad! I even had to sign my copy in blood! Anything else before we wrap up?

Matt: No, I mean just thanks for helping me get started here and thanks to Comicality for letting me help out with his magazine. It’s awesome and I can’t believe I get to be a part of it. Thanks to Jeff for posting it and whatever else it is he does and thanks to all the people I’m gonna get to meet and work with soon. This is gonna rock!

ACFan: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day of raiding Jeff’s cookie stash, Matt! We’re glad you joined the team, and all of us here at Imagine look forward to many years of working together. Welcome to the team, and once you get out of the hospital for calling me old, I’m sure you’ll make a big difference here!

Matt: I can’t wait. Thanks for doing the interview. Since you’re here, I think Jeff’s got some cookies left. I’ll race ya!

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