#1- In World War I…soldiers used SPERM as invisible ink, passing classified plans back and forth to one another! I’d like to know who came up with THAT idea!

#2- Statstically…gay men have bigger penises than straight men! Win one for the pink team! 😛

#3- When people are in love, it only takes three minutes of direct eye contact for their heart rates to sync up.

#4- The term ‘vasoconstriction’ refers to the tightening of blood vessels and restricting flow to the eyes during moments of heightened stimulation. In other words, a powerful orgasm can actually cause temporary blindness!

#5- Thinner, skinnier, men are more likely to experience premature ejaculation than heavier men.

#6- Falling in love produces heavy amounts of Cortisol, and it creates the same chemical euphoria on the brain as an intense cocaine addiction!

#7- “New Kid In School” was not only the first story that I wrote for the Shack, or online…it’s the first ‘homoerotic’ story that I ever wrote, period. I had never written about a gay character in my life before that.

#8- In an average lifetime, a man’s testicles will produce well over 500 BILLION sperm! So…waste all you want! You’ve got plenty to spare! Hehehe!

#9- Homosexuality has been studied and exists naturally in over 1500 species of animals (so far), where same sex pairings happen frequently, and remain as partners throughout their lifespan.

#10- The average age of boys who find The Shack Out Back and begin reading the stories there…is thirteen. (Remember to erase your browser history, you naughty kids!)

Published February 14, 2019