Questions, comments, or just want to get my thoughts on something? I want to hear from you! Please drop me a note at, and I’ll either answer it myself or find somebody who knows something about it. The lawyer guys say that I’m supposed to warn you that submissions are subject to editing for spelling, language, and protection of personal information. Meh!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone is cuddled up to that special someone…um…well, if you have a special someone. If not, no worries; they are probably out there looking for you too. Either way, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together!

(I am having so much fun at this new job!)

I want to thank you guys for the welcome emails and for the questions that got sent in. Of course, some of them were a little personal so if you don’t see a reply here, then you either already got a reply or will soon, cool?

Jeff, came through and patted me on the back a little while ago. He looks a lot less tired since I started working with him. It’s soooo true that it’s hard keeping up with Comicality. Now we both look tired. <giggle>

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Stuart P. Asks: I was wondering if you have a valentine and if not, could it be me?

Matt’s Reply: Aaawww… I actually don’t have a BF right now. Between school and modeling and now the magazine, I’ve been busy. But since you were the first to ask this year, okay. <blush>


Benny4120 Asks: Valentine’s Day is this month, is there someone special you would like to receive a valentine from?

Matt’s Reply: Hehehe… I just did. Didn’t you read the last letter? Actually, there is a boy at school that I’d die to go out with but, I’m not sure if he’d go out with me. I’m kinda nervous to ask him cause I don’t know if he’s into guys or not. Maybe he’s reading this, if so I might have a shot!


SylentBoi90 Asks: You said you are a model, would you ever dress as Cupid. I think you would be really cute in that costume.

Matt’s Reply: Oh man, take a look at the cover of this issue. So embarrassing! Doing the shoot this month was easier than December but the costume was…less. Much Less! A little green speedo and I don’t think the halo counts as covering anything. The wings looked really cool up close too. ACFan tried to pay me to shoot Jeff with the Bow, then when I said no way he tried to get me to shoot Comsie… He’s a real trouble maker. Anyway, I think it came out good. You can decide if I looked cute or not 😉

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