Before the massive fetishism and pop culture madness of ‘Fortnite’…there was a little game called called ‘Overwatch’. Hehehe, and by little…I mean one of Blizzard Games’ flagship titles for the last few years running. In fact, many would claim it to be ‘Fortnite’s’ definitive blueprint in a lot of ways. But that’s a gamer argument for another time.

Based around a world that was once guarded by an army of heroes with special weapons and abilities, the Overwatch kept vigil over nations that were overwhelmed with corruption, devastated by horrific attack, and flooded with terrorist groups out for blood. Almost like…’G.I. Joe’ meets ‘The Avengers’…if you can imagine!

This first person shooter takes place after the team has been disbanded. All going back to their own lives, hazy pasts, and previous problems. Mercenaries, for the most part. Some for good reason, some for bad, and some…simply because it’s all they know. With a huge ensemble cast of characters, each with their own motivations and backstories, Overwatch has hours upon hours of replay value for anyone who gets into the lore of it all.

How cool would it be to be one of the two young brothers in this early trailer for Overwatch?

However…it was a recent expansion of that much loved character lore that has raised more than a few eyebrows in the past few months!

It turns out, as confirmed by a new story and creators of the game…that one of their main characters…a leader, and all around BADASS…was once a part of a loving gay relationship!

‘Soldier 76’ was featured in a comic book expanded story version of the Overwatch series (Called ‘Bastet’), where a photo of Soldier 76’s Jack Morrison is revealed, arm in arm with another man named Vincent. When asked about it, he said that Vincent was married now, and that “He deserved more than I could give him.” After which it was made clear that it was, indeed, a relationship.

It was a short scene in a comic book, and a sweet moment of drama to flesh out his character a bit more.

But…of course…many gamers were OUTRAGED! (Sighhhh…here we go again)

What must it be like to just worry and be scared and feel threatened by everything all the time? What’s wrong with a video game character being gay? How is this an ‘attack’ on anybody? Why is this seen as some sort of sinister agenda being forced on society? Why can’t a fictional character just be gay without having it be a controversy?

Now, I want to be clear that not ALL of the outrage has been some sort of homophobic rant by some angry individual who relieves their self hatred by trolling people online. There are some arguments that don’t mind the character being a homosexual, but don’t understand why the Overwatch designers and writers decided to make this discovery. Some see it as being forced. Something done for publicity and to get the gaming world talking about it, non-stop. I have to admit, I can personally understand that. I truly applaud a diversity of characters in any part of entertainment…but not if that diversity is being exploited for the sake of money and ‘controversial attention’. So, to the people making that argument, I see where you’re coming from. And I agree.

It’s something to keep an eye out for, sometimes.

I’m not quite sure how to feel about the comment, “They made him gay for no reason.” What does that mean, exactly? Aren’t ALL gay people ‘gay for no reason’? What reason do you need to be gay? Why can’t it just be who you are? Imagine if someone said, “I saw that Wonder Woman movie, and they made her straight for NO reason! She lives on an island of all women! Why can’t she be a lesbian? I’m done with Wonder Woman!” People would look at you like you were crazy! So how is the mirror image of that argument so…accepted? It’s a video game, for crying out loud. Play it and shut up already. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

For the people who just got angry because they think all gay people are supposed to be some sort of secret, never represented in any form of media or entertainment, and feel like they’re being assaulted by the mere mention of it…let’s just skip over them. They’re a dying breed. Good riddens, I say.

It’s like a GAY guy can’t be a soldier! Or a hero! Or someone who’s ready and willing to break your jaw and knock you on your ass if you so much as LOOK at him the wrong way! Solder 76 is like a cross between The Punisher, Cable (From Deadpool 2), and Wolverine! God HELP you, if you get on his bad side! Hehehe!

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There are people who want to complain for lack of having anything else to say, and that’s a shame. But hey, I’ll tell you what…Soldier76 is gay! Deal with it! And if anybody out there has a huge problem with it, he’s standing right over there in the shadows behind you. You might want to take it up with him. I’m sure he’d just LOVE to discuss it with you at length! Good luck with that! 😛
Happy Valentine’s Day! Love wins again!
(Also, some other favorite little shorts surrounding the characters in the game! They’re all so amazing, each with a different feel to them! Enjoy!)

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