#1- Looking at the ‘Walt Disney’ logo, many would assume that the wild cursive loops and script was actually Walt Disney’s handwritten signature…but it isn’t. It was designed as a logo for the company by someone else. Furthermore…if you take the loop from the first ‘W’…the loop of the dot over the ‘I’…and the loop in the final ‘Y’…you see the numbers ‘666’ in the logo. Creepy!

#2- The sounds of the velociraptors in the original Jurassic Park might have come off as terrifying to most! So where was the sound actually taken from? Two giant tortoises having sex! LOL! True story! So if you live next door to some giant turtles, and you hear that noise, you’ll know that somebody is gettin’ some!

#3- The ninja character, ‘Rain’, in the Mortal Kombat video game was originally only meant to be a joke between the game designers. However, once fans caught wind of it and the rumors spread, they decided to make him into a playable character after all. The joke? It was a nod to Prince. A ninja in a purple suit…named ‘Rain’. Get it? Purple Rain? Hehehe!

#4- A big part of gambling casinos’ plan to get you to spend (and lose) more money comes from a sense of time distortion. If you go into a casino…look around. You’ll notice two things. One…there are no clocks posted inside. And two…no windows. These are put in place to keep their guests from realizing what time of day it is, or how long they’ve been gambling.

#5- The planet Neptune has the fastest and strongest winds in our entire solar system! Reaching up to 1304 miles an hour! That’s nearly EIGHTEEN times faster than the highest hurricane winds on Earth!

#6- When the great Cleopatra became the last Pharoah of Egypt…she married her own brother to rule beside her. He was ten years old at the time!

#7- What is the most difficult story for me to write on the Shack? Speaking from a technical and plot driven point of view…it’s ‘SKYLIGHT’! Not only is it written in 3rd person, which is a different approach for me…but the ‘switch’ from character to character is a LOT more complex than most would think. The transitions between scenes is extremely important for that story, and it makes my head ache trying to get it right! LOL! But, hey…I wanted a challenge! And I got one! 😛

#8- Steven Spielberg was never paid any money for making “Schindler’s List”. Not one cent. Instead, he used all of the profits to build ‘The Righteous Persons Foundation’, which is dedicated to Holocaust education.

#9- Many of you may have a can of compressed air and chemicals to clean your laptop or PC. Using this computer air duster upright can be a handy tool to keep your keyboard clean. However…if you turn the can upside down…the air in the can becomes so ice cold that it actually freezes everything it touches. Almost like liquid nitrogen! It becomes hazardous to the touch! So be careful, k?

#10- In 1991, a talented young six year old boy appeared on the Arsenio Hall show as the world’s YOUNGEST Elvis Impersonator. He was able to ‘wow’ the crowd, and ultimately ended up winning the talent competition on that episode. Who was that 6 year old talent? It was a young Bruno Mars!

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