There’s truly something unsettling about noticing it for the first time.

You go into the toy section of any store, or a toy store itself, and you look at the difference between what’s marketed to ‘boys’ as opposed to what’s marketed to ‘girls’. The contrast is rather stunning. With girls, it’s all baby dolls, cooking sets, unicorns and pretty horses with long hair for you to comb and braid to make them pretty. But for boys, there’s a barrage of guns, knives, army men, swords and hatchets and killer robots from space. Boys are encouraged to be athletes. Basketball and baseball stars. Hockey players and football kings. But I always remember female ‘sports’ always being portrayed as dancers and acrobats. I even remember the toy commercials for ‘Get In Shape Girl’…which, looking back on it…was probably a lot more offensive than it was ever intended to be.

You have to ask yourself why it matters. Why can’t a girl love baseball? Join the basketball team? Decide to make members of the military her personal heroes? Why can’t a boy be interested in fashion and hairstyles? Why can’t he dream of having a baby son or daughter to take care of someday? There are boys who go to the gym all the time to ‘get in shape’, but their toys aren’t telling them that it’s necessary from the time they’re old enough to walk.

You have to admit…the whole ‘gender appropriate’ thing? It’s a little bit weird when you give it some serious thought.

Enter, Benny! Also known as ‘Miss Benny’, or better yet…as Ben J. Pierce.

Born in Dallas, Texas, but now living in Los Angeles for his music and acting career, Ben was able to creatively shine some much needed light on the idea of gender roles in society with his very first video, “Little Games”. As someone who came out of the closet himself at a very young age, he was able to channel his positive energy and true emotions into a song that, I personally, think is genius. It’s so honest in its presentation, and anyone watching the music video can tell that he truly poured every last bit of his heart into it.

Benny was only 15 years old when he created the concept, wrote the song, produced, performed, and even directed, this revolutionary expression. And it was met with millions upon millions of views on Youtube, as well as ton of love and support from fans who finally felt as though they were being given a voice where they previously didn’t have one.

“I think it’s exciting where we’re in a place where we can create and speak in a public platform and be taken seriously.” Benny said in an interview. Well, thank you, Benny for taking a chance on using that platform for something beautiful. An eye opening look at something that most of us probably overlook, simply because…that’s the way things are.

Here is the full video:

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“I really like when I immerse myself in the creative realm. For ‘Little Game’ I tried my hand at a lot of things. I was making wardrobe and props and putting together a whole team. It was a month process of making the video after months of pre-production.” Geez, he does costume design TOO??? Yes, indeed, he does! He’s a jack of all trades, to be certain!

Especially in this day and age, full of internet trolls and gutless cowards with nothing better to do than find things to rant and rave and cry about. Ben Pierce stood his ground, and he had fun doing it. That’s the BEST way to shut them down! Hehehe!

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Ben began his online career on Youtube when he was only 11 years old. Known as ‘KidPOV’, he was able to gather thousands of fans in a relatively short amount of time. Entertaining his viewers with everything from comedy vlogs, to music parodies, to make-up tutorials for boys. Never once compromising himself or his message for the sake of having an impact. There’s something to be appreciated and admired about having that level of courage and determination.

These days, Ben J. Pierce seems to be more focused on his acting career, but still produces music under the ‘Miss Benny’ title. You can hear more of his music from time to time, whenever it pops up! And he can also be seen as ‘Casey’ on the Netflix 90’s sitcom continuation, “Fuller House”! So be sure to check him out, and give him your support in everything he does!


I’ll be keeping an eye out for more from Ben J. Pierce in the future! He has a real passion for what he loves, and there’s a lot of heart in his vision and his purpose! So keep doing what you’re doing! And thanks for everything! I’ll be in your cheering section the whole way!

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