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Saint Patty’s Day!!! Time for Leprechauns and pots of gold and green beer… Well, you guys can have green beer, I get one of those mint shakes from the ice cream shop near my house which…IS AWESOME!!! Hehehe!

This month ACFan did his usual “let’s dress up the kid” photo shoot and I gotta tell you, I may need to talk to Comicality about my pay already. He had me try on like 8 different costumes before we settled on the one that is on the cover. It’s cool cause I get to keep the costumes but, he wouldn’t let me keep the pot of gold. Something about it being on loan from some prop department…blah, blah, blah, something. I wasn’t really listening. Hehehe… That one looked cool though. It’s not like last month’s costume. I just got rid of the cold I caught during that photo shoot. Actually, it would have been just as bad if we went with the Mardi Gras theme. I got a TON of beads now though! Oh… and this:

I know, right? My Mom is gonna KILL ACFan!

For those of you who emailed me about Jeff, he’s really looking a lot more healthy now. I can’t believe how much work Comicality can crank out. All we are doing here is posting the stuff he comes up with. Between the two of us, we are barely keeping up with him. No, I still haven’t met Comicality but that’s not his fault. We have all been super busy putting the last couple of issues together and getting into a new routine. He says it should be sometime this summer which should be fun. I can’t wait to see what kind of a schedule he has cause with all the stuff he writes and creates for the magazine and everything… I honestly think he is like four dudes in one small apartment collaborating… What? He isn’t? Wow… He has to look more tired than Jeff did when I first got here then.

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Josh Asks: Hi, Matt! I’m a long time reader, first time responder! Ummm…I just wanted to know…do you have a boyfriend? And also, how did you even GET this job! This sounds so cool!

Matt’s Reply: I don’t have a boyfriend, I think I’ve been asked that question a lot since starting here. There is one boy in my school that I’d really love to go out with but, I kinda think he’s straight. I’m working up the guts to say something to him cause we are friends. I’m just kinda scared that it’ll change things. As for the job, I sent an email to the big boss asking if I could help. He passed it to Jeff and Jeff passed it to ACFan who decided that it would be a cool idea to have me as a mascot. I mean most of the stories you all write and read are about guys my age struggling to be themselves. Sure most are adults now but hey, it was a rough time and why not have someone my age represent your inner child, right? So, I got a call and my Mom drove me to the place where Imagine is based in part and the rest is history! 


Jacob W. Asks: I am a long-time reader of Imagine Magazine, and have been very impressed with the quality of the covers that you produce. Most magazines online use obvious clipart, but yours shows the mark of a professional photographer. Does your photographer donate his time, or do you have to pay him to do your covers?

Matt’s Reply: I don’t think he gets paid, none of these guys do actually. I know they donate their time to get all the work done because they have fun doing it. Even I’m not getting anything more than some cool stuff and new friends. I joke about my paycheck but I really do love working here and would do it even if there was no cool stuff. (But it does add to the fun!) Anyway, my photos are all the work of ACFan with Jeff designing the cover art and logo and Comsie on the sidelines shouting out ideas and thoughts while providing the cover model and content for the issue. Jeff and I take it all and post it on the site and then wait to start in on the next issue. The costumes that I get to wear… that is also all ACFan but I’ll be honest, I do like dressing up which is half of the fun. It’s getting me some really cool emails! <giggle>


Evan T. Asks: You are so cute, I wish you went to my school. I’d totally ask you out!

Matt’s Reply: Aw… Thanks Evan. Thanks for the pic as well, you really are cute. <grin> Of course I’m not gonna put it up here but it is up on my bedroom wall already. I like the printed out cover of February’s issue on the wall behind you. You know one of the weirdest things I’ve learned about modeling is that like everyone knows you or at least kinda. This is the first time I’ve done work where people actually contact me directly though. I mean, model underwear for a local department store; maybe one person who saw the flier looks at you and shakes his head cause he thinks you look familiar. Wear a speedo on the cover of a magazine… you get feedback that would make anyone blush. Evan, yours was super cute though and if you were in my school I’d totally go out with you too.


Teddy2006 Asks: Do you guys have specialized computers and stuff to put the magazine together? It really looks professional and the big magazines have studios with custom designed stuff.

Matt’s Reply: Not really no. I know ACFan has some pretty powerful stuff to do whatever it is he does to my photos to make me all mascot-ish. <giggle> Jeff has his laptop and an iPad that he uses for previews and stuff. Me, I’m using the desktop and iPad that the guys gave me and of course we all check emails and sources and stuff on our phones. My set up I think is better than Jeff’s but he can set up anywhere which isn’t something I can do. See:

Yeah, I put his in black and white. <giggle> I think it fits. Seriously though, we use the same stuff that you use at home. We just beat our stuff up to make it do all this work. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll have this big office building with offices and powerful networked computers with high tech stuff all over the place where I can run into the main part of the building shouting “Stop the presses!!!” and probably get stuff thrown at me. Okay, so my plan has some flaws. LOL!

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