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At only 14 years of age, the actor/model known only as ‘I.Am.Ozzy’ is already becoming a superstar in his field. With his stunning good looks and a set of penetrating bright blue eyes that could completely bowl you over at first glance, it’s not hard to see why this model boy is quickly becoming a lot of designers’ first choice when it comes to picking the best!

Not to mention that, besides acting and modeling, Ozzy has definitely proven himself to be pretty damn good with a soccer ball as well!

Ooops! Sorry! Did I say soccer ball? I meant ‘football’!

Hehehe! My ‘American’ is showing! 😛

But he does have some rather cool videos out there where he displays his growing talent for the game. So when he’s not touring the globe and marketing his particular brand of ‘pretty’, he’s dazzling folks with his footwork on the field.

Keep an eye out for Ozzy in the future! He’s sure to be a big name someday…umm…

Whatever his full name is! 😛

BEST of luck, man! Cheers!

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