1- The official name for a hashtag or a pound sign (“#”)…is an octothrope.

2- Dolphins do DRUGS!!! Hehehe, no, that’s not made up! Marine biologists have observed dolphin behavior, and they have been known to deliberately prick themselves on the spindles of puffer fish to get high off of the euphoric toxins that are being injected into them. Not only that, but dolphins have been seen passing the puffer fish back and forth between one another for recreational purposes.

3- All mirrors slightly reflect more green light than any other color. This becomes more obvious when you place two mirrors facing one another. As the reflections go back and forth, seemingly into infinity, the image gets ‘greener’ the deeper it goes.

4- Because of a spam prevention system on the ‘Comicality Library’ (One that I have no way of turning off), I can’t use any words that suggest gambling, even if not used in a gambling context. So words like ‘poker’, ‘roulette’, or ‘casino’, will label my story posts as an error, and will keep me from posting until I change it. (With me usually replacing the letter ‘O’ with the number ‘0’ instead)

5- Because of the way the heavy dust particles block out certain particles of light…all of the sunsets on the planet Mars are blue…not red or orange. Weird.

6- The monthly release date for Imagine Magazine was changed from its original schedule of the 1st of every month to the 15th, specifically because of the holiday season. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve…it’s nearly impossible to put any last minute touches together. Besides, it’s better to spend time with friends and family, right? Unplug, everybody! Hehehe!

7- The ‘zip’ in the word ‘zip code’ stands for ‘Zone Improvement Plan’!

8- The British soap opera, “Coronation Street”, has been on television since the 60’s, and is still going strong to this day. It is the longest running TV soap opera in television history, and has almost ten THOUSAND episodes! (Take THAT, “Billy Chase”!!! Psh! Amateur!)

9- Termites will eat twice as fast when heavy metal music is playing. So…I hope Metallica got those basement steps checked out…

10- The very first coalition that was ever created to defend the rights of the LGBT community appeared in 1897. They were able to gather signatures on a petition to fight against the criminality involving male homosexuality. One of the signatures on that petition…was Albert Einstein! (And he’s, like, a smart person! :P)

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