Author’s Note:

I wrote these words after listening to the song When Tomorrow Starts Without Me, based on the poem of the same name by David M. Romano. The words struck a chord in me and this is the result. Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere there is still a lot of Dark Chocolate to eat!

I was sitting on my deck reading, and soaking up the sunshine,

When a shadow interrupted the recharging of my batteries.

Irritated I looked up, and saw Death contemptuously staring down at me.

I sarcastically asked him,

“What do you want?”

“Come with me and I will remove all of your pain,

Come with me and I will ease all your woes.

Come with me and your financial problems will be no more,”

He answered with a leer.

I thought long and hard about his offer,

As it was my knee and my back were killing me.

As I was contemplating my answer,

I saw a ray of sunlight illuminate a bejeweled hummingbird,

And then I knew my answer.

“Go back where you came from,

And never darken my stoop again!

If I came with you I would never,

Taste the glorious flavour of Dark Chocolate.

I would never see the resplendent sunrise again.

I would never experience the sounds of songbirds,

Welcoming the day.

I would never hear the joyous sound of a child’s laughter.

I would never see the dew glistening in the dawn,

Of a new day.

If I came with you,

I would never feel the warmth,

and comfort of a hug again.

I would never see the adoration in the eyes of my child.

I would never experience the smell of freshly baked Snickerdoodles,

And home-made bread.

I would never experience the crunch and flavour of fresh-picked corn,

Smothered in butter, and sprinkled with sea salt.

If I came with you,

I would never see again the glorious ruby colour of Cabernet,

As it swirls in my glass alight with candlelight.

I would miss the sight of multi-coloured butterflies,

As they flit from flower to flower.

Nevermore to savour the aroma of freshly ground coffee!

Nevermore to see the splendid blue,

and purple hues of a magnificent sunset.

My answer to you is not only NO, but HELL NO!

If coming with you means giving up all of this,

Then I will stay here and suffer a bit to enjoy all the riches of my life.

I have let the light shine into my shadows,

And in the light, I shall stay,

I have a lot to live for,

And that I shall do.

Begone Dark Spirit and take your shadows with you!

I will relish the light and all that life may bring,

The good and the bad, for there is light to keep the shadows at bay.

Long may the light reign!”

Author’s End Note:

There are too many riches in life and too many things I have yet to see or experience to ever think of leaving this life. Do I expect the rest of life to be a bed of roses? Absolutely not, however, as long as there are light, friends, love and good food, life is always worth living.



When tomorrow starts without me

And I’m not here to see

If the sun should rise and find your eyes

All filled with tears for me

I wish you wouldn’t cry

The Way you did today

While thinking of the many things

We did not get to say

I know how much you love me

As much as I love you

Each time that you think of me

I know you will miss me too

When tomorrow starts without me

Please try to understand

That an angel came and called my name

And took me by the hand

The angel said my place was ready

In heaven far above

And That I would have to leave behind

All those I Dearly Love

But When I walked through Heaven’s Gates

I felt so much at home

When GOD looked down and smiled at me

From his golden throne

He said This Is Eternity

And All I promised you

Today for life on earth is done

But Here it starts a new

I promise no tomorrow

For today will always last

And Since each day’s the exact same way

There is no longing for the past

So, When Tomorrow starts without me

Do not think we’re apart

For every time you think of me

Remember I’m right here in your heart

Author: David M Romano©

Editor’s Notes:

That was a beautiful message, filled with love, understanding and joy.

With all the wonderful things that thrive on this planet and the universe/multiverse, there is no way I would pull myself away from the wonderful things that I have already experienced or those I have not yet enjoyed.

Our lives are too short as it is already, without diminishing it in any way.

Thanks goes to you for your words along with the original works from which it sprang.

Please keep up the wonderful work.

Love and Hugs,

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Associate Editor’s Notes:

TSL, I can’t express what I’m feeling as I read your words, just know that I hope hundreds of thousands read them and feel as full of heart as I do right now. Beautifully done.


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