Hehehe, you guys knew that I was being completely serious when I said that teen boy pop was never EVER going to go away, right? Not ever! It was around long before I came along, and it will be around long after I’m dead and gone. That’s just the way it is.

And why wouldn’t it be? It’s a group of extremely cute teenage boys doing something cool? How can that not be entertaining? Personally speaking…you can get a camera and film a bunch of cute boys sitting quietly in the back of a random library and have them counting pennies for three hours straight, and I’d probably be GLUED to my laptop screen for the whole event! Hehehe! RIVETING!!! 😛

I’ve been around long enough to see the ‘Boy Pop’ cycle rise and fall and be reborn over and over and over again. And it never stops. It never loses its luster for more than a year or two before it gets reintroduced to a whole new generation, and the world is treated to more feel good tunes and alluring teen boys giving it to us on a silver platter. It’s just the way it goes. And they’ll get no complaints from me! Hehehe, believe me. I’ll keep watching!

Teen boy pop is here to stay. Get used to it. From The Beatles, to The Osmonds, to The Jackson 5, to New Kids On The Block, to Hanson, to Backstreet Boys, to the Jonas Brothers, to Justin Bieber…there will always be a market for it, and an audience ready to suck it up at a moment’s notice. The big difference, nowadays, however…is that these boy bands are not only surpassing the usual ‘one hit wonder’ stigma that usually surrounds their brand of temporary charm, and having careers that end up lasting much longer than most listeners ever would have expected…but they seem to be getting better and better at making quality music and truly becoming artists in their own right long after many fans would have thought they’d be forgotten about. Their talent is going beyond the norm, and that is always a good thing for all of us as a whole.

This isn’t just a few pretty faces and a couple of catchy teen hooks anymore. Teen pop has grown into something massive that can be enjoyed and appreciated years after their ‘teen crush’ appeal has gone away. However, let’s be honest…there has been a significant lull in the whole boy band craze lately. It happens. More often than you would think. And while boy band groups like 5 Seconds Of Summer and The Vamps have been doing great things and holding up the boy band torch over the past few years…you can’t deny that there has been a bit of a void left behind by the nearly obscene popularity of a group like ‘One Direction’ since they’ve all ventured out on their own. I mean, where do you go from there? Right?

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Hehehe, is ‘boy pop fatigue’ setting in?

LOL! HELL NO! What are you talking about? It NEVER sets in. Take my word on this! Just when you think it’s worn itself out, it comes right back, harder than ever before. So the question is…who will be the next big sensation now that the One Direction blueprint has faded away, and there’s a space for a new group to step in and continue the tradition in their place?

Enter…’Why Don’t We’…

(Good question, by the way! ‘Why Don’t We’, indeed! Hehehe! Ahem…Why Don’t We what??? I can only imagine! Hehehe! Sorry…gotta focus here!)

While all of the group members were working on solo careers in the beginning, they decided to join forces and assemble in 2016 to see if their combined talents and appeal could take them to the next level. The impact of that decision has been amazing! Their combination of Pop, R&B, and Dance, music has been gathering them a TON of new fans as they race to the top of the charts with music that is sure to keep us all smiling and nodding our heads for as long as they’re making it!

Now signed to Atlantic Records, Why Don’t We is finally getting the kind of screaming, rabid, fans, that their addictive tunes deserve, in my opinion. Including this song, “I Don’t Belong In this Club”! Call it a guilty pleasure of mine…but I CANNOT get this song out of my head! LOL! I just love it! And with a quintet of really cute boys, a catchy melody, a 70’s Disco theme, and rap artist, Macklemore, added to the song? I can’t get enough!

It’s the perfect example of a blockbuster boy band single, where the boys seem to be having WAY too much fun to consider this actual ‘work’! Hehehe! But, as always…listen for yourselves! See what you think!

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Also…Macklemore will always have a special place in my heart for his LGBT themed video, “Same Love”, which is so amazing and so touching at the same time! Thank you for this! Kudos and crazy applause to Macklemore for making this something special! He definitely gets it!
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While all of the group’s five members were diligently working on their own solo careers in the beginning, the teens are truly something to behold when assembled into the boy buffet that they are today! With a number of EP releases and a collection of chart topping singles so far…’Why Don’t We’ released their very first full length album, “8 Letters”, just a few months ago! And fans couldn’t have been happier with the end product, not to mention the growing number of uninitiated admirers that are just now finding them for the very first time!

I’m predicting that group members, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, Zach Herron, and Corbyn Besson, are all on their way to an explosive music career. It’s coming, people. So expect to hear a lot more from them in the near future!

Originally brought into the spotlight by Youtube sensation, Logan Paul…the boys have been breaking hearts worldwide. And there doesn’t seem to be any signs of them slowing down any time in the near future.

Hehehe…Logan Paul…

The less I say about that, the better. But I guess the ‘Everyday Bro’ did the world a solid by bringing this group to our attention. So…you know…there’s that. 😛

Anyway, just in case you have been missing out on ‘Why Don’t We’s music over the past year or two…here’s a taste of what you’re in for!

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Anyway, the best of luck goes out to ‘Why Don’t We’ and the revival of boy band stardom! They are the new saviors of the ‘Matrix’, and I am expecting big things from them in the future! Mark my words, folks! You’ll be seeing it soon! 🙂

And…in case you were wondering, hehehe…Zach’s my absolute favorite. He is! He just…sighhh…he makes me smile, ok? 😛 He’s friggin’ dreamy!

Like I said a million times before…teen pop isn’t going away! It only gets better with time! So sit back and enjoy your candy! God knows that I will! ::Giggles::

(These are a few videos that I made on the ComicalityShack Youtube channel! Enjoy! Like! Subscribe!)

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And don’t worry! Your faves from the past aren’t gone either! LOL! High Fives for this NEW video from New Kids On The Block, with a sense of humor, talking about the boy band reruns, the sins of the industry, and how the practice just keeps going on and on! Exploitation at its best! Also featuring Lance Bass from N’Sync, members from New Edition, and Debbie Gibson! I LOVE this! Hahaha! Well played, gentlemen! Well played!
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