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When I woke up, the back of Ely’s head was all I could see. I smelled his hair and put my face in it and took a deeper breath. He was backed up against me so tightly we pretty much merged. I suddenly realized part of me was imbedded between his cheeks albeit through two layers of light sleeping shorts.

I heard a groan as he became aware of his surroundings. Then he wiggled his butt when he detected my intrusion.

“That feels nice but it is way too early in our relationship to try butt sex.”

I was about to defend myself when he began to giggle.

“I’m hard as steel right now too,” he took my hand and placed it on his crotch.

“You know how we were joking about wetting the bed yesterday? Well if you don’t let me up we’re both going to be very wet really soon.” I told him.

“Me too, let’s go.” Ely said.

We stood together in front of the toilet waiting for things to ease up a bit so we could drain out but it wasn’t happening.

“Shower?” Ely asked.

I turned on the cold water and we let fly.

“Trade ya?” Ely suggested.

We held each other’s dicks and completed our morning pee. Having him in my hand was unbelievable. Evan and I had only gotten as far as kissing, we had only seen the others dick in the boy’s room and Gym class.

“They’re really a lot alike,” Ely remarked. Same size just slightly different um glans, that’s the proper name, yours is pointy and mine’s rounded.

“Yeah you’re right. I never touched anyone else’s before,” I told him.

“Maybe we can do some more tonight; I can show you some things that are pretty cool.”

“So have you touched other guys before?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later. Let’s go back to bed and snuggle. I really like a good snuggle.”

But that didn’t happen. Bob knocked on the door and I said come in.

“Morning guys, I see you aren’t ready to go. Porter didn’t you get my text?”

“My phone hasn’t made a peep; and it’s right there by the bed.”

I looked at my phone and I had no bars. I suddenly occurred to me that my Mom had said she would be changing our phone plan soon. I guess it was yesterday. I hadn’t even looked at my phone. There were no texts since Wednesday afternoon.

I explained to Bob what had probably happened.

“I guess we need to get over to Verizon a little later today. Ely can help you pick out a good phone. I personally like the Note 5 that I carry but it’s probably too big for you, I like their Galaxy series and that’s what Loren has.”

“So what was the text about?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, it was about breakfast at the Firehouse. I have to put in an appearance, but the food is always great and we ride horses to get there.”

“Oookay,” I said not too enthusiastically. You do know I’ve never ridden a horse right?”

“Yeah I figured that. That’s why I wanted you to get up early.”

Bob had bought me some nice square toed riding slash work boots, and now I knew why.

“It’s cool Porter, you can ride Skipper and I’ll ride Tinkerbelle.”


“Yeah the little Palomino next to Skipper.” Ely explained. She’s a little feisty but I can keep her in line.”

“Okay, I’m in.” I said.

“It’s nice outside so Jeans and Carhart’s will do but bring your coat too. You can never count on the weather in this valley. And don’t forget your gloves.”

“Oh I didn’t bring mine, just my mittens.” Ely said.

“You can wear a pair of mine.” I said. “Bob got me these cool Kevlar work gloves, you’ll like them.”

Bob and Ely took me through getting the horse used to me being there. Skipper was the little pinto and she was really affectionate. Then they showed me how to saddle her; first the blanket and then the saddle and how to do the cinch. Bob had me sit in the saddle and adjusted the stirrups and we were essentially ready.

“Okay Maddy will lead and Ely will bring up the rear, I’ll be in and out. If I raise my arm like this you stop, you guys get that?”

We both answered yes.

“What was that about?” I asked Ely.

“Dogs mostly, occasionally a dirt bike on the horse path, it’s just to make sure the horses don’t get spooked.”

We got to the Firehouse without incident. And there was Loren running full tilt at Bob and his Appaloosa mare. Bob reined her up and turned her sideways. He leaned down and hoisted Loren into his saddle with one hand. Loren babbled away the last fifty feet to the hitching rail. Loren’s buddies were in awe seeing him sitting on the giant horse. I think they were in awe of Bob as well.

I managed to dismount without making a spectacle of myself, like hooking a foot in a stirrup and getting dragged and stomped. I watched how Bob, Maddy, and Ely did it and copied them. I pulled both boots out of the stirrups and swung my right leg over and slid off and landed on my feet.

Bob grinned at me instead of applauding me as a novice rider in front of the assembled people.

Loren scooted over to me with Walter and Jamey in tow.

“This is my big brother Porter, he’s really cool.” Loren said hugging me around my waist.

“That caught me off guard and I almost teared up but Ely saved me.”

“Hey Lunker; what about me?”

“Hi Ely, Mama said you were staying over this weekend.”

Ely got a big hug too.

Loren jabbered about how much fun they were having at Jamey’s house and what they were doing. Jamey’s Mom and Dad had brought them to the firehouse.

A lady at the door took our tickets from Bob and pinned them to our shirts. Then we all joined the line and got our breakfast. It was pretty good food. They had waffles and pancakes so I chose waffles and then put blueberries and whipped cream on them. The sausage was great too and they had hash browns. We sat with Jamey’s family and laughed at the little guys as they inhaled their breakfast. The three of them asked to be excused and went out to the side of the Firehouse to run off some of the excess energy.

Ely and I answered questions about school and I was asked what I thought of the school and suddenly realized Jamey’s Dad was the history teacher that Ely and I saw every day. He looked so different in just jeans and a sweatshirt. He asked us to call him Dan but I said it wasn’t a good idea because I might screw up and call him that at school. He agreed so I called him Mr. Hammond as always.

We finished up and went outside to see how the little guys were doing and I spotted Walter and Loren racing around and an older kid grabbed Loren by the front of his shirt like he was going to pound him. I can’t tell you what I was thinking and I don’t remember running but I ran and tackled the big guy and sat on his chest. The kid was as big as Mike and much more solid but I got him down. The problem was now what? I’m no skilled fighter and I didn’t know what to do next. Then I heard Loren yelling “No Porter he’s my friend, we were just messing around.”

Fortunately the guy had a sense of humor. “Nice tackle dude, you should try out for football, can I get up now?

“Oh man I’m sorry; I thought you were picking on Loren.”

“Are you kidding me? I know who his Dad is; I’d never do that even if Loren had it coming. Besides I don’t rough up little kids; except maybe this one.” He reached out and grabbed Loren and dragged him into our pile.

“I see you’ve met Carter; of course you might want to get off of his chest.” Ely said.

“Oh yeah,” I rolled off to the side and we stood up.

Carter put his hand out and I shook it.

“So what’s your name there, hero?”

“It’s Porter; I’m living with Bob and Maddy now.”

“Nice people, they took care of John and his brother Daniel a few years ago and John and I were friends. His parents got themselves squared away and they went back to Henderson.

“How cool, so you know what they’re like then?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve stayed over several times with John; Loren was just a little monkey who barely spoke English.”

“Look I’m really sorry about knocking you down; you’re not hurt are you?”

Carter laughed as did Ely. “Don’t flatter yourself bro, I’m pretty solid. “

“Um, how old are you?”

“I’m almost sixteen; I’m just small for my age, how about you?”

“I’m fourteen same as Ely, I’m the same way, I mean small for my age.”

“It’s a pain in the ass isn’t it? Well I gotta go, I have to go out and put fodder in the pastures for our cattle.

“Well it was nice meeting you Carter; maybe I’ll see you around town.”

“That’d be cool. See you guys later.”

I looked down because someone was pulling my sleeve, it was Loren.

I bent down and he kissed me and then hugged me hard and said, “Thanks for trying to protect me. I love you Porter.” Then he scampered off with Walter and Jamey who had probably come over to watch me get my butt kicked. They really looked disappointed; the little toads.”

I felt another tug on my sleeve, this time it was Ely. “That was sweet, I’d like to kiss you too but ‘m not ready to do that in public.”

“It’s cool, I understand Ely.”



“You can call me Cab, just not at school; Cab is reserved for close friends and defenders of little brothers and such. That really was something to watch.”

“So why didn’t you stop me?”

“I couldn’t see what you were looking at because of the big assed cow blocking the sidewalk talking with all the other big assed cows.”



The plural of cow is “cattle” and it’s not nice to say that about them. You probably don’t like having jerks call you peewee.”

“Yeah you’re right. You’re still a gigantic nerd. But you’re also a real live hero.”

“What else was I gonna do, watch him get punched?”

“That’s what I meant; ya big dummy.”

We walked back to the horses and showed them some love and watched Loren and several other kids run around like crazy people.

I saw Mr. Hammond talking to Jamey who rounded up the other two. I watched them pile into the S.U.V. and they were gone. I felt a huge hand on my shoulder and knew it was Bob.

“Are guys ready to head back?”

Ely answered for both of us and we saddled up and moved out. That’s genuine horsey talk right there.

Ely and I took care of the mounts. Unsaddling and removing their bridles and putting on their halters. We combed them out and put them in the corral for some outside time. It was almost warm and the snow was melting quickly. The horses enjoyed the weak sunshine and nuzzled each other.

“Let’s ask Bob if we can use one of the quads and go for a ride.”

“I’ve never ridden one so you’ll have to show me how they work.”

Bob gave his blessing and told us to wear helmets. Quad runners are a blast. They go pretty quick and you can do small jumps and other stuff. Ely took us out away from the house towards B.L.M. land. He pulled off the dirt road and stopped. I released my hold on his waist and he turned around.

“Do you wanna try it?”

“Sure, I’ll give it a shot.”

He showed me the gears and how to work the throttle and clutch and most importantly the brakes. I had ridden a dirt bike once and the controls were the same.

I remembered being all proud that I’d managed to ride it without falling. When I shared my joy with my Mom she grounded me. She said she couldn’t afford to have me get injured on a motorcycle. Nothing about being concerned that I might feel pain or suffer.

Ely and I had worked out a system to let the driver know when he was scaring the passenger. At one point he was actually patting my shoulder to slow down. Not because I was bad at it but because I appeared to be a natural and I was going a lot faster than he had when he was driving.































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