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Aw man, so much work for Imagine this month. It’s hard to stay on top of it all. You guys see my little brother on the cover? He’s been bugging me to have his picture taken for IM and when I was shown the costume for the cover, I knew he’d be excited. It was fun watching the photo shoot too. Sometimes he gets to watch mine so it was cool to be there to support him like he does me. Then we got to hang out with ACFan when he digitized them. He has some other name for it but I think digitizing sounds way cooler!

Things around the IM studio have been nuts lately. I’ve been traveling back and forth between Comicality’s, Jeff’s, and ACFan’s offices. Each of them has been busy as heck with work or stuff going wrong or just everyday stuff. The funny thing is that no matter what is going on, they still put it all down to make sure they meet their own deadline. You know, a deadline that they created for work that they just do for no other reason than the fact that people enjoy it. I think that’s seriously cool. A little crazy, but cool. Either way, they seem happy to have my help so, I’ll keep it up to. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll pay me something. (Why are they laughing like that?)

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Steven Writes: Hi Matt! I was wondering how you found your way to the Shack, Imagine-Magazine and the other story sites. I mean most of us found Comicality because we were looking for a place to belong. Like we were looking for that family who would accept us for who we are. Is that what you were looking for or is there more of a story?

Matt’s Reply: Jeff & AC told me their stories of how they found Comicality way back in the 90’s and then, I heard a few other people tell stories that were a lot like theirs. We all have times that we just know that we aren’t going to be accepted. We’re probably going to be wrong but, you feel like the outcast and that is a lonely place to be. I’ll be honest, I was out searching the web for stories of coming out and surviving it. I found a ton of stories that made me blush and believe me, I cleared my browser history right after reading a ton of them…um…after immediately leaving those inappropriate sites…(Hi Mom. I love you :D) It was in one of those Google searches I found a link for his “New Kid In School” story and I just couldn’t stop reading. Then I just started clicking on links and I found the other communities that hosted even more really awesome stories. Yeah, I made a whole ton of friends who either had been through some of the same crap or was going through it. All people who were looking for the same thing I was: friends who really understood. My story could be anyone’s to be honest. I’m glad it all worked out the way it did.


Aloo256 Writes: I don’t believe you are real. Prove to me that you are.

Matt’s Reply: Hehehe… Ohhhkaaaaay. Um. Someone is responding to your email and if you are reading it then it is being read on a site that I have access to. Sure, the image you see of me on the cover or in messages from me are the work of CGI but, based on what exactly? They are based on me but done in a way that I’m not 100% me. Kinda cool actually. So, the short answer is, the fact that I am here answering your email in a place where tons of people can see the response and, that I think this is all cool means that I am real. Do I look “exactly” like the me you see on the cover? No, not exactly. Does that make me less real? No. I rest my case your honor. <giggle> Real person, real sarcasm. You’re welcome.


Maneki Neko Writes: I have two cats and my little brother picks on them all the time. Do you like cats too or are you like my little brother?

Matt’s Reply: Aw man, I hope he’s not hurting them. I love animals. Cats, dogs, mice, hamsters, snakes, lizzards, fish, birds, bugs. My favorite pet though is my little brother. XD Maybe you just need to train him better 😉 I’ll email some suggestions later, k?

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