Annnnnd…here we go, back to the fairy land of Australia, where apparently all of the most gorgeous boys on the entire planet seem to born in a boy model lab, and just run around free all day long…just laughing and surfing and having a good time!

Seriously…what the hell is going on with boys in Australia??? I’m living in the wrong hemisphere!

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Recently celebrating his 14th birthday, Alec Golinger seems to be one of the next names to look out for in the entertainment industry. This teen model/singer/actor is well on his way to a successful career. Beautiful beyond belief, with an unmercifully cute Aussie accent that just makes the appeal of the total package just plain unfair! Hehehe!

Alec was only one year old when this Melbourne boy started off his modeling gig with an ad for Target. He’s also been featured in ads for Cotton, Kmart, and Lee Jeans…but his talents don’t stop there. He’s also an accomplished singer, winning his first lead role as ‘Colin’ in the Young Australian Broadway Chorus’ version of “The Secret Garden”, and is already moving towards getting some film acting credits under his belt as well.

Oh…and did I mention that he’s also a 3rd level black belt in Tae Kwan Do? A national champion, at that! Yeah, so…it’s best not to piss him off! Just a word to the wise!

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With his easy smile and endlessly giddy sense of humor, I can’t see any downfalls for Alec on his way to the top! “It’s all about dedication, hard work, patience, and resilience.” Alec says, “For every yes you get in this arena, there are also many no’s.” Very true. But with his work ethic, some grace, a dash of Australian charm, and a pair of pretty eyes that could stop you dead in your tracks if you gaze into them for too long…I’m pretty sure that Alec can accomplish anything.

Acting? Sure.

Singing? Why not?

Modeling? Most definitely!

Hell…if I was traveling overseas, I’d let him fly the plane if he thought he could do it! Hehehe! What can I say? I’ve got faith in him!

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So, high fives and major kudos go out to Alec Golinger, as well as heartfelt wishes for his continued success! Be sure to send him your love and support…

…And he MIGHT just take you on vacation with him! 😛

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