Ark: The Backstory Of Humanity That You Never Knew

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Ark ~ By Akeentia ©2006 All Rights Reserved, © CSU 2002

Author’s Warning: The following review/documentary may contain (I know it does) spoiler’s, you have been warned! Ark, is a story within the Fort Family as a part of the collaboration known as “The Clan Short Universe” so you may find yourself with quite the reading list if you have never read any of it.

What if everything that you knew, or even thought you knew about humanity or humanity’s history was wrong? What if the history of humanity was even older than the wildest guesses, er, I mean scientific estimations? What if there were species of highly advanced humans living among us as well? Would that change your view of the world, if so, how would it change it? Well, now you may get a chance to find out the answers to those questions and many more. Or you will just uncover more questions.

I am going to introduce you to the story Ark by Akeentia, and while Ark is currently part of The Clan Short Universe, it started out as a stand-alone side story. The whole story begins back in the last year of Cycle Zero of humanity’s beginning, however, we are actually going to tens of thousands of years later. The story starts out with two main characters The Ark aka Ark, and Nyo. A brief definition of The Ark from the Clan Short Roster Database: Global Data Archiving System; The ARK was designed to record all the events of the planet throughout the ages and when humanity finally stopped destroying itself, then they would be given access to this wealth of information that the ARK has stored. The ARK was given an Artificial Intelligence and then sealed deep underground. It measures time on a 12-month calendar, and it counts the years from 0 up until the next cycle, at which point it resets the years and starts counting again. A cycle ends and the next one begins every time humanity destroys the world and almost wipes itself out.

So now we know what technically Ark is, but what really is Ark and does Ark have a gender? Since Ark is basically a Super Computer specializing in Data Retrieval and Organization and Storage; Ark technically is genderless, however, (spoiler ahead) that doesn’t stop some character later in the story from assigning Ark several different genders depending on the time, place, and their personalities. Did I mention that this story was assimilated by/into the main CSU storyline, oh, I already did, good?

The story really begins as a result of data retrieved regarding the United Federation of Planets Safe Haven Act© . It seems that Nyo was intrigued by the act and the groups of children using it. Nyo ‘convinced Ark to let him go to the surface, and not only study Clan Short, but to also impart the knowledge that they need to continue their mission.

The story evolves from there, and while evolving it takes you on an exploration of the ‘true’ history of humanity. Along the way you will come across new species, new characters and some really interesting technology. The story is written well enough that you can read it by itself, however, reading Memories Book One & Two, will help you understand some of the other characters better.

This story doesn’t just introduce you to history, new species, and technology, it also takes you on a trip into the deeper recesses of humanity’s psyche. You may even learn something about yourself that you were unaware of. The story explores not only the good side of humanity’s psyche but the darker side that most societies try to hide. Because of that expose, the story may seem to be commenting on social issues that may or may not be relevant to our time and society.

Ark is well worth taking the time to read, you won’t be sorry that you did.

Author’s End Note:

The story Ark is available on Akeentia’s website The Padded Room, more information about The Ark can also be found on the CSUhub, just click on the link for the CSU Wiki from the Tools/Resources Tab. You can also find a link to the CSRD there as well. Ark will be re-edited in the very near future.  The Safe Haven Act is a live document and is currently undergoing a major revision to bring it up-to-date with all the current stories. However, you can view the current version at the following link Safe Haven Act.

I hope that this short review will entice you to read Ark.


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Editor’s notes:

I have made a few corrections, but I have a few comments that I find relevant.

Let me say that reading ARK Will take some time to digest. But I feel the added information contained in the story will make reading it well worth the time and energy involved.

The story fills in a lot of blanks that have made themselves boldly apparent. By chapter 7 of Memories II without reading ARK some interactions that start occurring between characters from both Memories and soon Sentenced To Life will become difficult to comprehend without knowing more details which can be discovered by reading ARK.

Let me point out, that you will become familiar with some, if not all of the ARK Characters, but details and specific facts which may become known in the other stories will be much more deeply examined in the actual ARK story.

I highly recommend reading ARK. Don’t just skim it, read it.

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