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Hearts Across Space

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Errata V: The Raderian and Darrylian Indices


From the Research by D’ark


The Raderian and Darrylian Indices are the Indices used to quantify Empathic and Telepathic Skills and Strengths. These Indices are the standards used throughout the Geminiian Confederacy to quantify these Skills and Strengths.

Darrylian Telepathic Index:

Ranges from a value of Zero to a top value of Two Hundred.

The index rating is based on the combination of scores in several different areas of telepathy.

This includes the range of reception and sending and the weight of objects raised or moved. It also includes the distance between the object and the Telekineticist AKA TKer. Other things taken into account are the number of people the sender can send to and the number of people a sender can receive. The depth or completeness of the thoughts sent or received is also factored into the equation.

Types of Telepaths:


A person who can only send thoughts with some degree of strength and completeness.


A person who can only receive thoughts with some degree of strength and completeness.


A Catalyst is a Telepath who can open latent Telepathic Channels or increase the ability of already open ones. Catalyst Telepaths are not always available to send or receive, most can only send slightly. The majority of known Catalysts needed to be in contact with a person in order to open their channels. S’ean Castellano is one of the few known Telepaths in Geminiian History to be able to open channels without contact. D’ani is another Catalyst Telepath but that is another story.


A Channel is a Telepath who has the ability to open a channel for another Telepath to reach someone they normally would not be able to. Channels can also act as range extenders.


A person who has at least three out of the four Telepathic Skills. A Complete Telepath is very rarely a Catalyst they are usually only able to both send and receive to differing degrees. Due to the fact that Catalysts are so rare, it has become common practice to call someone who can both send and receive a Complete Telepath. S’ean Castellano is a Complete Telepath in all senses of the word.

Types of Telepathy:


Basically, the ability to send thoughts to a person or persons without being in contact with the person or persons.


Basically, the ability to receive thoughts from a person or persons without being in contact with the person or persons.


Basically, the ability to send and receive thoughts only while in contact with the person or persons the thoughts are being sent to or received from.


The ability to move objects without touching them.


The ability to allow other Telepathic Individuals to connect with someone the Channel is connected to. The ability to extend the range of some Telepaths when necessary to connect to persons outside their normal range. L’ogen and C’obi are Telepathic as well as Empathic Channels along with A’lexii.

[Mind Control is more of an Empathic issue than a Telepathic One.]

Raderian Emphatic Index:

Ranges from a value of Zero to a top value of One Hundred and Seventy-Five. The rating is based on a cumulation of scores based on testing of the various types and strengths of empathy.

Types of Empaths:


A person who can only send or receive emotions while in physical contact with a person.


A person who can receive emotional content from another person without physical contact.


A person who can project emotional content to another person without physical contact with the person or persons they are projecting to. Certain levels of Projective Empaths such as A’lexii can actually influence a person’s moods with his projections.


A Channel is an Empath who has the ability to open a channel for another Empath to receive or send emotions or heal someone they normally would not be able to. A Channel can also allow Empaths not physically present to perform Physical, Mental or Psychic Healing. L’ogen and C’obi are Empathic as well as Telepathic Channels along with A’lexii.


A Panoptic Empath is one who encompasses all types of Empathy and usually can do this without contact. A’lexii is a Panoptic Empath as is S’ean only not to the same degree. Ambrosius may be also, however, there is very little data available on his projective abilities. The majority of Panoptic Empaths are also Healers or Physicos.

Types of Empathy:

[Note: All person emote an empath is able to send emotions with the clarity and depth or intensity necessary for them to be used as communication and or healing by an Empathic Healer.]


The ability to sense or send the emotions and moods of an individual.



The ability to heal physical ailments through mental manipulation and or at least block pain.


The ability to heal emotional traumas and stresses or at least minimize their damage


The ability to reduce or heal injuries and traumas by absorbing or transferring them to themselves also known as transference


The ability to heal Empathic and Telepathic Channels.


Encompasses all of the healing modes, and are extremely rare.


Not all Telepathic Individuals are Empathic and not all Empathic Individuals are Telepathic. The best of each have at least a small measure of the other skill. Most Physicos are very strong Empaths at least 100 or higher on the Raderian Index also at least medium strength Telepaths. Ambrosius score 110 on the Raderian Index and approximately 115 to 120 on the Darrylian Index. A’lexii on the other hand scores 140 on the Raderian Index and 130 on the Darrylian Index. A’ndreas’s scores surprisingly are very close to Ambrosius’s, which would explain why he was able to develop S’ean’s Empathic Skills so well. S’ean scored 100 Raderian Index and 170 on the Darrylian Index. The Bond of S’ean and A’lexii scored over 200 on the Darrylian Index and 150 on the Raderian Index when they first bonded; years later when they were retested their score was unmeasurable. There were several reasons for this First being the fact that there was no way of measuring a Tripartite Bond and Second the fact that S’ean was also a Catalyst Telepath.

A more detailed explanation of the Indices will be available in a future Errata.

Chapter Five: The Finding

Authors Notes:

This chapter is made possible thanks to the wonderful input from my team of Co-Authors in alphabetical order; Dark Star, Str8mayb and The Radio Rancher. I want to heartily thank them for their awesome contributions. This chapter begins right after Chapter Three to resolve the cliffhanger.


From Chapter Three:

As the crowd starts to recover from this startling announcement from ‘The Keeper of The Planet’ there is heard a large crackling sound and a hazy image begins to form on the stage.

As the image begins to clear Ambrosius is stricken still for the image is Alexander!

As the crowd shrinks back in awe Alexander’s image speaks “He is mine, they are both mine leave them alone”

As soon as he finishes speaking his image begins to disappear, but before it can disappear totally it too is surrounded by a globe of blue light and a thundering announcement “He is mine as well”

The globe and image disappear and the crowd breaks into a roar, Ambrosius begins to step forward and calm the crowd when Sean steps forward lifting Alexii to his feet.

Once the globes had disappeared the crowd could see two shining blue objects hanging by an iridium chain from the necks of Sean and Alexii. What wasn’t visible was the similar clear object hidden beneath Sean’s tunic.

Sean then announces in a strong and commanding voice that could be heard outside of the amphitheater “I am S’ean Castellano, and this is my Bond A’lexii, this ceremony is over!”

S’ean then took A’lexii by the arm grabbed Ambrosius with his other hand and quickly left the stage.

While pandemonium reigned in the auditorium S’ean and A’lexii along with Brosius headed towards one of the practice rooms behind the stage of the amphitheater. They were quickly joined by several of ‘The Companions’ with Kevin and Patrick escorting the Head of The Bondling Collegium and the presumptive Bondling Jared. Before S’ean or Ambrosius could begin trying to straighten out what had just happened, there was a commotion outside the door, young voices screaming “Lexi, where’s Lexi?”

“Oh No! The imps; I forgot about them, S’ean please ask your guards to let them in before they destroy the place.” Ambrosius anxiously asked S’ean.

Patrick quickly opened the door and let A’lexii’s young ‘brothers’ into the room. Logen and Cobi quickly ran over to their ‘brother’ and started to give him hugs, when they abruptly stopped and took a step back and staring at A’lexii with confusion written on their faces.

“Alexii you’ve changed, you’re Alexii….and yet you’re…. you’re him too!!!” A startled Logen stuttered.

Cobi smacked his brother on the back of the head and stated, “They bonded, Dufus.”

Before Logen could reply to his brother’s insult the Head of the Bondling Collegium shouted, “That wasn’t a legitimate Bond I am disallowing it!”

He then started towards A’lexii with malice in his eyes but as soon as he took his first step, Logen and Cobi turned around facing him standing side by side. When he took his second step Logen and Cobi raised their hands while facing their palms toward the Head and with one voice said “You will not touch A’lexii! Stop where you are!”

The amazing thing is that they weren’t speaking simultaneously they were actually speaking with one voice.

The Head of the Collegium took another step forward and ran into an invisible wall.

S’ean started to speak but A’lexii sent to him ‘This is my job, let me handle this.’

“You are obviously misinformed about this situation.  My Bond is S’ean Castellano Archon of Gemini and Archon in charge of all The Bondling Collegiums on Gemini. He is in charge of the investigation concerning the issues regarding the failed Bondings and will be responsible for the restructuring of the existing Bondling Procedures and Policies. As a result of his investigation and your actions earlier today, Archon Castellano has decided, and will decree, that you be removed from your position immediately. You will be taken before a Review Board and your punishment will be determined then………”

A’lexii was interrupted by the ex-Head of The Bondling Collegium shouting at him, “You are nothing but a wiseass young……”

At the word, “wiseass” Logen and Cobi raised their hands again towards the ex-Head making a slapping motion, which caused the ex-Head of the Collegium to fly across the room and crash into the wall where he then lay stunned.

Before he could struggle to his feet Kevin and Patrick appeared at his side. Each of them grabbed an arm and they jerked him to his feet, slamming his shoulders back against the wall.

At an unseen command from S’ean, Dion opened the door and stepped aside; allowing two uniformed Archonate Security Officers to enter.

As they did, they came to a stop and stood at attention, facing S’ean and asked, “Your orders Archon?”

“Take this person and place him in an Archonate Holding Cell until he is sentenced” S’ean replied in a steely cold voice laced with distaste.

Turning and facing the ex-Head of The Main Bondling Collegium S’ean continued speaking in the same cold voice, “You are being charged with assault on the Bond of an Archon of Gemini and by that action assault on the person of an Archon. Furthermore, I will prove that you have deliberately flouted years of tradition and many of the Laws of this Collegium and of Gemini. I am appointing Senior Physico Ambrosius as the new Head of this Collegium; in addition, along with the Bond A’ndreas he will serve as Co-Chair of the Committee that will be restoring the old and honoured traditions and updating any of those that need it. Take him away NOW!”

As the security officers began to follow Sean’s instructions suddenly his commanding voice rang out.

“One moment before you take him away!” Then, turning to the Physico, said.

“Ambrosius, I am requesting that you place a block on his memory regarding how he came to hit the wall. That information is something that needs to remain confidential.”

“Archon Castellano, that is an action that is not taken lightly and under normal circumstances, I would not acquiesce to that request, However, under these circumstances, I will agree to it as long as the block is not permanent. There is also one other stipulation, the block must be reviewed by a Judicial Tribunal of the Archonate. Placing blocks of this nature is not something that we as Geminiian’s and Physico’s take lightly,” was Ambrosius’ measured reply.

When the ex-Head of the Collegium heard those words, he started to struggle frantically to get out of the grip of the security personnel; which turned out to be a big mistake. The two Archonate Security Officers simply tightened their grips and each one stepped on the feet of the ex-Head, effectively immobilizing him. As this was happening Patrick and Kevin stepped up closer behind the trio ready to render any assistance that may become necessary.

Dion and Tommy from their positions at the door had unsnapped the safety straps from their growlers.

All ‘The Companions’ were determined to prevent anything from happening to either S’ean or his new Bond A’lexii.

Meanwhile, S’ean had put his arm protectively around A’lexii and pulled his young Bond snuggly against him sending calming and reassuring thoughts through their developing link to the frightened teen. As the calming thoughts began to take effect A’lexii’s training took over and he then began performing as a Bond should.

S’ean was amazed at the depth and strength of the new link. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced or heard of before. According to all of S’ean’s training and research, he and A’lexii should only be experiencing a Simple Bond with only one-way communication and the sensing of some emotions.

Yet, He was experiencing not only strong emotions and thoughts from A’lexii, and he was also experiencing A’lexii’s perceptions of everyone in the room. S’ean was also amazed that A’lexii instead of being cowed or unsure of himself due to everything that had occurred was actually, extremely calm and controlled.

S’ean let that thought accidentally rise to the surface and was stunned by the answer he received.

‘You are my Bond and we are perfect together I am finally doing what I have been trained to do and we mesh perfectly. Although we aren’t complete, yet we will be a much stronger team when we can finally Bond with Alexander.’ Sent the now cocky A’lexii.

‘I wonder if A’lexii can connect with ‘My Companions’ that would be a very helpful and handy thing’.  As S’ean finished his thought an image appeared in his head of spots of light with tendrils of light radiating from two brighter spots of light along with two smaller, but brightly pulsing spots close by.

‘Does that answer your question o’ pondering one?’ Asked A’lexii in a sending tinged with a smirk.

S’ean burst out laughing at what A’lexii had sent causing everyone to look at him wondering what was up, but before anyone could ask why S’ean instead responded to Ambrosius.

“Physico Ambrosius your stipulations are accepted; as is your reasoning please proceed when you are ready. We will offer any assistance necessary.”

“No assistance will be necessary; I am perfectly capable of handling this……” Ambrosius started to reply but was interrupted by A’lexii speaking one word.

The word A’lexii spoke in a very commanding voice tinged with power that was felt throughout the room, “Sleep.”

The prisoner slumped unconscious so fast the Archonate Security Personnel almost dropped him except for the swift reactions of Patrick and Kevin. Who quickly grabbed onto the man, steadying him before he could fall.

Meanwhile, Ambrosius was standing there in complete shock along with almost everyone else.

“Lexi, Lexi you are bad you told us never to do that and especially never do it where we could be caught” Logen and Cobi emphatically told their ‘brother’.

With everyone in the room trying to look the other way Ambrosius replied to A’lexii in a voice heavily tinged with sarcasm, trying not to laugh as he did,

“Thank you kind A’lexii it will be easier to put the block in now without any resistance since he is sound asleep, however, next time please let me handle that myself as we wouldn’t want anyone thinking I am incompetent, now would we?

S’ean was trying very hard not to laugh at Ambrosius’ words and the effect they had on A’lexii; as they had made him hang his head in contrition.

“I believe that my Bond was only trying to assist you in the only way he knew how, I am sure that as we continue our training together, we will learn the correct way to handle these situations.” S’ean gave A’lexii’s shoulder a squeeze sending comforting thoughts through their link as he addressed Ambrosius.

“I apologize, Physico Ambrosius, my action was not what I was taught I am sorry that I went against your teachings. I do know better and I let the situation overrule my judgment.” was A’lexii’s contrite apology to Ambrosius.

“Apologies accepted, now A’lexii if you will extend your senses, I will show you what needs to be done as I proceed. Please watch closely as this needs to be done very carefully as we only want to block his memories of what Logen, and Cobi did to him. It would be against everything we stand for if I was to do any more than that.” Ambrosius addressed A’lexii and in turn S’ean and then moved next to the prisoner stopping in front of him.

He then placed his hands one on each side of the prisoner’s face, as he gathered his senses and then slowly probed the prisoner’s mind seeking the memories he needed. As he found the memories, he quickly erected a block around them. Then without withdrawing his senses, he addressed A’lexii, “Now that I have blocked the memories have, I finished young Bond?”

“No Sir, you aren’t finished…” A’lexii’s reply was interrupted by his ‘brother’s’ voice.

“Brosius you know you have to put the redirect thingy in,” Logen said impertinently, clearly impatient with it all.

“Logen apologize to Physico Ambrosius immediately! Although you are correct you know better than to talk to a Senior Physico like that and additionally he was asking me! Do you understand me?’ A’lexii asked Logen in a very perturbed tone.

“Yes Lexi, I’m sorry Lexi I just wanted to get done here so we can be together again, and we wanted to meet S’ean and all his neat ‘Companions'” a chastised Logen said before pausing and turning to face Ambrosius with his head down and saying in a contrite voice.

“Physico Ambrosius I am very sorry for my outburst; it was inappropriate of me to answer that way. I have been taught better please do not hold my speaking out like that against A’lexii, he had nothing to do with it.”

While A’lexii and Logen were addressing Ambrosius, S’ean was trying to figure out who Logen and Cobi were and why they were acting like bodyguards. He also had no idea where their shielding ability came from. Although he figured their ability to slam the ex-Head of The Main Bondling Collegium must be an extension of that ability it certainly didn’t explain any of it. He planned to ask A’lexii about that as soon as things had settled down.

A’lexii quickly sent, ‘They are my ‘brothers’ and will always be underfoot, I will explain more later.’

S’ean sent just as quickly ‘It had better be good’

While the interplay was going on between S’ean and A’lexii, Ambrosius was stifling his laughter as he realized what S’ean must have been asking his young Bond.

“I am still waiting for your response Bond A’lexii,” interjected Ambrosius.

“I am sorry Physico Ambrosius; the next step is to insert a redirect suggestion so there are no gaps in his memory.” Was A’lexii’s contrite response.

“Bond A’lexii would you like to demonstrate how that is accomplished?” Inquired Ambrosius.

“Not at this time esteemed Physico, this matter is too important for an error to be made. However, I will pay very close attention as you insert that suggestion.” Was A’lexii’s surprising response.

S’ean carefully extended his senses through the Bond so he could observe Physico Ambrosius at work as he had never actually observed what was about to occur. S’ean was completely shocked when he received a message from A’lexii through the Bond.

‘You don’t have to be so gentle; you can’t hurt me this is what I have been trained for and besides I wouldn’t let you hurt me.’ Sent A’lexii with a smirk.

‘This is definitely going to take some getting used to A’lexii.’ Sent a bemused S’ean.

Ambrosius proceeded to implant the redirect suggestion with both A’lexii and S’ean closely observing the procedure. As he was nearly finished, he felt a sudden Psychic flare and out of the corner of his eye noticed the two imps stagger slightly. In a corner of his mind, he came to the realization that A’lexii had somehow disciplined his ‘brothers’ for something they shouldn’t have been doing.  He finished the last of his work in the prisoner’s mind and then checked to make sure there were no loose ends before withdrawing.

He then turned to A’lexii and said. “Please awaken the prisoner non-vocally”

A’lexii started to walk over to the prisoner but stopped at a glance from Ambrosius and then a look of understanding appeared on his face. He quickly gathered his thoughts and with S’ean along for the ride reached out with his empathic senses and projected a very strong urge to wake up directed at the prisoner’s mind.

The prisoner snapped awake suddenly and tried to escape the grip of the security personnel holding him. But The Archonate Security Guards were old hands at dealing with prisoners and never flinched; they just tightened their grips. They had been following the verbal conversations and knew approximately when the prisoner was going to awake and were prepared for him to attempt to break their holds. Additionally, Patrick and Kevin stepped forward and placed their hands on the prisoner’s shoulders exerting a firm downward pressure keeping the prisoner perfectly still.

S’ean watched the prisoner’s eyes and as soon as he saw that he was completely awake he began speaking in a very emotionless voice.

“You will be taken to the nearest Archonate holding facility and held there for your tribunal. I will be presenting Oral, written and mental testimony against you. In addition, the Bond A’ndreas and many others will be providing testimony and evidence in the matter of malfeasance and more regarding the failed Bondings. You will be given a chance to explain your actions and your explanation had better be very good as the evidence against you is overwhelming. You will be scanned during your testimony and I can guarantee you the persons doing the scanning will not miss anything. Something for you to think about is that they aren’t anywhere near as gentle as Physico Ambrosius or MY BOND A’lexii has been. Regarding your physical attack against my Bond, you have already convicted yourself and I will render judgment after your Tribunal”

Before the prisoner could begin to respond S’ean continued speaking, “Take that piece of filth out of here now and I don’t care how you do it!”

The ex-Head of the Collegium tried to say something but quickly found a gag stuffed in his mouth by the resourceful Archonate Security Personnel as they quickly hustled their now abject prisoner out the door. With a nod of his head and an intense look, Kevin signaled Dion and Steve to accompany Archonate Security.

S’ean started to question Kevin but the look Kevin gave him and the thoughts that Kevin was sending in S’ean’s direction, quickly changed his mind.

As soon as Archonate Security was out the door with their prisoner S’ean muttered.

“I am sure glad that is over, but I have a whole lot of questions that need to be answered and A’lexii you get the first one. Why did you pre-empt my bonding and more importantly Who Are You?”

Before A’lexii could frame a response there was a loud knocking on the door. Kevin and Patrick quickly made their way to the door pushing S’ean and A’lexii out of the direct line of fire from the door. They all heard a passkey being entered, into the door and a strange voice announcing.

“This is Collegium Security we are coming in; we need to speak to Physico Ambrosius and Archon S’ean Castellano on a very important matter.”

“You will cease your attempts at entering and step away from the door IMMEDIATELY! This is Castellano House Security speaking and if you continue, I guarantee it will be the last thing you will do!  IF and I say IF Physico Ambrosius or The Bond A’lexii can verify you are who you say you then we will open the door and allow you access to this room under Growler cover. Do you understand? All I want is a Yes or No Answer!” Bellowed Kevin as he and Patrick drew their growlers and aimed them at the door while activating their skinsuits at the same time.

While Patrick kept his eye on the door Kevin turned and looked directly at Ambrosius’ for his response. While Ambrosius was preparing to respond there was the sound of two thuds outside the door and S’ean started laughing so hard he nearly fell over.

“Ahh, they are sleeping now, they won’t bother you,” responded A’lexii into the silence.

Ambrosius nodded his head and Patrick slowly and carefully opened the door; and to no one’s surprise, there were two bodies sprawled there.

Sean wasn’t sure exactly what had happened or what was going on here. He didn’t even really know who his bond was either. Oh, he knew his name and that the bond between them felt “right” and there were things that he really liked about the boy like the fact that he would take charge and get things done basically shooting first and asking questions later, but he didn’t know anything else really. As he thought this, he also realized that he could feel a lot of caring and love for him through the link as well as strong feelings of protection. The one thing of which he was certain though was that even though A’lexii wasn’t his scheduled bond he was definitely going to keep him no matter what happened.

‘Of course, you are going to keep me, we are perfect for each other,‘ sent a smirking A’lexii.

‘We are definitely going to have a long Bond to Bond talk very soon, you mischievous imp.’ Was S’ean’s laughing reply. ‘Now scan those two and let me know if they are who they said they were. That is your job, isn’t it? ‘

Aloud A’lexii saucily replied, “Yes O’Mighty Archon at once mighty one;” and then before anyone could respond he continued I am not an imp; they are!” While pointing to his ‘brothers’.

At a growled “A’lexii” from both Ambrosius and S’ean, A’lexii stood straight and began reporting.

“Archon Castellano and Physico Ambrosius, they are two of The Collegium Security Staff and from what I ‘read’ it is imperative that we return to the stage. If we do not do so very quickly there may be riots or worse….”

“Riots why would they riot? Asked a puzzled Archon.

Ambrosius with a very thoughtful expression on his face told a now blushing Bond. “Continue A’lexii, S’ean needs to know.

“Because of me,” A’lexii said softly and then sent to S’ean. ‘I was the darling of the Collegium the favourite of most of the teachers and staff and most of the students. Mostly because I stood up to Jared and his cronies especially the Ex-Head whose job you gave to Brosius. They want to make sure I am okay, and they want to know what is going to happen here since they saw the Ex-Head get escorted to the Archonate Security Aircar’.

While A’lexii was sending to S’ean, Ambrosius was explaining things to Kevin and the rest of ‘The Companions’; including Dion and Steve who had just returned and were obviously echoing A’lexii’s instructions by their demeanour. Mike then announced that the two Collegium Guards were waking up and wanted to know what happened.

Kevin looked directly at Mike who then reached down and helped the two groggy guards to their feet and then spoke to them.

“You were rendered unconscious by the Bond A’lexii working under the auspices of House Castellano Security and under the authority of The Archon S’ean. Further explanations will have to wait until we deal with the chaos in the amphitheater. By direction of the Archon S’ean, you will accompany us to the stage and act as security backup for us.”

“I guess we better go try and soothe the wild beasts; Ambrosius I think you better go on stage first and then A’lexii and I will follow right behind you. Kevin you and the rest The Companions’ form a semicircle directly behind us. A’lexii your ‘brothers’ will stay directly behind Kevin until things are quieted down. Collegium Security you two watch the rear entrances to the stage. Understood?” S’ean addressed everyone and then at their nods continued.

“Let’s get this show on the road.”

The closer they came to the rear stage entrance the louder the noise became; S’ean sent a questioning thought to A’lexii. ‘Is it going to be safe for all of us especially you and your ‘brothers’ when we appear unannounced on the stage?’

‘Don’t worry S’ean as soon as Brosius walks onto the stage dead silence will reign,’ was A’lexii’s studied reply.

The entourage arrived at the rear stage entrance and without ceremony Patrick quickly opened the door and everyone filed in and went to their places as if they had practiced the entrance every day. As soon as Ambrosius walked out onto the middle of the stage you could have heard a pin drop. The cessation of noise was total and instantaneous.

‘See I told you things would be fine; the students and staff love Brosius they would never hurt him!’ Sent a smirking A’lexii.

Ambrosius began speaking to the now quiescent crowd, “Now that I have your undivided attention, I would like to introduce someone who can answer the majority of your questions and also make a few announcements. Please welcome S’ean Castellano Arcon of Callisto, Archon of Gemini, Deputy Director of Planetary Education and Archonate Representative to The Bondling Collegiums. Archon Castellano.” Ambrosius said as he turned and pointed to S’ean before stepping aside.

Ambrosius’ first remarks brought a bit of laughter from the crowd which quickly died down as they listened intently to what he was saying.

S’ean stepped forward and began speaking, “Before I go any farther let me just say that A’lexii is my BOND and that is not going to change……..”

Before he couldn’t go on any further as complete pandemonium erupted in the amphitheater and shouts of “A’lexii, A’lexii” shook the building.

A’lexii took a slight step forward and bowed to the crowd which brought a standing ovation before he returned to stand next to Sean who gave him a big hug and then continued speaking.

“Although I am not sure how my bond with A’lexii occurred I am very glad that I have Bonded with him. As he keeps reminding me, we are a perfect fit. I have instructed the new head of this Collegium to enter our Bond into the official records. Yes, I said the new head of this Collegium Physico Ambrosius…”

If S’ean thought his announcement about A’lexii caused a stir his announcement about Ambrosius almost brought down the roof.

Making a snap decision S’ean strode over to Ambrosius pulling A’lexii with him and then facing the exuberant crowd raised both A’lexii and Ambrosius’ hands into the air. S’ean let the standing ovation go on for a few minutes before he lowered his arms, releasing the others hands and took a step forward raising his right hand asking for quiet. And to his amazement, the crowd quieted immediately.

“As Ambrosius said in his introduction I am in charge of all of the Bondling Collegiums and more importantly, along with the Bond A’ndreas and Ambrosius, I am handling the investigation into the numerous failings of Bondings throughout Gemini. For those of you who question my youth and knowledge in this area A’lexii and Ambrosius said to remind you that I am the person who wrote those, and I am quoting A’lexii here “Long winded overly detailed monographs we had to memorize”. With the help of Ambrosius and A’ndreas and my Archonate Assistants, we hope to solve those problems and return all of the Bondling Collegiums to the old tried and true method of matching Bond and Bondlings. I am also sure that Ambrosius will do an excellent job as the Head of this Collegium. I do hate to leave you all now, however, Ambrosius, A’lexii and I need figure out just what happened during our Bond, and why ‘The Keeper’ appeared as well as what was the significance of the other appearance. Ambrosius will return here as soon as possible to update you as it becomes necessary. I do want to thank you for the warm welcome you have given A’lexii, Ambrosius and Myself.” With those words, S’ean again took Ambrosius and A’lexii’s hands in his and together the trio bowed towards the crowd who responded with a standing ovation.

As soon as S’ean, A’lexii and Ambrosius stood up ‘The Companions’ quickly surrounded them as they headed towards the door. As they started to turn back towards the practice room, they had used earlier A’lexii spoke up.

“I know a better place for us to go, it will be much more comfortable”

Ambrosius raised an eyebrow and started to question A’lexii when a look of enlightenment crossed his face “Ahh yes the Green Room, the perfect choice my young friend lead on.”

‘What is the “Green Room” A’lexii?’ Sent S’ean

‘It is the room where the actors relaxed between scenes and after their roles were finished. And you can call me Lexi.’ He sent back to his new Bond.

When they reached the door to “The Green Room” as its sign announced Kevin raised his hand and everyone came to a stop, while he and Patrick opened the door and entered quickly making a sweep of the rooms. A few ‘mics’ later, Kevin stepped back out and gestured everyone in.

S’ean entered the room, took a quick look around and then asked in a very puzzled tone of voice.

“The Green Room, this room isn’t green it’s rose-coloured?????”

Ambrosius answered S’ean’s question, “It is a tradition that rooms like this and waiting rooms at all the Planetary COMM Centers are called “Green Rooms” no one knows why.”

“Uhhh, if you say so, I guess,” was S’ean’s half-hearted reply.

“S’ean; Dion and Tommy will watch the outside while you try and explain what in ‘The Keeper’ is going on. Then in a slightly more refined tone, “Please?” Kevin stated and asked.

S’ean started to reply angrily, then he realized that Kevin was perfectly correct.

“Well, shades of pink are highly relaxing according to established research, Deputy Director.” Stated Ambrosius with a smirk.

“Okay, I surrender I know when I am outnumbered.” Was the chagrined reply by the youthful Archon.

“I think we all need to get comfortable while we try and figure out what happened during my Bonding Ceremony.” Sean was saying when he suddenly stopped, and a look of chagrin came across his face. “Oh, Nooooooooooo My Parents and A’ndreas; they were in the audience. I need to find them quickly.” The words came pouring out rapidly from the now concerned Archon.

“S’ean, your parents and A’ndreas are fine; they are waiting for you to let them know when they can join you.” Was the matter of fact reply from A’lexii which brought an immediate and furious response from S’ean.

“How could you know that, and why would you withhold that information from me…?”

“SEANIE, Hold it right there! Now Shut your mouth and listen to me!” Barked Kevin, in complete Security Commander Mode. Kevin quickly continued before S’ean could recover, ” I can only guess how A’lexii got his information, but it is correct! I have been in contact with both A’ndreas and D’avid with this (pointing to his subvocal mic built into his Mark VII Skinsuit) and they both concurred with A’lexii and my withholding of the information. As they both said this situation is in your bailiwick and you should handle it. They do not want to interfere or influence your decisions in any way. They are ready to join us as soon as you give the word. Now apologize to your Bond, or we can step outside and settle this!”

When S’ean heard Kevin call him Seanie he knew he had screwed up royally. As he started to apologize, he was interrupted by Ambrosius’ calming words.

“Excuse me a moment, Archon but both A’lexii and Kevin are entirely correct. A’lexii was performing in his capacity as your Bond, exactly as A’ndreas would have in the same situation. I realize that you and A’lexii are new to this and are still adjusting; but know that under the circumstances, you are both doing extremely well.

‘S’ean it’s okay, I do understand, I was going to tell you as soon as things settled down. I was just doing as I have been trained to do. I will explain everything to you and everyone here if you will allow me to?’ Sent a very composed and surprisingly unruffled A’lexii.

“Everyone, please listen to me; I have several apologies to make to everyone here. I am sorry I reacted the way I did.  I overreacted and for that, I am truly sorry.” S’ean made eye contact with everyone in the room before he continued apologizing. “I am not really upset with A’lexii; I realize now that he was doing exactly what he should have done; the person I am most angry at is myself. They are my parent’s and I forgot about them. What kind of Son am I?” S’ean paused for a moment to catch his breath and was startled by a feminine voice interrupting his thoughts.

“Males!!!! You lose control of a situation and you fall apart, and you call us females emotional! Not a word out of you D’avid or A’ndreas you two did the exact same thing and you had the training. S’ean you go give your young man a hug and a kiss and show him you are sorry now get to it.” S’ean’s mother Barbara ordered her now scarlet son.

“D’avid and A’ndreas I expect you to get together with S’ean, A’lexii and Ambrosius and work out a training program that will work and don’t forget to include those ragamuffins he calls his ‘Companions’. D’avid, make sure you tell them you acted like this several times until A’ndreas smacked you a good one.” Barbara continued, as she was obviously on a roll.

“Mistress Barbara, we aren’t ‘Ragamuffins’! Exclaimed her favourite Patrick.

“Mistress Barbara?”

“Sorry, Mom,” was Patrick’s mischievous reply.

Barbara quickly looked around the room and came up with two extra bodies and one missing one. “Okay S’ean, I know almost everyone in this room but the two imps trying to hide behind Dion and Tommy, and I believe you are missing someone. Where is that idiot who was supposed to be your Bond?”

Instantly everyone except for A’lexii, D’avid and A’ndreas turned red, as they had completely forgotten about Jared.

“Mistress… I mean Mom, he is sleeping I put him to sleep as we left the practice room, before we returned to the stage. He will sleep until either I or Ambrosius awaken him.” A’lexii told Barbara and the stunned ‘Green Room’.”

As soon as A’lexii said what had happened to Jared, Dion and Tommy were quickly out the door to retrieve him. Barbara stifled a chuckle as Cobi and Logen glanced her way and then like a flash were on the tails of Dion and Tommy.

When A’lexii had finished speaking, Barbara turned to her son who was standing behind A’lexii with his arms wrapped around him in a comforting and protective manner. “He’s a keeper S’ean, he knew to call me Mom, unlike some people I know.” Patrick quickly half ducked behind Kevin, smiling widely the whole time. “Now, who were those two youngsters and what is wrong with them?”

“Uhhh, Mom, they are my ‘brothers’ and they are afraid of you,” A’lexii replied warmly and confidently as he really liked S’ean’s Mother.

“I can tell by your voice there is more to the story that you are not telling. Well if they are going to be around here, they had better get used to me. We will wait until they return with Dion and Tommy and then I am sure my husband would like to hear ‘the rest of the story’.” Barbara told A’lexii and the others in the room.

“Okay Mom, I am sure they will be fine; I know they will love you, it’s just that they haven’t had a lot of experience around women; especially women who can make their husbands and sons blush and stutter. Since no one has introduced us, my name is A’lexii, and I am your Son’s Bond and this my friend and teacher Ambrosius and I am very glad to meet you.” As A’lexii finished speaking he was smacked on the back of his head by S’ean, who whispered.

“I get the message, sneaky.” He then gave A’lexii a big hug and kissed the top of his head; Before he then, stood up as straight as if he was on the Parade Ground.

“Father, A’ndreas and Mother, may I present to you my Bond, A’lexii Romanoff. A’lexii, this is my father, Grand Marshal D’avid Castellano and his Bond Commodore A’ndreas also known as “Commodore Spook”.  Excuse me, A’lexii just reminded me that his name is now just A’lexii, Bond of S’ean Castellano; and this lovely woman who just chopped me off at the knees is my dear mother, Barbara Castellano and as you have found out, it is either Barbara or Mom in private, if you want to keep your head on your shoulders…”

Before S’ean could finish his introductions, he was soundly smacked on the back of his head by his mother, as she pulled A’lexii from his arms warmly saying while giving him a hug.

“Don’t worry dear boy, I will love you, even if you are attached to that son of mine.” Chuckled Barbara while smiling at her now blushing son.

S’ean tried valiantly to recover the seriousness of the occasion and then finally gave into to his silently laughing mother and bond. Of course, the message he had received from A’lexii didn’t help.

‘I really like your mother; maybe I should bond with her, since she is very nice to me.’ Sent A’lexii with overtones of a smirk.

Before S’ean could speak, Dion and Tommy came in the door with a still sleeping Jared.

“What would you like us to do with this, this…?” Asked Dion, in a voice just dripping with derision.

“I believe we can deal with him later, if you don’t mind, Archon. If you will permit me, I will have a couple of my assistants take him back to my secure treatment room until we have time to deal with his inconsequential self. And as soon as we get you introduced to the imps who are trying to hide behind Patrick, I will send them to guard and shield him completely from observation.” Ambrosius replied, calmly and professionally.

That will be an acceptable solution Physico, however, I think that the two “imps”, as they seem to be important to A’lexii, should stay until we figure out exactly what happened during our Bonding. But please do call for your assistants to remove that whatever he is, and we will deal with him later. Now, as soon as that is taken care of, we can get down to business.” S’ean stated in a very businesslike manner.

“At once Archon, it shall be taken care of promptly and properly,” Ambrosius replied and then went to the nearest wallcomm and initiated a conversation with his office; Before turning back to Sean and informing him. “They will be here in a few ‘mics’.”

While S’ean and Ambrosius were taking care of business, D’avid and A’ndreas were catching up on things with Kevin and Patrick. When S’ean looked for his mother, he received another shock to find that she was sitting on one of the sedans situated around the room; and that Logen and Cobi were sitting on either side of her, being hugged, while carrying on very animated conversations. S’ean was slightly surprised when he felt a warm and comfortable presence come up behind him and shortly after that, he was enveloped in a hug by A’lexii. While S’ean was basking in the glow of A’lexii’s presence and the calming and comforting thoughts A’lexii was sending, there was a discreet knock on the door. Patrick and A’ndreas quickly went to the door and opened it, allowing two pale green robed junior Physicos to direct in a floating covered gurney. At S’ean’s inquiring look, Ambrosius replied.

“I thought a little discretion was in order, I didn’t think we wanted to draw any more attention to him, or what had happened. As I said, my assistants will keep him sleeping and sequestered until Logen and Cobi relieve them, and as you will soon find out, they can do the job in their sleep.”

“I have no choice at this time other than to trust in your judgment, Senior Physico. I do hope that the explanations will confirm my trust. One moment, someone has something to say to me…” S’ean stopped speaking and a look of intense concentration took over his face.

‘S’ean that was a very rude thing to say to Brosius he is only trying to help you and you had better believe me my ‘brothers’ can handle that job in their sleep and they can also shield us at the same time without even trying. I may not know everything about them, but I do know they can do that! Now please apologize to my friend.’ Sent a none too happy Bond.

Suddenly S’ean’s face turned a bright shade of scarlet and an embarrassed look replaced the one of concentration. ‘Yes A’lexii, right away A’lexii.’

“Physico Ambrosius, I need to apologize for doubting your professional opinion regarding the abilities of those under your tutelage. I have just been told, in no uncertain terms, that you may have even understated their abilities. Please accept my apology and I hope we can continue to work together.” S’ean contritely told Ambrosius.

“A’lexii, lighten up on your Bond or my hand and your fundament will have to have a discussion. Under the circumstances, your Bond is performing admirably, not too many Archons have their Bonding Ceremony blessed by ‘The Keeper’ and then get attacked shortly thereafter. I am sure that everything will settle down very shortly.” Was Ambrosius’ warm reply.

While those conversations were ongoing, the two junior Physicos had quickly loaded the unconscious Jared into the gurney and had begun their trip across the Collegium to Ambrosius’ Office.

“I think I should finish my introductions before we discuss what has happened today. A’lexii, I would like you to meet my ‘Companions’, they are my best friends and bodyguards/assistants. First is Kevin my first best friend and Lieutenant I would say.”

Kevin stepped forward and as A’lexii offered his hand for a shake, Kevin grabbed it and pulled A’lexii into a bear hug, kissing him on the cheek and saying, “Welcome, we need the help keeping S’ean in line!”

A’lexii glanced over at S’ean, with a bewildered look for help. S’ean sent to him, ‘Don’t worry Lexi, they love you because you are good for me and they can sense it’, At the last comment A’lexii raised an eyebrow questioningly and sent back a request for more information. ‘In good time my friend’ was S’ean’s answer.

“Kevin’s right-hand man and the smartest of all of us, is Patrick, who is also one of my dearest and oldest friends. If you ever want to get bored out of your mind, just ask Patrick anything at all about aerospace frames and ship construction.” S’ean introduced Patrick to A’lexii.

Patrick stepped forward and didn’t even give A’lexii a chance for a handshake just grabbed him into a warm hug and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The poor flustered Bond didn’t know how to respond.

“Don’t pay any attention to him, A’lexii, I only beat him out by a .00001 on our GPA he is just jealous because my design beat out his in a contest. Welcome to our family, and to ‘The Companions’,” Patrick told the now very flustered A’lexii.

“S’ean, as much as I think A’lexii does need to meet all of us, I think we should really try and figure out what happened during your ceremony and where we need to go from here. In all of our research, we have never come across anything like what happened to you. Although you and A’lexii seem to have accepted the validity of your Bond; in order to allay any future questions, we strongly suggest that Physico Ambrosius and A’ndreas do a deep scan on both of you and test your Bond to the best of their formidable abilities. Because of certain security issues, which will become self-evident during such a probe, I need to verify the loyalty and integrity of A’lexii’s ‘brothers’ and A’lexii, I do not ask that question lightly!” Patrick interrupted S’ean before he could continue.

S’ean quickly checked with Kevin and his father and by their nods, realized everyone was in complete agreement. He turned to Ambrosius who gave him the same positive nod and then spoke to A’lexii in a very professional and assured tone of voice.

“Bond A’lexii, please relax; I have a pretty fair idea of what has prompted Patrick’s request and I wholeheartedly agree with his reasoning and his request, as I can see does Grand Marshal D’avid and Bond A’ndreas. So please relax and let me handle this.”

“Yes S’ean, I will let you handle this, but I am getting tired of people questioning my ‘brothers’ integrity.” Replied a not so happy Bond.

“Lexi, I can understand your feelings in this matter, but you already know why it is necessary.” S’ean then sent the image A’lexii had sent him earlier of the tendrils of light radiating from S’ean to his ‘Companions’. All of a sudden, the light went on in A’lexii’s head.

‘That isn’t supposed to be possible, is it S’ean, and neither is the type or strength of your Bond with A’ndreas?’ Sent A’lexii as he finally realized all of the implications that information could cause, if it ever became public.

“Physico Ambrosius, I now fully understand the import of Patrick’s request and concur completely with you. Please continue responding to his request.” A now contrite A’lexii responded.

“Thank you A’lexii and Companion Patrick, although Logen and Cobi are not A’lexii’s natural brothers, they are as close and loyal to him as if they were. Additionally, for some reason which I am not privy to, they are in all actuality his bodyguards! Believe me, they will not let anything happen to him and I can personally vouch for their trustworthiness and integrity.” Before anyone could question Ambrosius’ words, he continued, “Logen, Cobi, please come stand next to me.” When the two imps were standing behind him, shyly looking at everyone, Ambrosius spoke again.

“It’s okay little ones, they are all friends, I have known A’ndreas for years and have been keeping up with his and S’ean’s progress for a long time also. Please show Archon S’ean your ID Xtals.”

Logen and Cobi slowly pulled out their ID Xtals and as the light of Solarius hit them causing them to activate, there were several gasps heard throughout the room as a very familiar blue ‘PS’ appeared floating in the air over each Xtal.

“Any further questions, Companion Patrick?” Asked a smug Physico.

“You old fox Ambrosius.” Interjected A’ndreas, you hoped someone would ask that question and you lay in wait for it. Patrick, I have told all of you Physico Ambrosius is a very dear friend of mine and has unquestionable integrity. Now, before you say anything, Kevin, to defend Patrick, I heartily agree and commend Patrick for doing what he did. He proved that all of you have learned and understands the importance of what you are doing. Now, if there are no further objections, I suggest we get on with investigating and validating this Bond.”

Seeing and hearing no further objections, A’ndreas took charge, “Logen and Cobi, please go sit down with Barbara and please shield yourselves completely; we need no interference of any kind as I am sure you can understand.”

“Yes sir, we understand, we won’t do anything to get Lexi in trouble.” Was the stereo response from the two imps, as they went over to sit on either side of Barbara. As soon as they sat down, they were surrounded by globes of translucent sparkling energy.

Almost everyone except A’ndreas broke out laughing at seeing A’ndreas upstaged so perfectly.

“Logen, Cobi, when we get home….” Came sputtering out of A’lexii’s embarrassed mouth.

“It is okay, A’lexii, I asked for it and believe I have no more questions regarding their abilities,” A’ndreas informed A’lexii, to calm him down.

“Now A’lexii, please come over and stand next to me, and S’ean, you go stand next to Ambrosius, Kevin you and ‘The Companions’ know what to do also.” As A’ndreas finished speaking the room became infinitely quieter.

“Now, both of you take a deep breath, now let it out and let your minds go blank; think of absolutely nothing but a room with empty gray walls.” Each man instructed their charges simultaneously.

Once they could see each of their charges had relaxed and entered a light trance, Ambrosius and A’ndreas reached over and placed the palm of their right hand on the forehead of their respective scanees and began to extend their mental probes deep into the psychic centers of A’lexii and S’ean.

As A’ndreas and Ambrosius took their time and checked every aspect of the Bond and all inherent links, they were completely astounded at the depth and power of the bond they found. They knew of no other Bond in the history of Gemini that was its equal. A’ndreas knew this as cold clear fact, because his and D’avid’s Bond was the strongest and deepest Bond on record. As they would relate to each other later, it was a totally amazing experience delving into something so beautiful and powerful at the same time. From what they both saw and would later surmise, they could see no absolute limit on S’ean and A’lexii’s Bond or its range. They both were confused and astounded at the link to whom they assumed was Alexander. Neither Ambrosius nor A’ndreas had ever seen anything like it either, the strength and depth although very powerful and deep, wasn’t the astounding part. What astounded the two acknowledged experts was the alien-ness and the fact that they could not trace it. However, they both agreed when they conferred, that it was a genuine link and there was nothing out of place or evil, other than the link wasn’t to a Geminiian.

If the link to Alexander wasn’t enough, Ambrosius was shocked by the Bond between S’ean and A’ndreas as it went against all known conventions and traditional wisdom. The Bond between them was almost as advanced as the Bond between D’avid and A’ndreas! There had been suggestions of links between non-bonded individuals such as teachers and students before, but never any with the strength and depth of this one. Ambrosius was slightly jealous, because although he and A’lexii had a very encompassing link, it paled in comparison to A’ndreas and S’ean’s.

Ambrosius took a deep breath and began the process of adjusting to such a shock; and after a few ‘mics’ of introspection, he resumed his scanning of S’ean. What he found next, almost gave him a coronary and if it weren’t for some quick thinking and action by Kevin, Ambrosius would have given S’ean a physical and emotional shock that would have caused serious repercussions.

Kevin, although he had gone into a very passive mode and was shielding all outgoing thoughts and emotion, never the less caught Ambrosius mental shock and outburst. He quickly sprang to his feet and almost flew across the floor and quickly caught Ambrosius before he stumbled and dropped S’ean. Kevin then quickly dropped his shields slightly, and expanded them around himself and Ambrosius, until Ambrosius let him know he had recovered enough to continue unaided. Kevin then gave Ambrosius a hug and a kiss on the cheek, reassembled his shields and returned to the sedan.

Ambrosius quickly sent a comforting thought to S’ean assuring him everything was fine and under control. Quickly reconfirming everything he had discovered Ambrosius began cataloging his report.

Meanwhile, A’ndreas had just received a few large shocks of his own, as soon as he verified that the Bond between A’lexii and S’ean was definitely valid, he started withdrawing when two links caught his ‘eye’. The first link wasn’t too unexpected as it went from A’lexii to the two imps, as even he was calling Logen and Cobi now. The slightly surprising thing was, that the link was active at a very, very low threshold. Something only, he or Ambrosius or even now he suspected, S’ean would ever have noticed. The activity was nothing that would cast any issues on the validity of the Bond between A’lexii and S’ean. The surprising link though, was the one that went from the two imps through A’lexii to S’ean! This was something he had never seen before, or had ever expected to see. It was mainly a one-way link from S’ean to the imps, and it looked to be completely empathic in nature. There was a slight two-way component to it, that would allow single thought messages of high empathic content like “Danger”. The other very interesting thing about that link was that it was an unconscious link; A’lexii probably didn’t know it even existed. A’ndreas determined that he had seen everything he needed and sent A’lexii a warm ‘Well Done’ before withdrawing.

When A’ndreas had completely withdrawn from A’lexii’s mind, he gave A’lexii a big hug and a loving kiss on the surprised Bond’s lips. He then whispered to A’lexii, “Everything will be fine; now go hug your ‘brothers’ and tell them we all love them and welcome to our family.”

A’lexii quickly went over to his ‘brothers’ and with a quick twist of his hands in mid-air vanished the globes of energy surrounding them. A’ndreas just shook his head in amazement, as what he had just witnessed was impossible. But as he had learned already, nothing around S’ean and his ‘Companions’ was impossible.

As A’lexii was reassuring his ‘brothers’, Ambrosius was finishing up his scan of S’ean. Quickly determining that there were no other surprises left, Ambrosius also sent a warm ‘Well Done’ and then began the process of withdrawing. When Ambrosius had completed his withdrawal, he did the exact same thing as A’ndreas, hugging S’ean, and also giving S’ean a loving kiss on the lips and then whispering, “Go give your Mom and Dad a big hug and kiss; they are so proud of you.”

As S’ean went over to his parents with an ear to ear grin, Ambrosius turned and gave A’ndreas a quick look and then turned, addressing everyone.

“A’ndreas and I have finished our analysis, and need a few minutes of privacy to discuss what we have found, before we render our decision. So, if you will forgive us a few ‘mics’ while we step outside and find a quiet place to discuss our findings, we’ll return shortly.”

“Ambrosius, that will not be necessary.” Andreas told the Physico and the room, as he pulled a ‘Tear’ from inside his tunic “We’ll just use this.”

He then walked over to stand next to Ambrosius, concentrating upon his ‘Tear’ and within moments the two men were encased in a globe of translucent blue energy, which blocked all sound as well as blurring their lips so they could not be read. Another benefit of using the globe was the prevention of anyone outside the globe from scanning their thoughts.

Meanwhile inside the globe:

Ambrosius looked at his dear friend and then said, “Okay, let’s get the main thing out of the way Valid or Invalid?”

“Duh” was all A’ndreas replied.

“Seriously though, the Bond is definitely Valid and as I am sure you found, there is nothing in the recorded annals like it at all and nothing even close to it outside of My and D’avid’s Bond. My suggestion on the “Alexander” issue is not to say anything public about it.” Was A’ndreas’ now serious answer.

“I agree totally on both issues. Now onto the Bond between you and S’ean, I would suggest absolutely no mention of that anywhere outside of this room, or anywhere not shielded by your or D’avid’s ‘Tear’s’, a Psychic Scrambler powered by an ‘EGG’ or shielded by ‘the imps’.” Ambrosius replied, as his part of their tag team discussion.

“The Bond between S’ean and I developed during his Psychic Training at his father’s request, and seemed to increase when I applied some of the techniques you taught me. It seemed to get even deeper and stronger, the more we worked on his mental defenses. And before you ask the Bond he created with his ‘Companions’ was done with both my complete approval and D’avid’s. Once Michael became slightly aware of what was going on, he joined in with my training of S’ean and made quite a few worthwhile suggestions which I incorporated into our training regimen. For a non-telepath, he is amazingly competent and proficient in using standard Bond techniques in security situations. The original purpose was to ensure swift communication between any ‘Companion’ and S’ean in tactical situations where his life may have been at risk. This Bond is known only at the very highest levels of Geminiian Military and The Planetary Archonate. We also believe that ‘PS’ may be aware of it. Now, what of the link between ‘the imps’ and S’ean?” Was A’ndreas’ tag.

“I figured the links between S’ean and his ‘Companions’ were something to do with his security and I can assume that Michael has or will use ‘The Companions’ for Estate Security also. As to the link between ‘the imps’ and S’ean through A’lexii, it is something I have never come across either. However, I don’t see any problems with it, but I do believe we should let both A’lexii and S’ean know of it, so there aren’t any surprises down the road. Outside of those two and Kevin and Patrick, no one else needs that information. Ambrosius finished up his tag.

“So, we tell everyone that the Bond is Valid and will be registered immediately and no mentions of its range or strength. We skip mentioning yours and S’ean’s Bond unless you feel it is necessary; I believe only A’lexii needs to made aware of it, unless he already knows. We can let everyone know that A’lexii will be able to interact with ‘The Companions’ if necessary, which improves both his and S’ean’s Security. Now I do have one very important question what are those shielded objects under S’ean’s and A’lexii’s tunics?” Ambrosius tagged A’ndreas.

“Ahh, so you noticed those, did you? I thought you might well have questions about those, you do know what my ‘Tear of Callisto’ is, right? Well, I believe those are ‘Tears of Gemini’ which means S’ean is one of the few Geminiian’s with both ‘Tears’ and the strangest thing is, neither A’lexii nor S’ean have used theirs, and I am not sure if they even know they have them. The ‘Tears’ only get mentioned to D’avid, Kevin, S’ean and A’lexii, along with any ‘suggestions’ you feel we need to emplace, or we let S’ean and A’lexii decide their own security course. We can always suggest a different approach to them if necessary. I think that covers everything?” A’ndreas tagged Ambrosius.

“Okay then, are we ready to be visible?

Instead of answering A’ndreas closed his hand over his ‘Tear’ and they rejoined everyone.

When A’ndreas and Ambrosius reappeared, after their discussion, all of the conversations in the room ceased and everyone turned an expectant eye toward them. Ambrosius and A’ndreas turned towards the wallcomm and moved over in front of it. Once there, A’ndreas addressed his Bond in a very formal tone.

“Grand Marshal, would you please join us; your assistance will be required?” The mood in the room lightened quite a bit when A’ndreas and Ambrosius headed towards the wallcomm. However, the tension ratcheted right back up when A’ndreas asked for D’avid’s help.

“It would be my pleasure, Commodore.” Was D’avid’s slightly puzzled reply, as he arose and joined the two in front of the wallcomm.

“Bond Registry.” Requested Ambrosius.

“Bond Registry, please state your request, and authority.” Was the bored reply from the wallcomm.

“This is Senior Physico Ambrosius Acting Head of this Collegium, and I would like to enter a Bond into the Register!”

“Yes Physico, at once Physico; may I have the pertinent information, please?” The voice was now very helpful and slightly anxious as Ambrosius’ curt request obviously had its desired effect.

“The Bond is between Archon Sean Castellano and Bondling Alexii Romanoff henceforth known as A’lexii Bond of S’ean Castellano. This Bond is to be entered as Classification Advanced, Grade Fifteen and SEALED! This Bond has also been sanctioned by ‘The Keeper’. I will enter remaining data momentarily.” Ambrosius rattled off the information in a tone that brooked no questions.

“With all due respect, Senior Physico, I am unable to process this Bond as stated for the following reasons. All requests for Classification and Grade to be sealed require the proper corroboration and authority level. Secondly, all Grades over Ten, require Planetary Archonate Approval.” Was the correct and proper response that the now frazzled clerk that issued forthwith, through the wallcomm.

A’ndreas stood in front of the wallcomm pickup, squared his shoulders and in a voice designed to command Starships, began speaking.  “This is Commodore A’ndreas, Bond of Archon and Grand Marshal D’avid Castellano and Senior Bond on the Archonate Board of Collegiums. I concur completely with all of Senior Physico Ambrosius’ requests, and I so order them, effective IMMEDIATELY!”

“Before the now thoroughly cowed clerk could ask A’ndreas to insert his ID Xtal for verification, D’avid replaced A’ndreas in view of the pickup and inserting his ID Xtal began to issue orders to the poor clerk. “This is Grand Marshal D’avid Castellano, Archon of Gemini and I hereby order said Bond be entered with all previously stated stipulations, and furthermore, the records can only be unsealed at the request of the full Planetary Archonate or The Joint Chiefs of Staff! Is this understood?”

“At once Grand Marshal. The Bond is now registered, and all pertinent information has been sealed per your request. Is there any other matter I may assist you with today?”

“That will be all.” Was D’avid’s very smug reply. Before the connection was completely closed, there was a strange sigh, that emanated from the wallcomm, followed by a thud that sounded strangely like that of an unconscious body hitting the ground.

While A’ndreas and D’avid had been speaking, Ambrosius had been busy entering all of the other required information. Upon finishing that, he inserted his ID Xtal and typed ‘accepto’ quickly followed by A’ndreas following suit. D’avid merely had to type ‘accepto’ as he had not removed his ID Xtal.

Ambrosius then turned and facing the room announced, “I present to you Archon S’ean Castellano and his Bond A’lex….” Was all Ambrosius was able to get out before the celebration began.

Once the celebration had settled down to a dull roar, S’ean stood up and went to the center of the room. “Sorry to interrupt your fun everyone, but we still have a lot of questions with no answers.”

S’ean’s statement brought a few groans but only a few, as everyone really wanted to know what had happened.

“A’lexii, I do know that you are now my Bond and I accept that; but who are you and who are your ‘brothers’?

“My name was Alexii Romanoff, I am fourteen and a half turnings, and Logen and Cobi are my unofficially adopted brothers. They are always with me and love me like real brothers. My parents gave them a room in our house, and they spend more time there than their own home, and for reasons unknown to me or Brosius, they are also my bodyguards, although why I need a bodyguard, I have no idea. Whenever I ask them, they just say it is their jobs. And since their parents aren’t very nice, I didn’t want to ask them, so once I saw their ID Xtal’s as they were showing them to Brosius and the Blue ‘PS’ thing appeared, I just said oh well I love them anyway. Oh, and I have been going to be your Bond for the last six years!” A’lexii replied with an ear to ear grin that said, ‘How do you like them apples’?

“What do you mean you have been going to be my Bond for the last six years? And how were you able to complete the Bonding without being in physical contact? In all of my research, I never came across anything like what happened between the two of us; not even in the handwritten unofficial records. Can you explain how that happened, so we can all understand that? A now very curious S’ean asked.

“S’ean, I believe Ambrosius and I can answer the last question and Ambrosius and A’lexii both can answer the first question. However, there is no need for them to answer it as you can answer it yourself. Put yourself into a first stage meditative trance and look at your link between you and A’lexii then ask that question again if you need to.” A’ndreas responded as a light went off in his head and he figured out the answers. A quick look at Ambrosius confirmed his suspicions.

“The answer to your first question is rather obvious and I am surprised you haven’t figured it out yet.” A’ndreas paused for a second to enjoy the look of astonished curiosity on S’ean’s face as well as most of the others in the room.

Hearing the ‘two imps’ giggling from where they were sitting, S’ean turned towards them and said. “I wouldn’t laugh so fast you two; I am still not done with you, A’lexii’s ‘brothers’ or not.”

The two now chagrined youngsters quickly ran and hid behind Ambrosius’ imposing stature. As Ambrosius was a bit of a gourmand and had a voracious appetite to refuel the energy he lost during Empathic Healing, he had a much broader body to hide behind than the wispy A’lexii.

“Now, now you two, settle down; S’ean isn’t about to eat you on his Bonding Day! Now that mean ole ‘Companion’ Kevin is another story. As he was saying that he reached behind him and with a little bit of work dragged the ‘two imps’ in front of him and then wrapping his arms around them, pulled them into a loving hug.

Hearing that Kevin started to scowl horribly and made like he was going to come after ‘the imps’ but started laughing before he took two steps.

“Brosius, you’re being mean to us! Lexi help us.” Logen and Cobi cried out.

“Lexiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!” They cried out again, as they looked over at A’lexii for help only to find that their savior was doubled over laughing as well.

While Ambrosius and Kevin were teasing ‘the imps’, Patrick had moved up behind S’ean just in case, while S’ean went into his meditative trance. As soon as S’ean closed his eyes everyone including ‘the imps’ went completely silent. Everyone was looking at S’ean with very contemplatives looks on their faces, except for A’ndreas and Ambrosius who had very smug looks on theirs.

Within a few short seconds, S’ean opened his eyes and in a teasingly accusatory tone spoke.

“A’ndreas and Ambrosius, you two have known all along that A’lexii was linked to me for years, and you never told me. Why?”

S’EANIE you will not use that tone of voice to A’ndreas or Ambrosius!! And they didn’t hide anything from you if you will stop and think!” Admonished D’avid.

“You were told of the link quite a while ago; only you weren’t told of its significance at the time, because we were unable to figure out how to accomplish the Bonding. Also, since A’lexii was so young at the time, we weren’t sure if it would last. At A’ndreas and My request, Ambrosius’ put a very slight block on the link, not enough to stop it, just enough that you were not readily aware of it. If you ever found the link on your own, we were going to deal with that as best we could. Now, apologize to A’ndreas and Ambrosius and I will answer the other question myself; as I am surprised that you don’t know the answer, when even an old warhorse can see the answer is as plain as the nose on your face.” D’avid continued chastising his now completely off-guard son.

S’ean took a good long look at his father and saw he was actually smirking, so he knew he wasn’t in too much trouble. Never the less he needed to make amends for his verbal faux pas.

“A’ndreas and Ambrosius, please accept my humblest apology, as I now realize you would never withhold any information from me, unless it was absolutely necessary or for my own good,” S’ean asked his friend and his secondary mentor.

“Do not worry, S’ean that was a perfectly understandable reaction and I speak for A’ndreas also. If D’avid would take a second, he will remember that both A’ndreas and I predicted you would respond exactly the way you did. So, give him a hug and then you can enlighten all of us; how did you put that… Oh yes you “Old War Horse”.” Ambrosius’ laughing reply started everyone grinning, including D’avid who gave a mock bow in Ambrosius’ direction and then went over and gave his son a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek while whispering into S’ean’s ear.

“I love you and you really are doing fine.” D’avid then stood next to his son beaming proudly and addressed his captive audience.

“As I see it, the Bond was accomplished without physical contact for several reasons. First, S’ean is a low-level Projective Empath and from what I understand A’lexii is a very high-level Projective Empath. Second, since your Bond is classified advanced and your grade is off the scale it goes without saying your telepathic communication could easily span that gap. And thirdly if you haven’t figured it out yet your partial link made it that much easier! Now how did this “Old War Horse” do Esteemed Ambrosius’ and my smirking Bond?” D’avid queried with a face-splitting grin.

Ambrosius’ replied to D’avid’s smirking question with a full bow instead of a mock one and then began to speak.

“Bravo D’avid, Bravo you are right in all aspects except you left out a few interesting numbers which we will discuss later. We need to address another issue first as Logen and Cobi need to attend to Jared. S’ean, I will wholeheartedly vouch for the integrity and loyalty of Logen and Cobi, for although I do not know much more than A’lexii about them, I will say that they would never do anything to harm or hurt anyone connected to A’lexii or me. Since you are now Bonded to A’lexii I am sure that protection and care will transfer to yourself and your ‘Companions’ even if that hasn’t occurred to Logen and Cobi yet.” At those words, Logen and Cobi turned to each other and stared intently into each other’s eyes.

Logen and Cobi finished their silent communication and then with a deft move ducked out from under Ambrosius’ hug. They then took a step forward in unison and began speaking in one voice. The strangely eerie thing was the depth and timbre of the voice they spoke in, as it was decades older than them.

“Archon S’ean Castellano by the honour of ourselves and the Revered and All Powerful ‘Keeper’ we pledge our lives and our abilities to honour serve and protect you and your Bond A’lexii to the best of our abilities so long as we may live.” In the stunned atmosphere that now prevailed Logen and Cobi stepped forward and each grabbed and kissed one of S’ean’s hands and then pressed their forehead to the same hand. They then repeated the same thing to A’lexii and then bowed to both S’ean and A’lexii.

Although S’ean was as shocked as anyone when Logen and Cobi began their ritual; enlightenment began to dawn on him before the two had completed it. S’ean’s overtaxed brain finally found what it was looking for and informed him and A’lexii that Logen and Cobi were using the words of the original Bonding Ceremony from out of antiquity. As soon as he processed that information, S’ean knew beyond a doubt that he could trust Logen and Cobi, as implicitly as he trusted his ‘Companions’. As soon as Logen and Cobi had finished their bows to A’lexii, S’ean stepped forward, and taking a hand form each boy, he held them in his hands together and solemnly began his portion of the ritual.

“By all that is Gemini and all that I believe and hold dear and sacred, I S’ean Castellano Archon of Gemini and Bond of A’lexii ni Romanoff accept you into my family and pledge to honour, respect and cherish you until my dying breath.” As he was speaking S’ean sent to his Bond.

‘Lexi you should do the same as I have done to them and then repeat the same oath to me. That way no one in the Confederation can ever invalidate our Bonding!’

“I Alexii Romanoff do hereby request to serve as the Bond for Archon S’ean Castellano and by my honour and the Revered and All Powerful ‘Keeper,’ I pledge my life and my abilities to honour serve and protect you to the best of my abilities so long as I may live.  Additionally, I pledge my heart and my love to you and all those you hold dear. If accepted my name from this moment forward shall be A’lexii Bond of S’ean Castellano Archon of Gemini.” A’lexii then bowed to S’ean and performed the same hand kissing ritual that Logen and Cobi had performed.

“By all that is Gemini and all that I believe and hold dear and sacred, I S’ean Castellano Archon of Gemini accept you A’lexii ni Romanoff as my Bond and accept you into my family and pledge to honour, respect and cherish you until my dying breath. I further accept your heart and your love and offer you as much of mine as I am able to.” S’ean then pulled A’lexii to him and hugged him; he also gave him a warm loving kiss on the lips.

S’ean then turned A’lexii around to face his friends and family and then announced.

“Friends and Family, I present to you my Bond A’lexii. At that announcement, there was another round of cheers. A’lexii then raised his hand and was granted silence.

“Logen and Cobi, by all that is Gemini and all that I believe and hold dear and sacred I A’lexii, Bond of S’ean Archon of Gemini, accept you into my family and pledge to honour, respect and cherish you until my dying breath.”

“Thank you very much A’lexii and all my family and friends. Logen and Cobi although you have sworn the Ancient Oath of a Bond to me and A’lexii you are too young to bond to us at this time. However, we do accept your oath in the way it was meant and gladly do welcome you as dear friends and family and we do accept your protection. As your first job for us, we would appreciate you keeping guard on Jared until we decide what to do with him.” S’ean finished his speech with a bow to Logen and Cobi.

“At once Archon S’ean; we won’t let you or Lexi down.” The ‘two imps’ were out the door before Patrick could finish opening it.

“Okay, A’ndreas and Ambrosius’ what is this Grade Fifteen nonsense I know the scale stops at ten?” A very inquisitive young Archon posed to his two mentors.

“S’ean that isn’t quite correct! The public posting of the scale only goes up to Ten, but you personally know two Bonds whose grade exceeds that.” Surprisingly that response came from Kevin.

“I do?” responded S’ean.

“S’eanie are you really awake? I can not believe you are as dense as you are trying to appear.” Barbara told her son.

A’lexii was trying very hard at not laughing but was losing the battle and his mirth was coming across his and S’ean’s link loud and clear.

‘Lexi knock it off; quit trying to be so cute!’ S’ean sent across their link.

‘What? Can I help it if I’m so adorable!’ A’lexii sent with an impudent grin as Sean began choking.

“S’ean the first bond unofficially official that exceeded the scale is that of your Father and A’ndreas and the second one which is completely unlisted and will never be listed is the one between you and A’ndreas.” A’lexii calmly informed his Bond and his friends and family.

“A’ndreas and I aren’t BONDED!” An indignant sounding S’ean replied. “It isn’t possible to be Bonded to two people and I would never interfere with Dad’s and A’ndreas’ Bond!”

“Son it is alright; we know you and A’ndreas are not Bonded, however, you and he do have a link that is very similar. A’ndreas informed your father as soon as he was aware of it. It seems that occasionally these types of links occur during the type of training that A’ndreas was giving you. According to A’ndreas and your father, the links are not usually as strong, and they usually disappear at the end of training. For some reason, yours did not disappear and according to A’ndreas, it has continued to evolve. Your father said it was a good thing for when he wasn’t here as it would improve communications when he was off playing Space Pirate or whatever he does.” S’ean’s mother paused momentarily while everyone was laughing at her ” Space Pirate” comment.

“As to why I know all of this and I am telling you; that is because I need to know everything that goes on at the estate if I am going to run it properly!” Barbara finished by staring directly at her husband and A’ndreas and then her son.

At her last comment Patrick lost it completely and nearly fell off the sedan he was sitting on. He remembered very clearly his conversation with Barbara back in Callisto.

“Okay, I surrender so who in this room knew about my link with A’ndreas?” A slightly cowed S’ean asked.

“When everyone in the room raised their hand S’ean just shook his head and mouthed a question that he really didn’t want to know the answer to but asked anyway. “Michael?”

S’ean wasn’t totally surprised when A’ndreas sent a reply. ‘He point blank asked me, and since D’av said never lie to him when it came to security matters, I said “yes” to which he replied “good” and that ended the conversation.’

“Alright I understand partially now but why fifteen since Dad’s and A’ndreas’ Bond is only rated a twelve and I know A’ndreas has said that ours is at least as strong if not slightly stronger? S’ean posed his question to the room again not sure he really wanted to know the answer. This day was definitely not going like he thought it would and he was still trying to adjust to his very exciting Bonding Ceremony and being Bonded to someone he had never met before or had even known existed.  This would be a day for the record books if all of the details ever leaked out.


Meanwhile back on Terra:

Alexander was sleeping soundly when he started to dream or at least he thought it was a dream. In his dream, he was flying through the air over a large amphitheater full of people dressed similarly to his other dreams. When he reached the stage there was a brunette-haired teenager around his age with a younger blond boy wrapped around his legs quietly sobbing; no one took any notice of him. Alexander quietly watching the scene unfolding before his eyes was as astonished as everyone else when the sounds of a large crash of thunder and the thrum of a harp were heard. His eyes almost jumped out of his head when the brunette and blond were surrounded by a large blue globe of light and these words were heard.

“It is done, Let it be!”

The huge crowd in the amphitheater finally took notice of him when Alexander for some unknown reason felt compelled to speak.

“He is mine, they are both mine, leave them alone!” Alexander was amazed at what he said and could not think of a reason why he said that. He got another shock when he was suddenly surrounded by the same blue globe of light he had seen earlier, only this time he was included as well as the brunette and the blond. While the globe had them surrounded Alexander could not see or hear anything or anyone other than the two, he now knew as S’ean and A’lexii while he was trying to figure out how he knew that; a bolt of blue lightning momentarily connected the three of them and then the blue globe simply disappeared, and Alexander awoke screaming in his bed.

There was a quick knock on his bedroom door and then the door was flung open and his best friend Chris came rushing in clad only in his boxer briefs. Rushing in his friend found Alexander beginning to sit up and drenched in sweat.

“Alex, what’s wrong, what happened? Why did you scream?” Chris questioned his best friend because in all the time Chris had spent the night at or with Alex, nothing like this had ever happened. Chris had been getting a little concerned because Alex had been so tense and preoccupied lately and now this.

“It’s nothing Chris just another dream, this one was just different.” Alexander tried to assuage his friend.

“Alex it had to be more than that just look at you, you are dripping wet and are almost hyperventilating.” As he was talking Chris moved over to Alexander’s chair and picked up a towel laying there and then proceeded to wipe Alex’s brow. Chris then sat down on Alex’s bed and pulled his friend into a hug laying Alex’s head on his shoulder.

“It is okay Alex just tell me what happened and what caused you to scare the daylights out of me and interrupt my wonderful dream. You need to talk about these dreams of yours because my grades are dropping. Maybe I can help you.” Chris told his friend while gently stroking Alex’s back as Alex’s breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Chris you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” Alexander replied forlornly. “I don’t understand it myself and I am not sure what is going on inside my head. I am not sure of anything anymore; even my love for Jane is up in the air. I am having these strange feelings I don’t understand and if I don’t understand them, how can I expect someone else to?”

Instead of responding immediately Chris just hugged Alex a little tighter while thinking. He loved Alex deeply as a best friend and didn’t like seeing him like this. He was curious about the Jane comment as Alex and Jane seemed perfect together. Jane was one of the few women who were not only beautiful but brilliant; in fact, she was almost as smart as Alex and the only reason Chris was still pulling a “B” average. All Chris knew was that Alex was his friend and he would do anything to help him.

“Alex, start at the beginning and tell me everything; don’t leave out anything and I mean anything! No matter what you tell me, I will still be here, and I will still be here in the morning.” Entreated Chris very warmly.

“Okay Chris, I will tell you everything but please remember your promise and please keep what I tell you between us…”

Before Alex could get any farther Chris smacked the back of his head saying;

“Shut up you Dufus I would never say anything unless someone offered me a gazillion dollars.”

“Ouch, okay on your head be it;” and then Alex began telling Chris of his dreams and his emotional feelings towards S’ean. Since A’lexii was so young he translated those feelings to those of a big brother, but Chris wasn’t fooled.

‘Finally,’ Chris thought ‘Alex is finally complete and now maybe he can move on. I wonder if he will keep Jane also; his heart seems big enough.’

“Okay, so let me get this straight; you dream of people from someplace you have never been, and you don’t think it is on earth. Furthermore, you think you are in love with a guy and have the same feelings or at least deep paternal or familial feelings for a boy. Did I miss anything? Chris asked.

“No,” responded a confused Alexander. “So, what are you going to do?”

“Go to sleep; now shut up and move over,” Chris replied, as he shoved Alex to the other side of his bed.

“But Chris, I might be GAY, I can’t sleep with you……!”

Chris’s smack to Alex’s head was probably heard on Gemini.

“Now shut up and listen Alex; I am going to say this only once! You think you love a guy and you think you love Jane; big deal, it just means you love two people the same way! I don’t have a problem with that now if you start having sex with the fourteen-year-old, I might have a problem with you. Gay shmay, it is just a stupid label; you love who you want, and I will love who I want, end of discussion!” As he finished his reprimand of Alexander, Chris finished pushing Alex to the other side of the bed and proceeded to lift the covers before slipping under them.

“But Chris, I’M NAKED!!!!” Alexander almost shouted at his best friend.

“Okay, okay I get the message.” Chris then stood backup shucked off his briefs with a grin and then climbed into Alex’s bed and tried to sleep.

Alexander was lying there petrified, as he was now in bed naked with another male who knew he might like males sexually. Alexander lay there trying to sleep tossing and turning until finally, he woke Chris up.

Chris turned over on his side facing Alex and said softly;

“Turn on your side and move over here and don’t say a word.”

When Alex had gotten close enough, Chris moved a little closer and spooned into Alex, reaching his arm over and hugging his friend, while whispering.

“I still love you, and I will be here in the morning, so go to sleep and we will deal with things as they happen.” Chris then kissed the back of Alex’s neck and Alex finally relaxed and fell asleep.

For the first time since the dreams began, Alexander slept like a log. {Author’s Aside – Most people would have said, slept like a baby, however, babies sleep very fitfully ask any parent.}

When Alexander first woke up in the morning, he was startled to feel a body wrapped around him. At first, he was slightly anxious but then he remembered the discussion last night and relaxed because Chris was obviously good to his word, because he had wrapped his body tightly around Alexander’s. Alexander thought to himself, ‘the real thing feels even better than my dream, now if only it were S’ean.’ At that thought Alexander came completely awake with a start and then the realization hit, he had just admitted he really did want S’ean sexually and for some reason that didn’t scare him anymore. He figured, rightly, that his subconscious had processed the facts and that was all there was too it. Now he just had to meet S’ean and figure out what he was going to do with Jane.

Back on Gemini:

“S’ean it is like this, your Bond with A’lexii is definitely the strongest any of us has ever seen, in fact on the Darrylian Telepathic Index, your score of 200 is the very top of the chart. If that wasn’t enough, thanks to the uniqueness of your Empathic Channels and A’lexii’s Empathic Strength you place at 150 on the Raderian Empathic Index. No one else comes even close D’av and my Bond, as well as ours, are a very distant second and third place so now do you see why you graded out at fifteen? Your Bond is very unique and powerful; and before you ask that isn’t including Alexander’s link to either of you. Now do you understand why we had to seal the records of your Bond; not only do the two of you have a Bond unlike anything seen on Gemini or in the whole of the Confederacy, but you have linked and possibly Bonded with an Extra-Terrestrial you have never met outside of the Astral Plane or whatever you call that new link the three of you have.” A’ndreas paused and looked directly at S’ean and A’lexii awaiting an answer. During A’ndreas’ answer S’ean and A’lexii had taken a seat on a plush single reclining sedan; with A’lexii comfortably snuggled on S’ean’s lap.

S’ean looked down into A’lexii’s eyes and then in concert, they both placed an index fingertip to fingertip and smiled broadly.

‘We understand and we will behave’ Was the astonishing response in everyone’s mind including Barbara’s.

‘Bad Lexi you told us not to surprise people like that, Grandma is going to smack you.’ Sent the ‘imps’

Everyone but Ambrosius couldn’t figure out why S’ean and A’lexii suddenly fell out of their sedan and were rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. Ambrosius mouthed ‘brothers’ to A’lexii when Ambrosius finally caught A’lexii’s eye. Of course, that was the wrong question to ask as A’lexii nodded yes and then started laughing all over again taking S’ean with him as they were becoming bound at the hip.

While rolling around on the floor laughing A’lexii’s shielding slipped slightly and S’ean caught something that was worrying A’lexii.

‘Don’t worry Lexi we will think of something’ S’ean sent to A’lexii as he quickly pulled his Bond upright and they regained their seats.

“Ambrosius, I see a major problem developing, A’lexii’s ‘brothers’ will want to be with us all of the time, but I doubt they have finished enough of their schooling for that to happen. Also, what public reason can we give for them being with us and how can we protect them from the public. Also, his ‘brothers’ clearance for some areas and events will be a problem. Our diplomatic immunity and family name will carry only so far and if and when I join the military that won’t work at all. So, what do we do now? I can also tell from A’lexii’s emotional link that he would be very unhappy without them around; and I can imagine how unpopular they would be at the Collegium without A’lexii to help you keep them under control.” Once S’ean had composed himself he was able to express his thoughts quite eloquently.

‘Thank you very much S’ean I would be lost without them and they would be lost without me. But how can we fix this problem?’ Sent A’lexii in a very loving and caring manner although still worried.

“If you folks would give D’avid, A’ndreas and myself a few ‘mics’ we may be able to come up with a solution?” Ambrosius asked while making eye contact with D’avid and A’ndreas.

“We would appreciate any solution you can come up with” Replied S’ean for everyone.

“Yes, thank you very much” Replied a much relieved A’lexii.

As Ambrosius, A’ndreas and D’avid moved over near the wallcomm Barbara began a motherly grilling of A’lexii who by now was sitting in S’ean’s lap with his head laying on S’ean’s shoulder getting in as much physical bonding as he could.

“A’lexii if that son of mine will let you answer; I have a few simple questions for you? Nothing serious just things like what are your favourite foods, what is your favourite colour things like that?”

“Of course, Mom, let me come over there so I can get to know you better also.” As A’lexii answered, he gave S’ean a quick kiss on the cheek and then removing himself from S’ean’s lap walked over and climbed onto a very surprised Barbara’s lap.

While A’lexii and Barbara were getting to know each other better S’ean was working on fine-tuning his telepathic link to A’lexii. S’ean was trying to apply the Channeling and Filtering Exercises A’ndreas had tried to pound into his thick skull. S’ean needed to shunt most of the communications coming from A’lexii to the background until he actually needed to access it. He was having a little trouble accomplishing that and was beginning to get frustrated when suddenly, the answer popped in his head. As he was trying to figure out where it came from, he heard a chuckle and then,

‘S’ean, remember we have a two-way link, so your filtering needs to work both ways. When we get to our Orientation and Adjustment Classes, they will help us work on that, otherwise, the constant noise will drive us both crazy.’ Sent A’lexii who smiled widely at S’ean when he glanced that way.

S’ean finally was able to tune the “noise” down to a dull roar so he could concentrate on what lay ahead. As he was finishing his mental adjustments Ambrosius, A’ndreas and his father turned around and headed back to the main group.

“I need to address the Deputy Director of Planetary Education and Archonate Representative to The Bondling Collegiums; regarding an issue, he has tasked us to solve,” Ambrosius stated in a calm and measured tone of voice while looking directly at S’ean.

S’ean quickly sat up straight and then addressed Ambrosius.

“Since you are addressing me as Deputy Director, I presume you are acting in your official position as Head of this Collegium; and if that is so, how may I assist you?” S’ean responded professionally.

“We have arrived at a solution to the issue that has been raised, regarding the ‘brothers’ of your Bond A’lexii and we agree that the issues raised are valid in all cases. We would need your imprimatur on our solution in order for it to work. The Grand Marshal will take care of any issues from the Military side once we have dealt with our issues.” Ambrosius paused in his clarification.

“I am intrigued, please continue,” S’ean instructed.

“We will deal with the educational issues first. By law, Logen and Cobi must finish their education in General Education and in whatever Advanced or Technical Areas that are best suited for them. They also need to finish the Bond Training Courses, particularly their Ethics Courses. I was concerned about how to resolve these issues when the Grand Marshal and his Bond said those were very simple issues that the major issue was their status. When I inquired as to the educational issues, I was informed that your ‘Companions’ are qualified to teach almost any University Class they chose to and would just need certification. When I questioned this statement, I was given more than enough information to assuage any resistance I had. A’ndreas also informed me that he was qualified to teach the majority of the Bonding Classes including the Ethics Classes. He also reminded me that you would be able to assist him due to your research and authoring of your monographs. This is where you are needed in your position as Deputy Director of Planetary Education and Archonate Representative to The Bondling Collegiums.” Ambrosius paused to catch his breath.

“I understand what you are proposing up to a point; the Certification of ‘My Companions’ as Teachers or Professors should be a routine matter for you or even the ‘Companions’ themselves. Their general portfolios alone should do the trick; when my father throws in their military ones there should be absolutely no questions at all. So far I don’t see why my position as Deputy Director is needed.”  Questioned a very inquisitive S’ean.

D’avid took over, “S’ean, it is like this, we propose to give Logen and Cobi the Bond honorific (‘) and list them as Bonded to A’lexii as part of an Experimental Training Program under your auspices. We need you to come up with some reasonable explanation for the program to enter into the Bond Registry. I will take care of sealing any information necessary under your Bond Record with the same strictures. Of course, you will also adopt them which will add the Castellano name as a protection, which you have already mentioned? Was S’ean’s father’s contribution.

“Is that all you need me to do; I was afraid you wanted me to rewrite the History of Bonding? If I remember correctly what you are requesting shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. I vaguely recollect something from the old records of sets of twins being bonded to the heir presumptive of some families as part of the heir presumptive’s training. If we can convince Michael that they need some security training that will help also. Is this along the lines of what you had thought of?” Was S’ean’s response.

Before anyone could respond there was an almost audible shriek from Logen and Cobi that had both A’lexii and S’ean sitting ramrod straight and staring out into space. Both of them had looks of intense concentration on their faces.

‘Logen and Cobi, calm down, you didn’t do anything wrong, even Ambrosius will understand. Now listen very carefully to my instructions.’ Sent A’lexii.

‘Logen and Cobi, L’exi is right just do as he tells you to do, I will explain to everyone else what you found while L’exi helps you. I will be right here all the time also; you will be okay.’ S’ean sent with as much love and care as he could. He sent those thoughts through his weak direct link and through his and A’lexii’s.

“May I have everyone’s attention please?” S’ean asked in a very no-nonsense tone. As soon as he had everyone’s attention he started speaking again.

“It seems there was far more to the matter of Jared and the ex-Head of this Collegium. Far, far more than we had ever expected. It seems that Logen and Cobi attempted to do a light surface scan of Jared’s mind, to see how long he would be unconscious. They were going to ask one of Ambrosius’ assistants to administer a sleeping potion if needed. It seems that when A’lexii put Jared to sleep, he did a little more than he realized; because he was not in physical contact with Jared, he was not as fine or gentle as is normally the case. As a result, he slightly weakened Jared’s shielding and what the boy’s found was overwhelming, to say the least. Jared was only a pawn in a far-reaching and very disturbing scandal. The cesspool that was Jared’s mind almost shocked Logen and Cobi into catatonia, but luckily for all involved, the training they had received worked; they were able to withdraw their probes and lock the memories into boxes and ignore them. However, the residues of what they had found were still resonating. A’lexii and I will help them, while we try to get more information, Tommy and Mom, please go to where they are and give them lots of love and care. All of us here will start the wheels rolling on protecting Jared and the other bondlings involved.”

“Of course, S’ean” and “Where are they” Was the responses from Tommy and Barbara.

Before anyone could answer Barbara, Tommy replied,

“I know,” pointing to his head he led Barbara out the doors.

Meanwhile, A’lexii with S’ean riding along was walking his ‘brothers’ through what they needed to do. ‘Logen and Cobi we need you to listen very carefully and only do each step after I have explained them. We need to make sure you understand each step before proceeding. Also, Mom and your Big Brother Tommy are on their way to help you. Do you understand so far?’

‘Yes, ‘Lexi just like class listen carefully, repeat then apply,’ sent the two very upset boys.

‘Okay now reopen a Class Three Empathic probe to Jared and then pass control of the probe to me. Okay? Once you have passed control to me, I want you to enter a Class Two Trance and go into Channeling Mode understand so far?’ Sent a very anxious A’lexii in as calm a manner as he could. A’lexii was very thankful for all the love and calm S’ean was sending him.

‘Why a Class Three Empathic Probe?’ Inquired S’ean across their link.

‘Because that is the lowest class that will allow us to expand a probe but not give them too much more to deal with.’ Answered A’lexii who quickly felt S’ean’s understanding.

‘Lexi you want us just to tap into his outermost emotions and then become channels so you can take over.’ Sent the two now subdued but under control boys.

‘That is correct and as soon as you create the channel you are both to shield everything but the channel; and I do mean everything! I want to make sure that nothing we find can hurt you and if what you have found so far is absolutely true, we will take care of Jared and help. Now, are we clear?’ A’lexii asked his two brothers, again pouring as much calming and caring emotions as he could into the link and was very surprised when S’ean added through the link.

‘We love you.’

‘Thanks, S’ean and ‘Lexi we understand everything, and Mom and Tommy just ran in the door and Mom is hugging me and Tommy is hugging Cobi.’ Logen sent and then Cobi also sent back.

‘Tommy hugs good and he is whispering nice things into my ear like you do Big Brother, I like him.’

‘Very good, now that you are comfortable, let’s start, okay?’ Asked a now relaxed A’lexii through their link.

‘We are ready now.’ Replied the now calmer ‘imps’ who were now secure in loving arms.

‘S’ean and I are ready also you can begin now’ Sent A’lexii.

Though A’lexii had a fair idea of how Logen and Cobi had fared in their classes he was amazed at how smoothly and efficiently they went about their tasks. It was as if S’ean and he were watching a single Senior Physico at work, instead of two youngsters. Before they realized what had happened A’lexii was tossed what looked like a rope of light and then in the same instant the “noise” that was Logen and Cobi was gone.

As S’ean watched A’lexii alter the Class Three Empathic Probe that had been established into a wide-open mind baring probe the likes of which S’ean had never experienced let alone even knew existed; he realized that his Bond, though young, was someone very amazing and very, very special. A’lexii was essentially laying every layer of Jared’s mind wide open, yet he was doing it with a feather-light touch. As more and more of S’ean’s worst fears regarding the Collegiums became realized he asked A’lexii to pause.

“A’ndreas and Ambrosius, I need you to join us and ‘see’ what A’lexii is uncovering. Jared was an innocent victim, and there are many, many more. Please come and hold my hands so I can bring you both into our link. I don’t want to break A’lexii’s concentration and Physical Contact will make this far easier for me. Dad and Kevin, please seal this room, Dion and Patrick, fly to where Logen and Cobi are and seal the area. Patrick, take this I will help you use it if you need to; since we are linked you should be able to key into it. Also, with this, I doubt seriously anyone will give the two of you trouble.” S’ean then reached under his tunic and removed his ‘Tear of Callisto’ and handed it carefully to Patrick.

Patrick received the ‘Tear’ reverently and put it on over his head tucking it under his tunic for ease of carrying. “At once, Archon” and then they were gone.

A’ndreas and Ambrosius walked over and sat down on either side of S’ean quickly clearing their minds and then grasping S’ean’s hands. When they felt S’ean’s feather light touch asking for permission they both opened their shields and allowed S’ean to bring them into the link with A’lexii. Ambrosius and A’ndreas quickly had to exert all of the mental control they had not to let their outrage escape across the link. S’ean and A’lexii had uncovered a cesspool of corruption, unlike anything they had ever heard of. After a few more minutes Ambrosius sent to A’lexii that they had ‘seen’ more than enough.

‘A’lexii, please insert a healing mantra and block the worst of the memories. Please put him into a healing sleep as he has been hurt enough already.’ Ambrosius sent. ‘Also, please tell Logen and Cobi thanks from all of us they may have saved a lot of other children.’

A’lexii finished everything he needed to do and then went about slowly closing all of the links to Jared’s mind after he was assured by Ambrosius that other than the requested blocks he had left no trace he had ever been there. As soon as he was finished, he collapsed against S’ean’s chest and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Seeing that S’ean was occupied and unable to respond at the time, A’ndreas arose and quickly strode over to the Wallcomm and sharply snapped out orders.

“This is the Bond A’ndreas, get me the Commanding Officer of Archonate Security IMMEDIATELY!”

Almost immediately A’ndreas was connected to the Archonate Security Office.

“This is Major Colinpower, how may I assist you, Bond A’ndreas?”

“You will actually be assisting Archon S’ean Castellano, Deputy Planetary Director of Education on a most serious matter. You have a prisoner in custody the Ex-Head of the Bondling Collegium; he is to be moved to Secure Quarters and is to be placed in a Level Five Quarantine immediately. His quarters are to be shielded at the highest level your facility can muster. One moment Major the Archon has some more instructions.” A’ndreas paused for a second and caught S’ean’s eye.

S’ean nodded his acceptance of A’ndreas’ actions and quickly sent a few more instructions.

“Major, the Archon has further instructed me that access to the prisoner is to be restricted to only persons authorized by him or The Archonate. All access must be countersigned by an Archon, no exceptions. Any Security Personnel who have been in contact with the prisoner must be relieved of duty, and sent to the Archonate Physico on Duty for a Complete Mental Scan, due to possible mental contamination. If they pass the scan, they may be assigned two weeks of R&R on Planet Maxellus, courtesy of The Castellano Family. They should never have been exposed to someone as warped and twisted as him, without proper protection.” A’ndreas passed on his and S’ean’s instructions, which normally A’lexii would have done.

“Bond A’ndreas, may I inquire why the change in security status and whether there are additional charges being pressed?” Requested Major Colinpower.

A’ndreas responded, “Let me start by saying assaulting an Archon is the least of his worries.”

“Oh, pray tell?” A curious major interjected.

“We will be adding Gross Violation of The Physico’s Ethics Code, Mental Assault, and Sexual Assault on Minors just to start. Is that enough to substantiate the change in status?” Was A’ndreas’ response.

There was sudden silence on the Wallcomm circuit when A’ndreas had finished speaking. Suddenly from the Archonate Security Office came the sound of an extremely wrought voice snapping orders rapidly.

“Pardon the delay Bond A’ndreas, but I needed to issue orders immediately to affect your request. I do not know if you are aware, but the squad of Security Officers that we had sent to Drop Commando Training have just returned. I have assigned them the task of securing the prisoner. I can guarantee you he will go nowhere or contaminate any other minds. Each officer has excellent Psychic and Empathic Shields; additionally, they each have the newest Psi Shield Generator that is available. They should not have any problems at all.” Major Colinpower replied in a very controlled voice, however, you could still hear the emotions he was trying to suppress.

D’avid sent an acknowledgment through their link to A’ndreas who then passed it on to the Major.

“Major, Grand Marshal Castellano says that your prompt action and concerns have been noticed and will be acknowledged in your personnel file. He appreciates your understanding of the seriousness and sensitivity of this issue. Archon S’ean Castellano also asks me to inform you that the necessary parties will meet with you as soon as things are finalized here. He also sends his appreciation of your professionalism. Bond A’ndreas out.” A’ndreas closed the communication and then turned and looked at S’ean and A’lexii.

“S’ean how is A’lexii and will he be able to help us determine what exactly happened to Jared and how we can help him?” A’ndreas ask S’ean.

“I will be okay A’ndreas the shock of what happened to my ‘ brothers’ and what I saw was overwhelming. I have processed it and put it away until I need it again; and I can help with Jared if needed. For now, I think we need to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Also, part of my problem and my ‘brother’s’ was shame at how we treated Jared and what we thought of him. When we saw what had been done to him, we realized that we had misjudged him terribly. My ‘brothers’ will be okay they just need some time and some TLC. The worst part is that what happened to Jared was done by someone he trusted; and it will take a lot of time and work before he trusts any authority figure again. Tommy and “Mom” are making my ‘brothers’ feel much better just by holding them and being themselves. A’lexii replied to A’ndreas and then shocked A’ndreas by sending him a kiss and thanks through S’ean’s link to A’ndreas.

S’ean spoke up, “I have an unusual solution to Jared’s situation to propose, if certain people would agree.”

A’lexii popped up “‘Mom’ would love it that is a great idea…” The rest of what A’lexii was going to say was cut off by S’ean’s hand over his mouth.

“As I started to say before my impetuous Bond interrupted me; if I can get certain people to agree with my plan. Ambrosius, I will need your approval also and yes, my Mother’s. What I think we should do is let Ambrosius and his assistants help Jared as much as possible while we are still here in Postale Militia. We will visit him several times a day and take him to dinner with us and slowly work him back into society, however, since that may take a while, we will take him home with us before we leave for Maxellus. Since I have this strange sinking feeling that my father, A’ndreas as well as myself will be off planet for quite a while, I think my Mother can help Jared recover and he can help her run the estate. He will be able to use his training and knowledge even though he won’t be Bonded. We can and will find something more suitable if he recovers enough. In fact, we might as well send the youngest and most emotionally injured to the estate also. That is if Ambrosius knows of a Physico who wouldn’t mind working on a sleepy estate crawling with security. So, will my idea work?” S’ean posed to the room at large.

“I think that is an excellent idea S’ean, although Jared’s Psi and Empathic skills are not at the top of the scales Academically, he is excellent. His knowledge of governance and economics should come in handy on a “Sleepy Estate” the size of yours. If your parents agree I think we should seriously consider that plan.” Was Ambrosius’ enthusiastic response.

A’ndreas spoke up, “I think that will work very well S’ean and your mother will be happy having youngsters to take care of again. Plus, according to what we saw during our probe; Jared will be a big help and it might do him good to be put to work and it might keep his mind occupied. Also, your mother has plenty of love to share and our home has lots of space and fresh air. Also, I think we might persuade some of your ‘Companions’ to ask their younger siblings to befriend the rescued children if necessary.

Back in the private treatment room near Ambrosius’ Office Tommy and Barbara had finally gotten Logen and Cobi calmed down. It was a surprisingly tough job because the two young Geminiian’s were extremely upset with themselves for the way they had treated Jared. Tommy and Barbara were unaware of what they had found in Jared’s mind other than the fact that his bullying wasn’t his fault. Tommy’s wristcomm went off shortly after Cobi had fallen asleep in his arms; Tommy whispered the command that put his wristcomm into text mode. With a startled gasp Tommy began to read what S’ean was sending him. Tommy quickly locked his shields in place knowing that nothing was going to leak out unless he wanted it to. ‘When A’ndreas, Michael, S’ean and occasionally Ambrosius started our Psychic Training ‘The Companions’ thought it was crazy but because they all loved Sean, they went along with it. Everyone thought it was a cool thing feeling Sean in the back of their mind and knowing that he felt all of them there also. The strangest thing was outside of Kevin and to some extent himself, none of them were Psychic. Everything was fine until they got to the shielding exercises then they all wanted to kill their instructors. Put them up, take them down get them battered until they fell and then the pain. Luckily the pain was controlled and momentary, but it still hurt; the worst of the training was the sneak attacks usually by A’ndreas’. It is a wonderful feeling to be woken up by what feels like a sledgehammer beating on your head or worse when you are relaxing in S’ean’s awesome Vortex Shower. But eventually, shielding became second nature and didn’t take any thought at all.’ Tommy’s rage continued to build as the text scrolled across the screen and he subconsciously tightened his shields down even tighter. Now he understood why S’ean had asked him and Barbara to take care of the ‘two imps’ and his new brothers. Once he finished reading, he whispered “Acknowledged” and his wristcomm resumed its timekeeping functions.

Barbara looked over at Tommy who whispered: “later.” Tommy then stroked the back of Cobi’s head smoothing his hair into place while whispering softly “everything will be okay; we will take good care of you and Logen.” Tommy then very carefully lifted Cobi off of his lap moving very slowly so as to not awaken the youngster. Once that was accomplished Tommy then reached down and cradled Cobi in his arms and slowly lifted him up and carried Cobi over to where Barbara was sitting and very carefully laid Cobi down on the side opposite of where Logen was lying. Tommy then whispered, “Be right back” to Barbara and went outside the room to talk to Dion and Patrick to see if they knew any more about what was next.

S’ean quickly filled Tommy in on most of what they had learned and inquired as to how Logen and Cobi were holding up. Tommy told S’ean that they had worn themselves out, but they would be okay.

S’ean sent to A’lexii ‘We should bring them all back here and take care of a few things then head over to The Archonate and then to our Hotel Andromeda rooms for some wonderful food and a long hot soak.’

‘That will work but keep Jared asleep until we spring our surprise on my ‘brothers’.’ Sent back Alexii with a grin.

“Tommy, tell Dion and Patrick to stand down, but remain cautious; go ahead and wake Logen and Cobi up and bring everyone back here. We will be wrapping a few things up and then heading to The Archonate and then back to The Andromeda for some well-deserved R&R. See you in a few Mic’s, S’ean out.”

Tommy brought Dion and Patrick up to date and then headed back inside to let “Mom” know what the new plans were. Tommy came to an abrupt stop as soon as he was inside the door because Cobi and Logen were now peacefully sound asleep with a smile on their faces. If it wasn’t for the semi-fetal position, they were in no one would have known anything had happened. Tommy slowly and quietly walked over to Barbara and quickly whispered into her ear the new plan. Barbara shook her head in acknowledgment.

Barbara then reached down and lifted Cobi’s head so Tommy could pick him up; as Tommy was picking up Cobi, Barbara carefully pulled Logen into a sitting position against her. Once she saw that Tommy had Cobi in a similar position on his sedan, she began to awaken Logen. Tommy seeing what Barbara was doing began the same thing to Cobi.

As each ‘imp’ awoke with a start Barbara and Tommy hugged and gave them a kiss on the forehead while whispering; “Shhh, everything will be alright.” Tommy and Barbara kept hugging and whispering until Logen and Cobi were completely awake. Once they were awake Tommy began to explain about the change in plans. When he finished his explanation both ‘imps’ faces were alight with the thoughts of a surprise from their new Big Brother.

Logen and Cobi both suddenly displayed looks of shock and dismay on their faces, but before they could become distraught again Tommy spoke up.

‘Logen and Cobi, listen to me please, your Big Brothers are alright; Dion and Patrick are outside the door and Patrick is using S’ean’s ‘Tear of Callisto’ to shield this room.”

“But… but that isn’t possible the ‘Tears’ are keyed….” Poured out the ‘imps’ mouths at the speed of light.

“As you will find out, there are very few things impossible around your new Big Brother and now that he has Bonded to your other Big Brother, there is a whole new universe to explore. I didn’t think it was possible either, but Patrick says that all of us ‘Companions’ are semi keyed into his ‘Tear’ so we can use it for certain things. Also, both he and Lexi are linked to us so S’ean can still help.” Tommy answered the unspoken question with a grin.

“Ahhh, okay we think.” Cobi replied and as he did their hidden ‘Tears’ vibrated slightly and they heard in their minds a voice they had only heard a few times before; this morning was the latest time.

‘He is mine and can-do things others may not; also, he and your charge have ones like yours!’ Sent ‘The Keeper’

Tommy was a little bit worried by the look that crossed Logen and Cobi’s faces, but the look passed so quickly and then the ‘imps’ were grinning again.

“Now we need to get moving; I am going to let Dion and Patrick in, and Dion is going to carry Jared and “Mom” and I will walk with you two. Is that okay with you?” Tommy asked the ‘imps’.

Cobi answered Tommy by kissing him on his cheek and whispering; “I like you.”

Tommy smiled and then said; “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Cobi replied as Logen started giggling, “Duuuuhhh!”

Tommy replied by ruffling Cobi’s hair and then tickling until he was laughing so hard, he almost fell off the sedan. Tommy then reached down and picked up the now giggling ‘imp’ and threw him over his shoulder and headed towards the door to let Patrick and Dion in.

Dion took one look at the giggling and squirming Cobi and said;

“I have never seen a live sack of ‘pommes de terre’ before and it looks like a big one.”

“Dion!!!!!!!!!!!” Came screaming from the mouths of Logen and Cobi and the sleeping Jared never twitched a muscle.

Dion just laughed and gave Cobi a soft swat on the rear as he walked by and ruffled Logen’s hair as he went to pick up Jared. The two youngsters were now back to their normal mischievous selves thanks to all of the love they were receiving. Dion carefully lifted the sleeping teenager almost his own size in a smooth and effortless motion causing a stunned sound from Logen.

“WHOA, you are one strong ‘Companion’.”

Dion turned around and winked at Logen and then said.

“I am the weakest one!”

Logen was stunned speechless at that comment.

“Dion quit teasing him.” Scolded Barbara as Patrick, Tommy and Cobi were laughing at the shocked look on Logen’s face.

“I am sorry Logen, I was just treating you like I do S’ean and the rest of ‘The Companions’ I wanted you to feel like you belonged. As S’ean said you are part of our FAMILY now!” Responded Dion before having a now very happy youngster hugging what parts of Dion that weren’t covered by Jared.

Barbara quickly rescued Dion from the enthusiastic Logen and then announced.

“We should head back to the ‘Green Room’ so we can settle a few things and then go from there.”

“Yes, ‘Mom'”; “Right Away ‘Mom'” Were the comments from Patrick and Tommy.

And from Cobi who had by now been let down by Patrick. “Yeah, what they said.” As he ducked behind Patrick with an ear to ear grin.

“Since we are still not sure what exactly is going on here Logen and Cobi, I want you two to hold on to ‘Mom’s’ hands and stay in between Patrick and myself. Patrick will be in front I will be in the back and Dion will be right behind you in front of me. Okay?” Tommy spoke to Logen and Cobi while looking them in the eye and catching Barbara’s eye also.

“Yes, Tommy we can do that, you are our ‘Big Brother’ now and you and ‘Mom’ will protect us like Lexi does,” Logen answered, while Cobi was shaking his head yes.

“Don’t worry boy’s if you can’t hear anything or if things look a little blurry; Patrick is using S’ean’s ‘Tear of Callisto’ to shield us from any eavesdroppers or scanning.” Tommy calmly explained to the ‘imps’ so the blurriness wouldn’t surprise them.

“Let’s go ‘Mom’ we wanna see Lexi and S’ean again and we are getting very hungry.” Logen and Cobi then each grabbed a separate hand of Barbara’s before heading towards the door with Dion and Tommy standing still catching flies.

Tommy finally got his act together and reached the door just before Barbara and her haulers did. Tommy then tapped a clearance code quickly on the door which was then opened by a smiling Patrick who had caught everything on his wristcomm. Patrick quickly stepped out of the way and moved a few feet down the hallway while Tommy went through the door and headed a few feet down the other way. As soon as Patrick and Tommy were sure the way was clear, they signaled to Barbara to come out; Dion followed right behind her.

The way back to the “Green Room” was empty of all souls and the trip went very quickly and quietly. The feeling of being in a bubble was only slightly annoying and just a bit disconcerting but everyone quickly adjusted to traveling that way. Logen and Cobi kept Barbara’s mind off the trip by chattering like magpies about all of their classes and every other sentence was Lexi did this or Lexi said that.

As they approached the “Green Room” Patrick reached under his tunic and pulled out S’ean’s ‘Tear’ and concentrated briefly and the slightly hazy bubble surrounding them cleared up a little more and his wristcomm’s signal indicator lit up. Patrick quickly let Kevin know their position and how soon they would be there. Once they reached the door to the ‘Green Room’ Patrick rapidly tapped out the correct clearance code and the door was quickly opened allowing both D’avid and Kevin to step out and quickly let Patrick’s party in. As soon as Tommy was inside D’avid and then Kevin followed, closing the door securely behind them.

When Patrick had contacted Kevin, and Kevin had let those remaining know that the others would be there soon A’ndreas sent a quick message; ‘S’ean make sure A’lexii cleans up his face and is smiling when his ‘brothers’ get here; they need to see him in a good mood. If he isn’t smiling, they may break down again and that wouldn’t be good for any of us.’

A’ndreas took a quick step backwards at the reply he received.

‘Thank you A’ndreas you are entirely correct if they saw me upset it would set them off again. But they are doing very good right now Tommy and ‘Mom’ have been wonderful too, and for, them. Logen is plotting revenge on Dion for messing up his hair’ Responded A’lexii smirking the whole time and grinning like crazy at A’ndreas while he was sending.

S’ean was trying very hard not to laugh out loud at the look on A’ndreas’ face.

“A’ndreas, Logen and Cobi are linked to A’lexii and me also and since it is a double link we can ‘hear’ them slightly through the double shielding. But don’t worry there isn’t anyone else who can get through the shielding unless they are using one of these.” With that S’ean and A’lexii reached inside their tunics and withdrew their ‘Tears of Gemini’ which ‘The Keeper’ had given them at their Bonding.

There was complete silence in the room except for the slight chuckling of A’lexii and S’ean.

“We were wondering when you were going to explain those ‘Tears of Gemini’ and where you got them. Now start talking!” Ambrosius told S’ean and A’lexii.

“Where did you get those? You didn’t have it this morning S’ean” His father and A’ndreas asked the grinning Archon.

“I would like to know the same A’lexii I know you didn’t have yours either? So, get on with your explanation you two!” Followed up, Ambrosius.

S’ean and A’lexii looked at each and their brows furrowed for an instant or two and then A’lexii spoke;

“All of you were there when we received them, and Ambrosius I am surprised you didn’t see it happen! It happened right under your noses in plain sight!”

As A’lexii finished speaking there was another thrum of a large Celestial Harp; at the sound, everyone except S’ean and A’lexii looked skyward and intoned;

“Thanks to ‘The Keeper’!”

Before anyone could answer Kevin’s wristcomm went off and he began talking to Patrick. Shortly after Kevin disconnected there was a rapping of the entry code on the door. D’avid and Kevin stepped outside and let Patrick’s party in and as soon as they crossed the threshold Logen and Cobi dropped Barbara’s hands and went flying over to A’lexii nearly knocking him and S’ean over.

“Lexi, Lexi we missed you it was……. Sorry Archon S’ean, Physico Ambrosius”

S’ean reached over and pulled Cobi into his lap and gave him a kiss on his forehead and a warm hug.

“It’s okay boys it is just family here so don’t worry about it, but remember when we are in public you need to act like Bonds,” S’ean told the two ‘imps’ in a warm and caring voice. As he was speaking S’ean joined A’lexii in sending warm and comforting thoughts to them.

“Yes, S’ean and A’lexii we sorry,” was their surprisingly contrite response.

Ambrosius directed Dion to lay Jared down on a sedan in one of the smaller dressing rooms attached to the ‘Green Room’. Ambrosius did a quick scan of Jared and was extremely satisfied with what he found. A’lexii had done a wonderful job with his blocks and implanted suggestions; Jared was sleeping a true and restful sleep and would not wake up until either A’lexii or himself awakened him. What he found reminded him again how truly skilled and powerful a Psychic and Empath A’lexii was and now with S’ean’s help would only improve. Ambrosius shook his head as he realized that he even with A’ndreas’ help could not have accomplished what S’ean and A’lexii had done.

While Ambrosius and Dion were getting Jared settled D’avid brought Patrick, Tommy and his wife up to speed on the plans for the ‘two imps’.

‘D’avid knock that off it isn’t nice to call them that in public!’ A smirking A’ndreas sent his Bond.

“Why not it is the truth? Besides, I said it with love I love them as if they were my natural born grandchildren! So, get over it, “Gramps”.’ Was D’avid’s lovingly sarcastic reply.

With that comment, A’ndreas gasped and caught everyone’s attention. Since he couldn’t speak, he just pointed at Cobi and Logen curled up happily in S’ean’s and A’lexii’s arms and then turned and shook his finger at his Bond.

“Boy’s get serious we have a lot of work to do!” Cracked Barbara’s voice like a whip while she shook her finger at her two best friends.

D’avid and A’ndreas just shook their heads and grinned like the big ‘imps’ they were.

Ambrosius and Dion chose that moment to return to the main room and Ambrosius just looked at D’avid and A’ndreas and just shook his head, smiling. Dion whispered, “What?”

Ambrosius replied while looking directly at the grinning adults; “We don’t want to know!”

“May I have everyone’s attention; we have some things to take care of before we head to The Archonate and then on to The Andromeda.” Announced Ambrosius instantly catching everyone’s attention. “So, if S’ean will come up here we can get started.”

S’ean carefully removed his ‘imp’ from his lap and made his way to the center of the room.

“A’lexii will you join me up here, please? Grand Marshal and Bond Andreas will each of you stand with Logen or Cobi, as their Guardian Ad Litem’s?”  Asked S’ean in a very calm and professional voice.

“We would be honoured Archon it would definitely be our pleasure” Replied D’avid and A’ndreas with love in their voices.

Cobi and Logen were both shocked that two very important people would want to stand up for them. They both stood up very proudly as D’avid and A’ndreas walked over to them; D’avid standing next to Logen and A’ndreas standing next to Cobi.

With A’lexii standing to S’ean’s left facing Logen and Cobi with their two smiling escorts; they were also joined by Ambrosius and Barbara who stood behind Logen and Cobi. The ‘Companions’ also arranged themselves to either side of the four main characters. As soon as everyone was ready S’ean began to speak.

“Logen and Cobi we are here to reward you for your service to this Collegium and to our Planet Gemini.” The looks on Logen and Cobi’s faces at those words were priceless. S’ean just smiled and continued speaking. “On behalf of myself as Archon in charge of the Bonding Collegiums and Physico Ambrosius as Head of this Bondling Collegium we have decided that the two of you should be rewarded with the honorific (‘) attached to your names. The job you did in bringing to light what happened to Jared was a very important one; and not only will allow us to save other bondlings from what happened to Jared, but it will allow us to repair a major problem that has occurred with the Bonding Institution. Without your help, it would have taken us far longer to arrive at this spot in the investigation. We will be using a very old and I do mean very old protocol to accomplish this action. Giving you the honorific alone would not help you or our purposes very well.” S’ean paused to smile at the now concerned youngsters.

‘Logen and Cobi it will be fine don’t worry.’ Sent S’ean and A’lexii together.

S’ean began speaking again as Logen and Cobi had relaxed; of course, the caring squeezes they were getting from D’avid and A’ndreas might have had something to with that.

“Before we go any farther there are three conditions you must agree on or we will not be able to accomplish what we need to accomplish. I will tell you the conditions and then give you a few ‘mics’ to decide whether they are acceptable to both of you or not. Will this arrangement suit the two of you?”

The two youngsters put their heads together and each asked the same questions. “Is he real, is he really going to let us decide what is going to happen to/with us?”

While the ‘imps’ were whispering among themselves D’avid leaned over and in a whisper” that was heard all over the room.

“He means it, that is how he was raised.”

Logen and Cobi gave D’avid a set of incredulous looks to which he just winked and mouthed “Say Yes!”

The two stunned ‘imps’ of course did so,

“That would be most appreciated Archon S’ean.”

“Thank you for your considerate answer bondlings. The conditions are as follows; First, you will finish your required Collegium Courses, either here under Ambrosius when practical, or with A’ndreas when you are with us. Second, you will receive all the necessary University Classes from ‘The Companions’ and they will not let you slide. And Third, you will agree to be adopted by A’lexii and I and take Castellano as your last name, of course, that means you have to call ‘Mom’ Grandma……….”  S’ean was forced to pause as the ‘imps’ and his mother yelled;

“S’ean” At the same time.

“Those are the conditions, take a few ‘mics’ and think them over.”

“Archon S’ean what is there to think about?  We may be young, but we are not stupid! Of course, we accept your conditions; we want to be a part of your family. Right now, A’lexii and Brosius are all the family we really have.” Replied Logen and Cobi in almost one voice setting S’ean back on his heels.

‘It seems Mom and Tommy did a better job than we thought, they are back to their cocky selves.’ Mused S’ean to himself and A’lexii.

“Logen and Cobi, what we are going to do is use an old protocol for Bonding twins to Heirs of a family or Estate. What this means is basically you will be pages/bodyguards for A’lexii as part of his training on how to direct and supervise people. This will give you all of the benefits of being identified as a Bond with the responsibilities. The only exception is that you will not be able to act, as or for, A’lexii, as he can for me. When you reach the appropriate age, we will remove that restriction unless the two of you decide that you want to become Bonds for real. Does everyone understand what is going to happen now?” Inquired S’ean.

When S’ean had received everyone’s acknowledgment he resumed speaking;

“Supplicant’s Logen and Cobi, please approach and kneel before Bond A’lexii.” With a slight nudge from D’avid and A’ndreas, the two boys followed S’ean’s request. “Now please hold one of A’lexii’s hands and repeat after me….” Before S’ean could continue, Logen and Cobi began speaking the revised oath S’ean had prepared.

‘Don’t ask me S’ean, I have no idea.’ Sent an equally perplexed A’lexii.

“By the honour of ourselves and the Revered and All Powerful ‘Keeper’, I Logen and I Cobi pledge our lives and our abilities to honour serve and protect you, Bond A’lexii to the best of our abilities so long as we may live. We also pledge to learn all that we may, so that we may assist you in any way possible. In addition, we pledge our personal fealty to Gemini through you and your Bond Archon S’ean. We will honour all of our obligations to the fullest of our abilities; to this, we swear.” Each then bent forward and kissed the hand they were holding.

At a slight nudge from S’ean snapping A’lexii out of his stunned trance, A’lexii responded.

“By my honour as a Bond and all that I hold sacred and by my faith in Gemini and ‘The Keeper’, I accept your pledge and in return, I pledge to succour and protect you for all time; furthermore I also swear to provide you with all you need to learn and grow as my Bonds in order for you to provide Me and Gemini with the service necessary. I A’lexii Castellano, do declare this day that from this day forward, that Logen be known as L’ogen Castellano and that Cobi be known as C’obi Castellano, Bonds to A’lexii Castellano.” With that A’lexii bowed to L’ogen and C’obi and then turned to face S’ean.

“Archon S’ean Castellano, may I present my Bond’s L’ogen and C’obi Castellano and through me Bonds to yourself and Gemini.

“Physico Ambrosius, Bond A’ndreas, Grand Marshall Castellano, do these new Bonds meet with your approval, and do their oaths meet all requirements?” Inquired S’ean in a very formal voice.

“As Head of this Collegium, I concur” Answered Ambrosius.

“I speak for my Bond and Myself, We also concur and will handle the registrations. I will also process the adoptions while you go get acquainted with your new sons.”  Responded D’avid as he and A’ndreas headed over to the wallcomm, leaving his son catching flies.

While D’avid and A’ndreas were handling the registrations the Blue Glow that had enclosed the ‘Green Room’ for the last few ‘mics’ slowly faded away into nothingness.

L’ogen and C’obi decided that they had, had enough seriousness for a while and decided to liven things up a little bit. After exchanging glances and mischievous smiles, L’ogen launched himself at S’ean crying out “Daddy” while C’obi did the same to A’lexii. Of course, S’ean and A’lexii were sitting ducks as the import of what their father had just said sunk in. They had just sent to each other ‘Parent’s, US?’ when they were bowled over by their new sons.

While the two new fathers and their sons were wrestling on the floor Ambrosius gathered Barbara and ‘The Companions’ off to the side and conferred with them about the plans for the rest of the day.

“Since S’ean and A’lexii have just realized that they are parents and will be occupied bonding with their sons for a while we should get a few things taken care of.”

Barbara and Kevin acknowledged their acceptance with a grin and shake of their heads.

“Okay, the only major thing to be resolved is who is Alexander and how does he fit into the scheme of things? From what I have gathered from S’ean and A’lexii’s thoughts; he is the missing link to their Triad. Yes, I said Triad! Since ‘The Keeper’ has spoken we can assume that whoever Alexander is, he is no threat to anyone, and may be of some assistance. However, we can discuss him and where he fits in, back in your suite at The Andromeda. I can see no reason to delay getting Jared to The Archonate where he can be deposed, and we can start the proceedings against that slime my predecessor….” Ambrosius was interrupted by the arrival of D’avid and A’ndreas.

“We concur Ambrosius and the sooner we get the business at The Archonate settled the sooner we can get acquainted with our new son and grandsons. So, if we can break up the meleé over in the corner we can head over to the Archonate.” Was D’avid’s response.

As soon as D’avid had finished, Tommy and Dion quickly moved over to the writhing mass in the corner, and Dion grabbed L’ogen while Tommy grabbed C’obi, throwing them over their shoulders as the two ‘Companions’ headed towards the door while Patrick and Kevin assisted S’ean and A’lexii while everyone else was doubled over in laughter. Ambrosius brought up the rear as they all headed to the Amphitheater’s exit.

As the happy group exited the Amphitheater, they were shocked at the reception that awaited them. It looked like every single person who attended or taught at the Collegium was outside waiting for them. In fact, there were so many people outside the exit that the path to their aircar was lined with every available Collegium Security Personnel and all of Castellano Security that had attended the Bonding Ceremony and sprinkled throughout were some Archonate security. As soon as S’ean and A’lexii appeared, they received a tumultuous greeting.

“A’lexii, A’lexii, S’ean, S’ean” Was repeated over and over and continued even when their aircars had left the Collegium grounds.




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We now know more about A’lexii and the ‘imps’ we will learn some more about Alexander and Jared in the following chapters. The next chapter will directly follow this one in the timeline and then we will get back to the present.

Because I had to age A’lexii, L’ogen and C’obi there are now several continuity errors with the previous chapters. I will resolve these issues in the future to the best of my ability. The age change was necessary for the continuity of the storyline in future chapters.

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