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Hi Everyone!

First, and most important; I want to thank those of you who are serving or have served in any branch of the armed forces. I really love the saying “Home of the free, because of the brave.” and that is exactly how it is in my book. Sure it helps that some of my family have served but, I really do respect anyone willing to dedicate so much of their lives to protect others. How can you not? I’m considering enlisting when I graduate High School. Don’t tell AC but I’m dressed Navy today but I’m still deciding what branch fits me. I want to know that what I offer and what it offers me is what is gonna get me where I want to be. Got about four years now before Pres may have to take over here so, no worries. I’m not planning to run away… yet 😉

I also want to thank all of the cool people who have sent emails to say hi and to invite me to the live chat that you all have been hanging out in. I did work with Jeff to get the Discord invite added to the new community link at the top of the site. I’d join but there are three things keeping me from being able. 1) School. I have a ton of homework normally and it’s not easy to find the time to hang out. 2) Responsibilities. Not just homework, after-school sports and time with family and friends but work as well. I’ve got a tough schedule. Which leads me to: 3) Mom. She keeps my schedule from getting messed up and me from getting too much piled on. I mean it can suck when friends are going places and doing things that I just don’t have time for but she is the one who can free up time for me to have a life too. I’d love to hang out online and chat but, if I have to give up the little bit of time I can get with my friends to spend even more time than I already do by myself on the computer… That would suck. I know most of you totally get it and to those who don’t, I’m sorry. Knowing that you are having fun because of the work we are doing here, makes me not think about it too much. You know, in that half hour I have scheduled to think about stuff…

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Jonah Writes: How do you find the time to be a Big Brother and have fun when you seem to be always slaving away with the magazine? What do you and your little brother do for fun when you aren’t hanging off a magazine title?

Where do the ideas for those crazy Comdom Disclaimers come from and can anyone write one?

Where and how do you find all of the wonderful authors and their stories, that grace the pages of Imagine-Magazine? Inquiring minds want to know.

Matt’s Reply: Hehehe… I kinda answered that above. My Mom is awesome at keeping my work schedule and my school schedule and study time and soccer practice and time with friends and family from becoming too rough. Pres and I enjoy a lot of the same things but where I like to play soccer, he’d rather watch my games than play himself. We get to choose what we do and it just works out that some of it includes supporting each other. Pres just started playing hockey which made me nervous at first but, he’s a tough little guy.

The Comdom disclaimers has a funny back story. There were never disclaimers in the beginning. I mean come on, we all know they are created in fun but then Jeff got involved and yada yada, there should be some form of disclaimer. Anyway, even he knew it should be as fun as the ad itself so the first one was a joke that let you know the obvious. Since then, some of the site owners have pitched in some wild ones. Anyone who would like to submit one should go for it and email it to… It’ll probably show up in the next issue.

As for authors, Comicality is the talent scout. A bunch of site owners have added their own work or suggested new people.


Bleckers Writes: I’m really enjoying Imagine-Magazine and have been since it’s relaunch. I’ve seen mention many times about the team that is running it now and was wondering just how many people are actually responsible for its creation and publication each month. It looks like a lot of work for just one or two people and since there are literally two huge groups behind it where people gather, I was curious if it was more of a group effort with the leaders posing as the “Front Men”? If you can’t answer I’ll understand,

Matt’s Reply: That’s tough cause the “Front Men” aren’t posing. So, without giving away any secret information, it takes a lot of people to make a community. Comicality, who has to have like 8 people in his brain to come up with so much new content each month is the source of most of what is seen in the magazine. Each month it’s like a race to get to the 15th. He comes up with a pile of content, then mails it off to me and Jeff to start assembling on the site. While that is going on, Jeff is also putting work into the cover’s logo to be used with the photo shoot work that Me and ACFan come up with along with the main image that makes up the cover. That’s usually provided by Comicality and made press ready by Jeff. It all sounds like a confusing mess, and sometimes that’s what it looks like but, It all looks sweet when it’s done. Add to all that the stories that are featured by the group of contributing authors and the work that goes into maintaining web service… It turns out the “Front Men” are conductors. Really confused and goofy conductors. (I am in so much trouble now! <giggle>)


Random Guy Writes: Can you include my email in an issue of IM? That’d be so cool! Thanks!

Matt’s Reply: Sure. So um… There you go. You are welcome.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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