Our newest highlight is Desmond Napoles, more commonly known by his stage name, “Desmond is Amazing”. Born in June almost twelve years ago, it was obvious from an early age that Desmond was different. He wouldn’t choose between Barbie or G.I. Joe, make-up or mud puddles, pants or skirts.

Instead, he chose to like all of them. Later, when he entered school, his mother, Wendy Lou Napoles, noticed that he would get crushes on other boys instead of girls. Desmond has been attending Brooklyn Pride since he was very young, and admitted in his own words, “I came out of the closet when I was only 3 years old!” Desmond is already a notable LGBTQ activist and advocate. He’s been featured in Vogue magazine, appeared on the runway of the Gypsy Sport fashion show, and in July of 2017, he was the awarded the Marsha P. Johnson ‘Don’t be Outraged, Be Outrageous’ Award.

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He loves makeup, wigs, and sparkly outfits, and is shown to be a highly adept dancer! Desmond is a wonderful, fierce young man who is very outspoken and not afraid to confront his opponents head-on, proclaiming himself to be a professional “drag kid”. He’s also the founder of “Haus of Amazing”, the first-ever drag venue exclusively for kids like himself. It’s intended to be a safe, friendly environment for kids who love to wear dresses and makeup, away from the provocative, erotically charged scenes where adult drag performers can be found. All of this, at the tender age of only 11!

Some readers may be wondering “Is this even legal?” But worry not! Everything that Desmond and his family have done are things that Desmond himself requested, and he loves every minute of it. He doesn’t let himself become discouraged, even when conservative busybodies sicced Child and Family Protective Services on the unassuming family back in November. The resulting investigation into the Napoles family and their lifestyle was “unfounded” and “warrantless”, said the final report to the Office of the Governor of New York.

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In Desmond’s words, “Just be yourself, always, no matter what
anyone says. Pay the haters never no mind!”
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