Fourteen year old online sensation Theo Haraldsson, also affectionately known as ‘Theoz’, has this magical effect when it comes to bringing a little sunshine into your life. Hehehe, and not just because of the bright blond mop top. I mean, look at that smile! How can you see that smile and not smile yourself? Right?

Hailing from Linkoping, Sweden, Theoz began making videos on Youtube in 2014, and soon discovered the Tik Tok App (Formerly known as…and everything pretty much exploded from there.

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With his creative combination of lip syncing, humor, and dance movies…mixed with an adorability factor that was completely off the charts, it wasn’t long before he began gathering adoring fans by the thousands. With covers like “Greenlight” by Pitbull, “Perfect” by Ed Sheerhan, “Despacito” By Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber, and “Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco…young Theoz has grabbed himself over two million fans on Tik Tok! And it doesn’t look like that’s going to slow down any time soon!

Of course…as with any kind of public expression of self, Theo has had to deal with his fair share of criticisms and hatred from people who are convinced that all Tik Tok stars are simply getting famous and making a living by riding the coat tails of ‘real’ artists and stealing their spotlight. But, thankfully, Theo just ignores them and continues to succeed regardless. And why shouldn’t he? Keep gaining fans, dude!

I suppose if all I had to do with my life was sit at a keyboard and complain about the positive parts of other people’s lives…I’d be angry and bitter too.

Theoz has only gotten more popular over time, and is now making music of his very own, proving that it wasn’t just a fluke. Honestly, he makes that kind of really sweet ‘sunshine boy pop’ that gives you a grin when you hear it. It’s nostalgic. If I could take all of the stories that I’ve ever written for Comicality’s Shack Out Back, and combined all of the readers’ favorite characters and all of their jittery, lovey dovey, feelings into one boy…Theoz would probably be him. He’d embody the feeling perfectly. Hehehe! Plus…it’s kind of cute to hear hints of his Swedish accent when he sings in English.

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Hehehe, can you hear it? The accent? It’s subtle, but it’s there. I’m not exactly sure how the Swedish language works, but I don’t think they really have a ‘th’ or ‘ch’ sound in their speech. Or at least, it’s not common. So it comes out as a ‘D’ or ‘F’ sound instead. Like, “Dere’s nuffing that I would change.” Awwww! “You’re the only fing fing fing I need!” What? It’s CUTE!!! LOL! Think of your favorite Comsie story and tell me that you couldn’t hear that on the soundtrack somewhere!

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Not limiting himself to just a Tik Tok fanbase, Theoz also created a new Youtube channel for himself, and has become a sensation all over again. With nearly two hundred thousand followers, and gaining more and more every day, Theo Haraldsson has taken his particular brand to a global audience.

Making personal vlogs with his younger brother, Alex, and sister, Alice…Theo enjoys having a way to personally connect with his fans and supporters online. And he mentions that it is spending so much time with his family that keeps them all so close. His channel is a place where he openly shares his travels, boyish adventures, and infectious personality, with anyone who wants to drop in and get a closer peek into his life.

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He has become such a fan favorite in so many places around the world, speaking in his native tongue of Swedish in his blogs, English subtitles are now being added to his newer videos in order to appeal to a much wider international audience to enjoy. He wants to connect with his fanbase, and that says a lot.

He’s grateful for the love. And he wants to give some love back. How awesome is that?

This video is a look into Theo’s experience, leaving school for the Summer and beginning his music tour. There are subs attached if you don’t happen to be Swedish! But he’s just a really good kid having an awesome experience!

Check it out!

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From birthdays, to vacations, to surprise meetings with fans, to rehearsals and haircuts…it’s all there. He just seems like a really genuine person, and I definitely appreciate that. I really wish that I could speak Swedish and get the full effect! Hehehe, but I get the gist of it all. He’s having fun…so I’M having fun!

It’s not rocket science. 😛

This is also including some backstage, behind the scenes, footage, and his first big single, “Het”. Which is like…’girl, you’re so hot!’ Hehehe! Careful, Theo! Cute or not, you could end up on the wrong side of a hashtag with lyrics like that! 🙂

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So, cheers to Theo ‘Theoz’ Haraldsson, and the bright future ahead of him! Do good things, ignore the haters, and…as always…stay away from the BAD stuff! K? ((Hugz))
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