Joel by Ted Louis ©2003

Joel just happens to be one of the longest running stories on the Net, (Not including Comicality’s large trove of stories) it is the story of the trails and tribulations of a single man Crane Johnson as he tries to raise four young brothers. Of course, as in real life nothing is really simple. The story explains how Crane’s rescue of a single teen, ended up with him having an instant family of four boys.

The story delves into some social issues including dealing with a sometimes-corrupt CPS, as well as the murky labyrinth of that Tejas Court System.

This story also contains one of the longest Cliffhangers in the history of the Internet.

Although, this story currently consists of Eight Book, Ted has done an amazing job of keeping the story fresh, and current. This is a story full of angst, love, and caring and suitable for all readers.

I hope that you enjoy this story as much as I have.

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