April 27


I just woke up doing terrible, terrible things to my poor abused pillow again! We’re going to have another secret laundry session sometime soon tomorrow after school. Until then, I’m tossing the pillow case under the bed. Hopefully my Dad doesn’t get ‘ambitious’ and starts trying to ‘help’ by collecting laundry and doing a load for me. I try very hard to be very good at doing laundry so he’s not tempted to do it for me. I even make remarks that I actually ‘like’ doing laundry just so that I can be sure that my . . . er . . . leavings can get washed away before I’m found out as the chronic wet dreaming masturbator of colossal proportions that I am.

I can’t even blame being asleep entirely for this one. I was asleep through most of it, I guess, but I finished it off completely awake! No problem, though. I don’t regret one ‘evil mortally sinning’ moment of it! I think my head is still ringing from that explosion! Oh wow!

I can wash the pillow case easy enough, but I sort of soaked through into the pillow itself pretty bad! I should wash that too, I guess. I think it’s washable. I HOPE it’s washable! I don’t think I can buy a new one any time soon with my cash flow.

I don’t even know why I’m leaving this ‘incriminating’ document! (I’ve been learning legal terms pretty fast!)

Ok, so what started all of this?

Well, remember yesterday when I thought I’d be dreaming of zombies trying to eat my brains while tearing my guts out? Sure you do. Well, let’s just say that last night I didn’t dream of much of anything except maybe ‘pizza footsies’. Hehehe!

But tonight! Tonight I had the most vivid wet dream I’ve ever had ever . . . and I mean EVAR!

Typically, it didn’t involve Marie at all, of course. Like I’ve said, she just doesn’t get my engine runnin’. But Billy sure the hell does! Holy Moley!

So, I’m at the park, you see, and I guess we’re on some kind of field trip with Mr. Huntington’s Science Class. I don’t know why we were out at a park for science. I haven’t been on a ‘nature field trip’ since the second grade! But, that’s neither here nor there. The important part was that Billy came up to me and he was smiling that kind of crooked half smile that’s both bashful and sexy all at once. The sun seemed to kiss him all over! His hair glowed gold in its light and his pale skin shined and his shirt was extra red and his tight, tight, TIGHT, jeans were extra blue and extra, um, defined. Umph!

He looked up at me with his light brown eyes and I could see his irises and his pupils like they were swimming in deep Coca-Cola! He said ‘Hi’ really shy-like and I said ‘Hi’ back and he giggled and . . . and . . .

I need to let my fingers take a breath before I continue.


So then I couldn’t help myself anymore and I leaned in and whispered to him “I think you are SO cute, Billy!” He blushed and giggled again, but didn’t act disgusted or hit me or anything. He . . . liked me saying that to him! He really looked like he kind of loved it! So, something pulled me in and I just kissed him. I kissed him right there! Right in front of the whole damned class and you know what? I didn’t CARE! I didn’t care one bit!

I felt his warm pillowy soft lips gently press back into mine as I kissed him. He kissed me back! He . . . liked me kissing him like that! He really looked like he kind of loved it! So, something made me kneel down with him on the grass as I held his hand. I lost strength in my legs and found myself leaning him back to lay on the grass and I kissed him again and again.

Ahhh! It was such a beautiful thing. I was almost at the point where I wanted to grind against him with him underneath me, but Billy got self-conscious. I didn’t care who saw us, but he did. So, he took us behind a tree and I kissed him there, but then he made us go to the jungle gym. That was no good too, so we went behind a building. At last! Nope. Then it was behind a car crouching there and making out, but then Mr. Huntington started to come by so I opened the door to the car we were hiding behind (hey, it’s a dream so it was conveniently unlocked). We scrambled in before he could see us, both of us giggling like little kindergartners. As luck would have it, the car had tinted windows so we had some privacy at last!

There, in the semi-darkness inside the car, we locked eyes and our giggling stopped with a long sigh. I leaned in and Billy giggled a bit. I think he was nervous maybe because he had the butterflies too just like me. But, I knew only one way to make the butterflies fly away. So I reached behind his head and fondled his fine, blonde, silky hair and he put a hand on my thigh for balance and I gently pulled him into a long succulent kiss!

First it was just lips, but then it was tongue and then he gently reached up and hugged me and pulled me close to his warm, sweet, vibrating body. Billy was shivering like he was afraid, but I think he was shivering just for the same reason I was . . . we both wanted each other so much we where shaking!

He began to massage my back and my shoulders as our kiss became harder and more passionate. Our kisses weren’t the only things to get harder. I was fit to bust my zipper, boy! I figured that one wrong brush with Billy’s hand or body and I’d of had a mess in my pants! I figured Billy must have been the same way, but I respected his body and didn’t force myself to do what I wanted to do . . . which was to grab him down there, unleash him, and suck his succulent juices out of him with all of my might! I don’t know where I came up with that idea . . . probably PornSite.com. I’ve never done that with anyone before, so . . . hehehehe!

We both whimpered with young desperation and I could feel the flush in my cheeks and what was weird was that I could feel it in his cheeks too! I could feel the heat of his passion through his face and neck which is where I held Billy ever so gently.

Never had I imagined anything so erotic as dreaming of Billy’s tongue in my mouth wrestling me and licking me from the inside! I don’t know how I’d know what that might feel like since I’ve never kissed anyone like that before, but I guess the brain is an interesting thing. Read enough about kissing and you can almost know what you are doing! Heh!

I thought for sure, in my dream, that the constant friction of just my moving around in my jeans was going to be enough to set me off with as horny as Billy had gotten me, but I never got close that way. I wonder if my body would be so cooperative if the situation were real?

Even when Billy’s beautiful brown eyes got all heavy looking and half closed with this really deep and seductive look . . . that didn’t even set me off!

I didn’t go off even when Billy reached under my t-shirt and felt my bare skin for the first time with his warm, soft hands. I didn’t when he began to tweak my nipple . . . though it was a near thing! I remember hearing this sound come out of me that I had no control over. It was a cross between and moan, a squeak, and a whimper. It was a little high pitched and it came from the back of my tightening throat. I never heard myself make that noise before, even in dreams. Billy . . . it was like he was really with me there in that car doing things to me.

All of this, and I still didn’t go off, but I was getting closer and closer. I imagine it was at this point that in my real life and in my real bed I had begun my sexual assault on my poor real pillow.

In the dream I felt my hips instinctively pumping as Billy ‘twiddled my nipple knobs’ like an old radio. He’d gotten both hands up in my shirt. But still, I didn’t reach my limit. He was smiling so wide! He got this devilish look on his face that was just adorable as he tweaked me more and more making more squeaky sounds come out of me. I was his squeak toy. I was his stuffed Brandon! I was his favorite plaything.

He then rose up and before I could say anything or tell him no, Billy had moved to straddle me and sit down in my lap. For the first time, I felt the heat of Billy’s dream-sex against my own. The pressure of his body on my already straining member did almost set me off. I felt a gasp come out of my dream-mouth. Billy had this look on his face of such intense desire that he looked like he was about to cry.

His breath shuddered and I saw his full, plump lips shiver a bit and the hot blush in his dimply cheeks get redder. I think he may have been closer than I was to be honest! I remember feeling so . . . honored, you know? Honored that I could make him feel that good! That, I guess, was the biggest turn on for me. I must have smiled at him because he smiled back with a look of surprised joy.

“I . . I’ve never done anything like this before!” Billy whispered.

In all honesty I could say, “Neither have I!” Because the JOEseph thing was not like this at all. This was way cooler! Even in a dream.

Shakily, Billy took my hand and slowly brought it down to his boyhood still housed in his straining jeans. I could see the prominent bulge and he put my hand right on it. It felt different than my own. It was not my handful, but it was his and he had just shared it with me.

Billy’s eyebrows arched with an almost pained look and I felt him push himself into my hand. As he did I felt the weight of his ass grind down on my hardness, back and forth and around.

“Ungh!” Billy made a strained noise that came right out of his insides. He had closed his eyes and was just enjoying the feeling of my massaging his sex and him massaging mine with his undercarriage.

I felt the sponginess of his balls and the stiffness of his sizable erection. He was really well endowed. I don’t know if he really is, but in my dream he was. I could feel every ridge and texture under the thinness of his jeans. I wondered if he was even wearing underwear because everything was just so defined!

“Yeah! Keep going! Oh yeah, keep doing that Brandon! Oh God yes!” It was too hot. He was basically humping my hand at that point and it was at that time that I felt the inevitable build up inside of me.

“Uhhh . . . Billy, I’m about to let go!” I said as I strained my back against the back of the car seat, trying in vain to somehow stem the sweet tide that was fast approaching.

“Mmm! M-me too! Better . . . better unzip me! Don’t want a . . . UNH . . . big mess!” Billy whispered and then bit his lip. He tried to stop moving, but his engine was revved up and on overdrive!

I had to push him off me gently before I did go over the edge because I was right there! Billy stood a little and had me unzip him. Oh my gosh! It was like the best Christmas present ever, unzipping him like that. After I had done that, Billy undid his belt and the button on his jeans and his beautiful pink boyhood just sprang out! I could see it like a beacon in the semi-dark! It looked velvety! It looked . . . delicious!

Quickly, Billy sat back and undid me. The mere touch of his hand on my zipper and the quick pull was almost too much. I almost let go all over him right there. I must have been really close in my real sleeping sex life.

I dreamt I felt the cold air hit my raging member that seemed to inflate almost painfully against the edges of my fly. Billy looked down at me and got the cutest ‘O’ face. He was pleasantly surprised I guess. I love dreams! They are so good for a guy’s ego, ya know? Hehehe!

Then . . . he sat back down on me ever so gently. The feeling of his jeans on my bareness was almost unbearable. I dreamt that my panting increased exponentially as the climax resumed itself right where it had let off. Only, now it was a hundred times stronger because Billy was on me with nothing between me and him except his jeans.

He stopped his movement enough to reposition my hand, but now I got to wrap my fingers around Billy’s pulsing silky hardness. It filled my hand and felt so warm and soft! I loved it and suddenly my love for Billy intensified a thousand fold. The sweet ache in my heart felt even better than the rising tide filling my skin.

Billy moaned hard as I gripped and rubbed him just like I would myself. He bent down to kiss me . . . and that small movement, pushing the crack of his butt harder against me with more weight, was all she wrote.

As soon as Billy’s dream lips touched mine, I erupted in the most excessively hard orgasm I have ever had up till now. I must have screamed into his mouth as he kissed me. I felt my body stiffen under him and when I went over so did he. We groaned into each other’s mouths as we kissed each other hard and sloppily.

The final wrack of my achingly hard orgasm woke me up. I was still spurting away as I came awake and my pillow was jammed between my legs and I was sunk deep into it. I felt my body jerking and shuddering as I came down from that sexual high.

Even just sitting here, typing this, I’m all excited all over again. I’ll have to go work this off AGAIN! My God!

Oh . . . now I know I’ve got it bad for Billy Chase.

Whatever am I to do about this? I’m more desperate for him than ever!

This is Brandon . . . being more desperate than ever!`

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