Disclaimer: The Surgeon General warns that extended fictitious comments from actors could be hazardous to no one who possesses a sense of humor. Readers of Imagine-Magazine are entitled to one free box of assorted ComDoms at participating locations. Which in this case means nowhere. See what I mean? More fiction. Not to be combined with other offers or somehow cleverly duplicated. Limit one box per customer, unless you come to the store with Gabe White himself, then you can have whatever you want because he endorses this brand, obviously. I seriously can’t stop with the fiction here. It’s possible I have a problem and should see a professional, who hopefully knows Gabe White and can get me an autographed ‘Blue Eyed Blueberry’ ComDom, which isn’t weird at all. Cash value for this offer is 1/100th of one cent which is pretty much nothing. This is the fine print for this offer which, I won’t put in finer print because that would be insane, this text is small enough, right? Why are you still reading this? Go find Gabe and see if you can get me that autograph. Go on, I’ll wait.
Disclaimer Courtesy of: JeffsFort
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