1- Scientific studies and surveys have determined that, with the growing acceptance of homosexuality as a natural part of life, that the percentage of males and females who are willing to ‘experiment’ in same sex activity has increased beyond anything that the Kinsey scale on sexuality could have ever predicted! So…hehehe, you never know! That ‘straight’ friend of yours might be into a little sex-capade if you asked.

2- The very first recorded gay pride parade in US history happened on June 28th, 1970, and it took place on Christopher Street in New York City. It went on for 51 city blocks and stretched all the way out to Central Park! That’s a LONG parade! (Hehehe, I said ‘long’!)

3- Queen Latifah, Ezra Miller, Frank Ocean, Anne Heche, “Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart, Amber Heard, and Tom Hardy! What do they all have in common? They have ALL openly admitted to enjoying same sex relationships! Some, still to this day! ::Applause::

4- Beavers were once considered a type of ‘fish’ by the Catholic church. They did this for the sole purpose of being able to eat them during Lent. Hehehe, ‘eating beavers’! That’s the first time a Catholic priest has ever been accused of THAT! Ahem!

5- In Japan…you can, literally, buy a puppy from a vending machine! What the…??? Awwwww! “Honey, I was on my lunch break…and I bought a puppy. Hope you don’t mind!”

6- When actor, Charlie Sheen, first revealed that he was HIV positive, over the counter testing kits for the disease skyrocketed by at least 95%.

7- Our newest version of Spider-Man, Tom Holland, says that he often practices his American accent in the shower. Ummmm…in the shower? Sighhhh…can I help? 🙂

8- Nearly 89% of gay youth of color in the US believe that their racial or ethnic background is seen negatively by the rest of the country. Causing depression and self abusive habits.

9- The only short flash of full frontal nudity that Leonardo Di Caprio ever showed in a movie was in the movie, “Total Eclipse”…where he played a gay teenaged poet living with an older man! Hehehe, it’s brief, but easily ‘pause-able’! Not that I checked. So I’ve heard. Ahem…moving on…

10- Surveys show that 67% of gay teens have heard hurtful homophobic slurs about LGBTQ people in their households. Often from close friends or family members.

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